Advice: Never Complain About a Present.

Your wife said you should be delighted with the present from her Bull. After all, she pointed out, the Bull only came around to see her.

You pout a little, blushing around the cheeks when it’s presented , especially as he’s got that superior grin on his chops – the one that makes your tummy tingle with dread. You don’t want him to give you anything! But that is nothing to your pout when you unwrap the pink tissue paper and see what it is.

“I already have a chastity cage, Sir,” you groan.




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“Oh, don’t be so ungrateful,” your wife warns you. “You know what I’ve told you about being a naughty little brat.”

Barely able to raise your chin you offer a quiet, “thank you”.

“Try it on,” he grins.

You feel your mouth grow dry. “Sir, sorry, but it really is too small and …”

“Nonsense,” your wife laughs. “We both have seen your equipment and the chastity cage you bought for yourself looks too big.”

The last thing you want is to be paddled in front of the Bull – again.

You finally whisper, “I’ll see if it fits.”

“Yes, you do that,” your wife nods.

“Oh,” the Bull says, as if just remembering. “Try it on with a nice pair of panties.”


Your wife narrows her eyes. “I trust you’re not answering back like an errant school boy?”

“No, Mistress. No.”

Knowing you are defeated you go upstairs to change.

“A nice pair of stockings too,” your wife calls out. “Black hold ups.”

You stop on the stairs. These games are fine when HE isn’t here, but with HIM around the pain of the humiliation is sickening.


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“How does it feel?” Your wife is slumped in the arms of her lover, her eyebrows are raised with inquiry.

You stand there in the panties, stockings, bra and this damned new chastity cage which makes it look as if you have a pussy beneath the delicate panties.

“Well, to be honest, it is too tight. Sorry, Sir. But thank you for thinking of me.”

“Let me see, Sissy,” he says beckoning you closer to him.

His thick fingers poke around the steel for a moment.

“Na. You dumb bitch. Its fine and you’ll get used to it.”

Bastard you think, before turning hopefully to your wife. “Mistress, I know its a present, but it does feel tight.”

She shakes her head. “You’ve been told it is fine, so no arguing!”

“But Mistress …”

You fall short with your complaint, not least because you know you are wasting your time. Besides she has paddled you before her Bull arrives, as she always does, to ensure discipline during his stay. So you don’t want further chastisement on your already sore bottom.

So you find the words, “Yes Mistress,” and bow your head.

Suddenly the Bull’s hand is thrust out, palm up. 

You look curiously at him until he adopts that God awful grin of his.

He nods,”The keys you dumb sissy.”

Shock. “Both of them?”

“Yeh, wouldn’t want you to lose them.”

Your wife laughs at his joke.

You hate it when you don’t have a key at least for emergencies. One visit he hung on to your keys until he left, you were terrified the whole time.

But you hand over the two tiny golden keys. He snatches them before stuffing them into his trouser pocket.

Now you feel helpless, vulnerable and defeated. is he joking? Will he hand back one of the keys?

You stare at him with hope in your eyes.

“Fetch me a beer and open a cold bottle of white for your Mistress he says.”

You feel this new chastity cage grip your hardening dick, which now has no room in which to grow.

“Oh by the way, Sissy,” he says, making you pause int he door expectantly. “I’ll be staying the night, so make sure the master bedroom is tidy.”

Oh no! You’ll be sleeping in the hard bed in the spare room again.

“Yes Sir.”

“Of course if it is not tidy then maybe you won’t get back the keys tomorrow morning.”

“Tomorrow morning!”

Your wife is angry. “Don’t you dare speak like that to my boy friend.”

“Sorry Mistress,” you say quickly.

“And don’t forget,” your wife lifts up her chin as she speaks, “I’ll decide if he is going to let you have back the keys.”

You tummy grows cold. You know how mean she can be if she is not best pleased with your behaviour.

“Yes Mistress.”

“In fact,” she pauses as if thinking, “as you find it so tight, I think we’ll leave it locked on until the day after tomorrow.”
















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