Club Zero 9 Buttocks enhancement

To allay fears of physical changes, please understand no owner asks for buttocks enhancement until after fourth week of training. Obviously once it has happened you can never deny what you are.



4 thoughts on “Club Zero 9 Buttocks enhancement

  1. Kandi: Ooh these are definitely improvements! Can’t believe any sissy is going to complain about these ‘enhancements’, once they’ve accepted that they are sissies 🙂
    (PL Richards: The issue might be the expense. I’m sure the Club does discounts for members, but this doesn’t come cheap, and of course owner-bulls will use what used to be sissy-hubby’s own money to pay for it – all sissy’s accounts and savings having now been signed over to ‘her’ wife and the bull.)

  2. PL, You would be staggered at how many sissies squeal with indignation at these changes. It is the realisation that, no matter what they wear from now on, they will never be able to hid what they are.

    Miss Hall suggests not telling a sissy about the plans for her and then enjoying her sobs when she wakes up after the operation to find her new Kim Kardashian bottom.

  3. On reflexion I think Miss Hall may well be right. [Kandi: Heehee! When you’re working for the Club, Miss Hall is ALWAYS right!] At some stage a trainee sissy will ‘hit the wall’ and have to pass through the pain barrier, psychological if not necessarily physical, before ‘she’ can accept herself as the sissy she truly is. But I would have thought breast augmentation – gaining a proper and permanent bust – would be the big crisis?

    1. For a complete airhead, you are amazingly perceptive PL. taking the sissy through he ‘wall’ as you put it, so they have to finally acknowledge what they are, was a fundamental aspect in my series The Hotel In that the sissy maid was driven through ‘The Point’ after which it was impossible for them to ever again pretend they could be anything other than a bimbo, obedient maid. DF xxx

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