The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Sixteen




Sometimes Eden had to have things explained to him slowly. I’m sure the reader will empathise.

He stood before the Master of the House In his tight-fitting, black trousers, crisp white blouse and low heeled shoes. His lingerie was a crushing bodyshaper and constricting control tights. Below those items was the graphite, tiny chastity cage, to which only the Master of the House had a key.

The curls from Eden’s enforced hair style flicked around his cheeks, tickling them whenever he moved quickly.

Had he been playing a game, as he once did with Bulls and his wife Erika, the package would have excited him greatly, but now, stood before the Master and Mistress of the House in the downstairs large office, he felt a fissure of shame and helplessness.

He truly was a fearful maid awaiting the Master and Mistress’ instructions.

“But, Master, I haven’t been naughty,” Eden said, with a cute pout.

The Bull smiled indulgently, making Eden feel a little more at ease. He hated it when he upset the Master of the House and required a firmer punishment.

“You are of course, quite right, little maid,” again Marcus remained calm. “But you see …”

Eden relaxed further, life was always better when the Master of the House explained things to him.

“I’ll say it in bite sized chunks so that you can keep up,” he continued

The maid relaxed, ready to fully absorb her lesson. Sat in high backed leather office chair, even Erika, leaned forwards to listen carefully to the explanation.

“Tonight, you will not be just serving the Master and Mistress of the House for dinner. In fairness, you perform this job less ineptly than when you began …”

Eden beamed, “Thank you, Master.”

It felt good to have his hard work recognised. Too often he felt ignored as he carried out his endless chores.

“Good girl,” Marcus said, grinning at the reaction of the dumb fuck of a maid. “But tonight is different. Is it not?”

The maid widened her lightly made up eyes. She hated being asked questions. Invariably she got the answers wrong, then she could be sent to her room or spanked hard.

“Erm, because,” now her eyes narrowed in deep thought before opening wide like a flower. “Ah yes, master, I know, I know! It is because Miss Alicia is here.”

“Clever girl!” Marcus glanced at Eden’s wife, “Do you see how good a teacher I am?”

Erika crossed her sexy legs and grinned. “Oh, yes Master.”

She loved Marcus doing his mansplaining to her, a reaction she didn’t understand, as normally she hated men patronising her. With Marcus, it was different. With Marcus everything was different.

Sitting back on the main office chair, Marcus took in the eager maid, who now looked so pleased with herself.

“So, we have a young girl here, your daughter. Now, do you wish to be punished in front of her?”

Taking in a huge tank of breath, Eden said, “Oh, God, no Master!”

“Exactly. Hence why I am going to give you a good spanking now so that throughout serving dinner your bottom will feel hot and you will remember your place and your manners.”

The maid was horrified, “I’ll be serving dinner, Master?”

“Who do you think will serve it? The Mistress of the House?”

Erika laughed at the lunacy of the remark. Erika, Eden’s wife, hadn’t served a meal since Marcus had taken over the house as Master.

“No, Master, of course not Master,” for a while Eden’s lips moved without sound as he sought the politest way to continue, “It’s just that, well, you know, I thought, that with Miss Alicia staying here, I might be allowed to sit at the table.”

Shaking his head with dismay, the Bull said, “Look young lady, you are the maid here. It matters not who is present in the house. You are the maid of the house.”

Everything Marcus said, made such perfect sense that suddenly Eden felt foolish even raising the point.

“Hence,” the Bull continued slowly, “you wouldn’t want to be bratty while serving dinner, would you? I’m quite sure that you being over my knee before your young miss, would be the end of the world for you.”

“Oh, my, yes Master.”

“And of course, you must think of the young Miss, too.”

Eden felt horrified that the Master of the House might have thought he wasn’t thinking of her. “Oh indeed, yes, Master.”

Marcus opened up his palms as he smiled, “There you are then. A hearty spanking now will ensure you will know your place, and your cute arse will still be sore while serving. That way you won’t forget your place.”

Eden felt doubtful, but the bull had made the points carefully, a logical step at a time.

“Thank you, Master.”

