2 thoughts on “Advice to Bulls

  1. Dearest Deborah, I still have some doubts about this as it seems to subvert the relationship between a Mistress-wife and her sissy maid. Of course a wife should be submissive to her Bull, but how is the sissy to interpret it when she finds her Mistress bound and gagged next to her? How will the Mistress maintain discipline after this? A lot of these must be in USA, as the Hooters uniforms suggest. American Bulls just don’t care, do they?
    [Kandi says: Ooh, tell him to stop thinking so much and just enjoy the pictures! He’s just jealous ‘cos he’s not tied up like this! Hope you’re keeping well, Deborah. xxx from Kandi]

  2. Ah, an excellent point as ever PL Richards. However if a sissy dared disrespect her mistress, I am sure that being bound and gagged would be the least of her problems when the bull got home.

    It must be borne in mind that the Bull should administer his rules as he sits fit to ensure true discipline remains in the home.

    Of course if anyone wishes to take issue with him, they only have to stamp their foot and make some remarks. But i do not think that would be wise.


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