Career opportunities after qualifying at Club Zero 9

Nurse, Showgirl, Santa’s helpful elf and pirate

2 thoughts on “Career opportunities after qualifying at Club Zero 9

  1. These are all interesting – but I can just imagine being this sort of nurse. I’m blushing furiously as the authoritative (and authoritarian) male Consultant (he’s testy because he thinks a Registrar, or even a junior house doctor should be doing this, while he could be out on the golf course) is using me as a demonstration model to show an enthusiastic group of male and female medical students how to put someone into traction! He points out that they wouldn’t in normal circumstances use a ball gag on a real patient….

    1. perhaps your hunky doctor would use a gag to stop a nurse jabbering inanely on while he is watching porn on his computer. You know what dumb blondes are like. I think it would be wise if you submitted to the guidance of an understanding, but firm, doctor.

      Just remember to keep the uniform short and the heels tall, as judging by the picture you are in enough rouble as it is 🙂


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