Its out of the bag! New Deborah Story on its way!

Release date, in next few weeks …



A dark tale of a dumb husband trapped in an Asylum by his Bull where he is forced to be a sissy for life whether he wants it or not. If he wishes to be released then he loses everything and will become the plaything of his wife and her lover. What’s a sissy to do ….

18 thoughts on “Its out of the bag! New Deborah Story on its way!

  1. I’m a simple person. I see a new Deborah story, I click it. Thank you for entertaining us for such a long time!

    1. Great. Would have loved it further if he was nice and still under the clutches of an evil sadist woman. Wow, am getting greedy. Perils of being a fan of an indulging writer.

  2. I don’t look at your site for a couple of weeks – I was used to your year plus hiatus. When I come back – another new book! That’s two this year already 🙂 Great going, Deborah! Is the figure on the cover wearing a straitjacket? This definitely looks like another ‘must-have’, so I’m off to buy it…

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