Why this site isnt as fast as others

UPDATE: As of OCT 2017 it should be a little faster – hopefully.

The geeks from whom I rent my server space, tell me that our web space here at Hotel Transform is constantly hitting their memory buffers.

Yay! It’s popular.

This is why you may not always be able to access the site, or it may seem mind-blowingly sluggish.


They use geek speak to try and explain how to remedy this, not knowing they are talking to an aspiring blonde.

The only way forward I could understand from their rambling is for them to put their hands deeper in my purse and extract more money for a super-duper server model.


I am hoping to try and decipher their geek speak into plain English to see if I can remedy the techie problems – but don’t hold your breaths.

In the meantime, if you have your own website, please do not link to any pictures or material from this site to yours, as that seems to upset the memory I am allocated.


Sorry about the tech stuff, so here are some pictures.


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