Club Zero 9 Kyle’s chastity

I thought you might be interested in the difference between Kyle’s initial chastity cage and the special, extra small one into which he was squeezed by his new owner and wife’s lover, Mister Harrison. You can see why it made his wife, Madison, giggle, despite herself.

Here you can see the difference in effect. As amusing as the standard sized one is, when seen inside a pair of see through panties, it has nothing as to the the extra small one.

And here is the ultimate advantage. In a pair of little tight panties it appears to completely vanish.


There are more images as educational as these on Loolay’s site.

7 thoughts on “Club Zero 9 Kyle’s chastity

  1. Gulp! Just – gulp! (Kandi: Heehee! I told him there were advantages to having a small thingy, but he didn’t believe me. He’ll believe it when his chastity cage is fitted!)

  2. No wonder Kyle was so humiliated!
    I’m sure Mister Harrison would be far too large to fit into such a small cage 🙂

  3. Kandi, quite right though PL Richards may have to be ‘encouraged’ to see the advantages of such a minuscule cage. A cane is probably the best way.

    Louise, Mr Harrison’s down below bits are legendary throughout Club Zero 9, and yes you are right: Kyle, was never able to recover from the humiliation.

    Deborah Ford

  4. Even the CB-6000s (2¼”) is roomy compared to the > 1.0″ nub.

    “….Kyle was never able to recover from the humiliation.” — Maybe Abbie and Maria need to have a long conversation (and a feminine slumber party with Brandi and Kelsey). Once you’re based and sissypilled like me, a chastity like that is a fucking tiara for your clitty. Still proud AF we’re the same size. No alpha male can dribble helplessly in our chastity like we can!

  5. Yes it is…even I had to adjust to first a CB-6000s, then when I tried on a chastity nub I had to reorient my sissy brain again. Speaking from experience, who better to help Abbie adjust to her new size? I am aware Abbie has some psychological hurdles to overcome; the irony of a sissy cuck who thinks dancing is for nancies isn’t lost on me, which means she is in some serious fucking denial.

    I still think a sissy slumber party with Abbie and her sisters is the best way to assuage any feelings or to make the girls forget any doubt. They won’t care about the size of their clitties, they’ll only care about the incredible sissygasms we’re giving each other.

    On a more serious note, a smaller penis is much more pleasurable and sensitive because the same amount of nerve endings are concentrated in a smaller area. This means that any stimulation a sissy receives is that much more intense, and so are the orgasms, chastity or no chastity. Abbie should take solace in the fact that she will feel more sexual pleasure and come harder than Harrison ever will, ergo…she will LOVE her mistress more than any man with a cock possibly could.

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