Club Zero 9 – controversial new school uniform

Some complaints from the girls about the green elements, but no complaints from the Bulls and the wives, so what do you think?

7 thoughts on “Club Zero 9 – controversial new school uniform

  1. These two naughty girls seem intent on undressing each other (Kandi: Ooh, I wonder what they’re going to do?) so it’s difficult to see clearly, but it looks as if it’s based on the Japanese ‘sailorfuku’. If so, excellent. I’ve always thought sailorfuku is the ideal school uniform – girly without being too slutty, and makes the wearer look young! Why are Club Zero 9 ‘girls’ complaining about the green skirts, collars and trimmings? I suppose they think they ought to be pink? But any sissy should be proud to be allowed to wear this style!

  2. As ever PL Richards you are an education. I had no idea these uniforms had a name and sailorfuku sounds beautifully appropriate.
    However, once more I have to take issue with poor Kandi, as she tries to think. The point is, of course, that silly sissies shouldn’t have any say at all in the colour or outfit design. What the world be coming to if a dumb arsed sissy thought she had a thought worth hearing?

    Sailorfuku …. Love it, and am researching it now.

    DF xxx

  3. Deborah, clearly you don’t read manga or watch anime. (I know, life’s too short…)
    As an aside, I enjoy ‘Gilbert and Sullivan’, and one of my few remaining ambitions is to see a production of The Mikado where the three girls come onstage singing ‘Three little maids from school are we’ dressed in sailorfuku Japanese school uniforms. Probably with ‘Hello Kitty’ accessories as well. 😀

  4. Dear Deborah
    You are one of the best on the web to define and give “life” to sissies and the Dominant Female ! I’ve read all your books and i’m still waiting for a sequel of Club Zero, 9 with more…sex action from the part of the Dominant Ladies. Miss Taylor has to take some initiative and train personally some “girls” about their maid services! A Lady’s maid has to perform the most dificult job on earth! A poor male-maid to be so close for 24/7, to a sexy, lushious, provocative, powerful, beatiful body of a dominat Woman and not to be permitted to touch it , but only to take care of this divine body to be perfect all the time for Her lovers (other little sissies who fucks them!)

    1. Gina, you are so right! And thank you for the compliments. They do encourage me to write more. There was a thrid book in the Club Zero 9 planned out, and half written, so maybe I’ll finish that one day.

      Just to take issue with you on one point. Sissies dont have the hardest job on earth, it is the dominant who has to care for and control the silly air headed sissy who never knows the correct course of action unless it is explained to her, probably with the use of a paddle.

      Thank you again for your kind words xxxx

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