Foolish little sissies and Rumours of a new Deborah Ford book

What to do if your sissy won’t sleep, eat as directed, is taken with palpitations, and given to swooning.


The current rumour that there is a new Deborah Ford book on the horizon has sent some of the more vulnerable sissies into a tizzy. Here is our resident doctor’s advice:

First emphasise that this is only a rumour.

Second, have a large soft toy for her to embrace at times of nervous tension.

Third, do not try to explain that a Deborah Ford work is merely fiction, that is an inadequate way of confronting her vapors.

Fourthly, a spanking will not prevent the hysterics and tears, but will be welcomed by the sissy as a sign that the world is still normal.




Finally ensure you supervise all internet activities with spy software so you can check what the sissy is viewing. They are such silly creatures that they may well seek out disturbing Deborah Ford websites just to see what they are about.










Always have smelling salts handy

3 thoughts on “Foolish little sissies and Rumours of a new Deborah Ford book

  1. Really can’t wait. Position number 8 eyes like saucers and finger on lips. There’s a few out there but your one of my best, been hanging on for you and so glad you didn’t let us down, thank you @_@

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