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  1. They do all seem to be wearing ‘Pink Lamb’ backpacks. Whatever happened to good old ‘Hello Kitty’ accessories?

  2. Deborah, just to let you know I’ve now posted a five star review of Palmer’s Education on Kindle. I don’t often review on Kindle; what made me do so was irritation at amother reviewer (American?) who accused it of being too long and dragged out. It isn’t at all, it’s just the right length! If anything, I could see there being a sequel about the Second and/or Third Years, entitled of course ‘Suzie’s Education’.

    BTW Palmer’s Education doesn’t seem to appear on your Kindle ‘Page’. I’ve found at least one other book (Sir Says) that doesn’t either. Don’t know why that is.

  3. PL, I suspect as a creator yourself, you are only too aware that whilst viewers are mostly generous spirited you always receive a negative review somewhere down the line.

    I’d like to say that the years of writing have inured me to brickbats thrown in my direction, but I can’t. I also have to say that many of the negative reviews on Amazon include a positive reference to one of my other works they have enjoyed. As such, I guess I take the rotten fruit being thrown at me as part of life’s rich tapestry. Not to say I don’t shake my fists at the heavens or in darker moments let them eat at my soul.

    The low rating review to which you allude offers the word ‘brilliant’ to describe my earlier work The Hotel. So I feel sorry that the reviewer didn’t get more from Palmer’s Education – which actually has been very kindly received buy most readers.

    I think artists, your talented and popular self at Deviant Art included, have to accept that once we have released our children into the world then they are on their own and the interaction that follows is part of the creation but an action over which we have no control.

    My recent novel Sir Says, garnered 5 and 4 star ratings with the exception of a single one star review stating the faults they found in the book. Yet, again it mentions my earlier works, which the reviewer enjoyed. So you win some and you lose some.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to offer not merely 5 ego boosting stars but also a very neat summation of the book without giving away the plot or denouement. A review in itself that’s worth five stars and one that has put a self-satisfied smile on my face .

    Thank you xxx.


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