2 thoughts on “Lucky girls

  1. I’ve consulted Kandi on this, and she definitely thinks that while they’re all lucky the ‘girl’ in the top right hand picture is the luckiest, because ‘she’s’ in a car, and going on a journey to somewhere interesting 🙂

    My own view is that if a bound and gagged feminised submissive is being transported by car, it should be in the boot, or at least in the back of a station wagon. But you can’t have everything…

  2. PL, as ever, you bring intellectual rigor to our understanding of these pictures. Indeed, the boot would offer more restraint.

    Being as dumb as the rest of us, though Kandi is correct, she obviously gets the reasoning wrong. Being exhibited in a car, driven around the sissy’s neighbourhood, adds a certain frisson to the journey. Poor Kandi, she does try hard, worth a firm pat on the bottom for effort.

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