I have not recommended Locked in Lace for quite a while. In fact I have been way too long in not mentioning an amazing website for those of a certain disposition.


Unlike my messy website it is superbly thought out so that even the dumbest of sissies will be able to find their way around it.

It features stories, classes, interactive stories and forums all that will appeal to readers of this site.

Some of the interactive stories are actually based on The Hotel, my early story so they may well entice you.

For example today is a brand new role playing group:


It is run by the dominant Melissa who has been very supportive of my writing going back, like forever.

And you will love her section for forced fem stories

Please check out Drinking Games, which is one of the best ever written.


WARNING Obviously you may not wish to end up like the terrified sissies in the photograph so please be wary of the classes.

Incidentally, that pic is taken from:





12 thoughts on “lockedinlace

  1. Sadly lockedinlace appears to be down, trying to reset password and it errors, new registration emails have been disabled too. Such a shame, used to be an amazing site

    1. Nancy, so sorry it isn’t working out for you. I have tried to contact the owner, but without success.

      I’m at a loss as to suggest a way forward.


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