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  1. Fantastic to see that you’re back Deborah. I can’t wait to read another story of arrogant men willingly volunteering for a “short” stay in chastity! The richer they are the better!

  2. LOL, yup, our hero is wealthy and about to be taken down a notch or two, beyond that, I shall not say! 🙂


  3. Anonymous I have made a list of some of the clips for another fan. I will post them on the main page for every one to enjoy

  4. I can’t wait! Hopefully containing a sissy maid luxuriating in her own helplessness! No one does it better!

  5. LOL. Thank you! I did get a buzz out of writing this. And yes it contains my usual tropes. But I have taken it to a darker realization. Hope you enjoy it.

  6. (Curtsey) Excuse me Miss. Um, er, I was wondering….well….it is spring now. And. Well. Would you tell a maid when the book might be released? I’m so frustrated and could reeeally use the enjoyment of a good read. Thank you Miss. (Curtsey)

    1. Oh anonymous, I always feel that ache to have something when I know its close to being released.

      You can see why I kept it under wraps until now. It is complete, I am just working with my editor to finalize it. So I’d say around 2 weeks, but there can be slippage with this stage. xxx

      Thank you for your interest.


  7. Wow, Deborah, I had almost given up hope – almost 18 months since your last post. And then you come back with a bang! A new book! The video trailer is great – yes I’ve watched it several times too – and if it’s any indication of the contents then the book’s going to be well worth reading; not just chastity devices but shock collars, leashes, bondage, corporal punishment – and darker than your previous work. I can’t wait. As anonymous says, nobody does it better! Welcome back Debbie!

    1. PL! long time no speak.

      Great you loved the video. I had a buzz making it.

      Yup the book will contain all that … and more. Really down to the darkside. Hope you enjoy it.

      Deborah Ford

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