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If you read my books and those of other like minded authors on this site you will have enjoyed reading about the training to be had at places like The Hotel, Club Zero 9 and in Property of Harding. Now, time to be excited.  Melissa at Locked in Lace has created a whole slew of lessons that are detailed but delivered in bite sized chunks so even dumb sissies like yourself can follow them. I am showing in the post below the first lesson on Standing. There are a number of lessons on Standing with in the course and even the dimmest of maids should be able to follow them.

Sissy Standing Positions: Introduction

Sissy Standing Position: Attention

Sissy Standing Position: Inspection

Sissy Standing Position: Wait

Sissy Standing Position: At Your Service

Sissy Standing Position: Final Exam

Each lesson is broken down into easily understood instructions that you will want to obey. There is homework, both written and practical, so you will need to be well behaved and obey the simple to follow instructions.


Once you graduate by passing the Final Exam you proudly move onto the second course: Sitting.

Though my books cover some aspects of the instructions detailed here, I am afraid my writing covers merely  a few basics.

So sign up to locked in lace .

Then check along the top for ‘Classes’. Be a good girl and click Classes, before following and complying with the life changing instructions. You cannot skimp. Every lesson has to be learnt ready for your test at the end of each course.

Don’t be intimidated. Due to Melissa’s diligence and hard work, some of the most dumbest blondes you can imagine have managed to proudly learn how to stand at Attention.

Melissa helpfully points out: “ Remember, this is not just something to memorize as a concept, you need to be practicing these daily to be the best Sissy you can be.

Now listen closely girls.  Many Sissies, especially those that are new, feel awkward and exposed when they first arrive.  What do you do with your hands?  Where do I look?  How do I avoid being punished?  What will make all the men turn and look at me?  It must be so overwhelming to your little sissy brains.

But do not fear.  In this first series of lessons you will learn some basic standing positions that you should always default towards when in doubt of what to do.  Please note that these are not for when you are modeling or when asked to entertain a client, but rather a set of stances that you should use when being trained, inspected, disciplined or idle. 

These are not difficult and I am confident that even those fluffy boy-filled brains of yours will be able to master these with very little effort.  Let’s begin with the first one.”


Please follow the advice to wear feminine attire to start each lesson and ensure you are aroused.


Deborah Ford


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