Lulu becoming even more difficult

I know many of you have reservations about using Amazon/Kindle to purchase my books and have asked for them to published on other sites, such as Lulu.

I’m afraid it is becoming increasingly difficult to publish via Lulu for writers of ‘adult’ and erotic fiction.


Here is their latest warning re my book Nightmare:

Dear Valued Customer,
Lulu has identified one or more issues with your project submitted for Global Distribution:
*Explicit Content* * Our retail distribution partners will not accept explicit or overly suggestive content within the metadata (title, author, description) or marketing image of publications. Please update and resubmit.


Obviously it is nice to be a ‘valued customer’ and I could change the cover to something a little less explicit, say a picture of a cute puppy, but how the hell do I change the description of my book to satisfy the new Victorian censorship?


I hope that the electronic version will be left online in Lulu for sales, but I fear that may not be long lasting either.



2 thoughts on “Lulu becoming even more difficult

  1. This makes zero sense. If you don’t describe the book clearly then people who buy it expecting something less explicit will surely complain. That would inevitably lead to even more restrictive practices. I despair.

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