Why did Eden thank him? It sounded so irrational to be spanked, not for an errant deed, but the possibility in the future of being naughty. Why should he be grateful, but how the Master had described the situation made it appear as if Eden would benefit from the immediate punishment.

“Excellent. You are learning a few simple things,” the Bull said. Not quickly, but it is coming.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Did the bull really have to patronise him down like that in front of his own wife? In fact, why didn’t Erika ever speak up to protect him?

“So now, you are finally up to speed,” Marcus said, rolling his eyes towards Erika, who supressed a giggle, “which implement would be best for your shapely backside?”

“What?” Eden was so taken aback he was horrified to realise he had forgotten to say ‘Master’.

In fact, as it happens, Marcus didn’t notice, “Maid, now you know you require severe punishment, which implement would be best for you? To help you fully learn your lesson.”

Having never before been asked how he ought be punished, Marcus was flummoxed, but knowing he had to offer an answer to the Master of the House’s question he replied, “a hand spanking, please, Master”

Again, Marcus was forced to shake his head and sigh, “Young lady, do you really feel a hand spanking is going to last until tonight?”

“Oh!” Eden hadn’t thought of that. “I suppose not Master. Erm, then a paddle, Master.”

“One more dumb answer and I’m going to tell you to fetch two canes. I’ll tie them together to beat you.”

Eden winced. That sounded dreadful! A single cane was terrible enough, let alone one tied to another.

“Master, may I leave it to your guidance to decide?”

Marcus looked sever. “No, girl, I expect you to learn in future to suggest a punishment and an implement when necessary. Now quickly. Else it will be the double cane for you.”

Oh God! Ever since Eden had become the maid of the house, he was finding it increasingly difficult to think for himself. Now, he was under testing pressure from the masterful brute who sat before him.

He could think of only one more punishment tool that Marcus had used, that wasn’t as bad as the cane,

“The tawse Master!”

For a moment a terrified maid simply stared at her tormentor and then Marcus relaxed.

“I knew you’d get there eventually,” he paused, before adding for the wife’s benefit, “if I helped you along the way.”

Phew! “Thank you, Master.”

Eden closed his eyes in relief. It always felt good to please the Master of the House.

“So, Maid, fetch the tawse from the cupboard, pull down your trousers and underwear. And, as has been explained to you, this will be a harsh punishment.”

Even when Eden was dragging himself over his Master’s lap, with trousers and tights about his calves, it felt somehow unfair. But the Master of the House had taken time to explain the reasoning to him, and it all made sense – sort of.

Until his tight chastity device caught a little in the groin of the Bull’s trousers and then Eden knew he had to quickly edge over the lap into position to avoid appearing naughty.

Following the beating and dismissal of the weeping maid to prepare dinner, Erika had breathlessly pleaded  to be fucked hard.

What was it about the Bull’s dominance of her husband that provoked such a response? As with other sluts like her, seeing Marcus take command of her spouse elevated the Bull in the slut’s eyes to be a guy whose cock she needed to take, and whose seed needed to be pumped deep inside her.

So as he lay there on the married couple’s bed, with Erika gently sleeping in his arm, he thought about the coming evening.

With the maid’s arse spanked sore by the tawse, even a hand spanking would reduce her to tearful mess. The dumb arsed maid was now totally in his control, not daring to be disobedient.

Yet Marcus would have to be careful, the highly strung teenage girl could just flip the wrong way if he made a single mistake.

Tonight’s dinner would be a challenge, a challenge of which he had to be wary. It was going to require all of his experience to keep everyone in their place, and to bring this ship home.

6 thoughts on “The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Sixteen

  1. How dare Eden question Marcus’s wisdom on this issue ? The impudence of today’s maids is simply astonishing ! Do you think the Queen has to put up with this kind of shit ?

  2. Exactly, when will Eden learn? I hope Marcus, or any other bull, doesn’t hear you comparing him to the Queen – might require some education for you!

    x DF

  3. Another amazing chapter. However …. “bring this ship home” makes me a little nervous that this delicious cycle might be winding down. *pout*

  4. Maid Tiffy, I am afraid Eden’s ordeal has a little distance to run.

    Miss Tykes, yes, to extend his misery, but also of course, to extend his education.


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