The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Eighteen



The elephant in the room, or rather the corner of the room, appeared cute and sexy from the rear as she stood stiffly upright in the corner.

Her tight clothing enhancing her curves, her erect stance, with hands tucked into the frizzy blonde hair, indictive of her submission and punishment.

But like the proverbial elephant, Eden’s plight was known by all in the room, yet, they ignored the maid’s plight – all for different reasons.

Marcus felt at ease as Master of the House. An unchallenged position boosted by him cracking down on the maid’s errant behaviour when serving the wine and slopping it over the glass.

Why the sight of the Bull humiliating her husband excited Erika so much she couldn’t say. But it did! Erika was so dreamily hot, her panties uncomfortably soaked.

For her part, Alicia didn’t know what to say, nor how to act. Her father, the man she respected all her life was stood behind her in the corner, in his maid’s uniform, but thankfully out of sight. Like a naughty child He had been sent there by the bear of man sitting at the head of the table now telling an anecdote about a supplier to his company. It was as if nothing untoward had happened in the house.

The teenage girl could barely take in the Master’s story because of what happened to her father. She had to say something, but what?

For Eden it was all too harrowing to comprehend. Stood like this before his family. Unable to even challenge the punishment which seemed wholly out of step with the misdeed of spilling wine. Hence his indignant rage. The Master was so unfair at times!

He hadn’t done been deliberately clumsy and his daughter had moved her glass as he had poured. She was partly to blame, wasn’t she?

How long he had been stood there he didn’t know because when stuck in the corner, as he had learnt before, time passes in its own dimension. His bottom still stung from the belting he had received from the tawse that afternoon. A punishment he had been assured would help his behaviour and aid him in avoiding punishment. So much for that! God, it was doubly unfair!

If only the Master of the House would unlock the chastity cage, no matter how briefly. If he could quickly cum then he could think clearly. His brain was so foggy he barely made sense of anything.

In a flash, it dawned on Eden that for the first time since he had met the Bull, the punishment inflicted upon him by the Master of the House, wasn’t part of an erotic game to make his wife hot, or satisfy his own submissive needs, nor indeed satisfy the Bull’s sadism. This was a true punishment designed to make Eden see he had been genuinely  naughty and must improve his performance. As such, he now understood how a genuine maid would feel: Helpless, chastised, but in a way, oddly grateful that someone was taking the time to help her become a better maid.

Oh! But why before his own daughter?

He listened to the chatter from the table. He noticed his wife and daughter no longer laughed uproariously at the Master’s jokes. Rather they tittered and giggled, as if self-consciously.

Maybe a half hour had sauntered by, perhaps longer, perhaps only ten minutes, Eden couldn’t tell, when Alicia finally spoke.

Her voice sounded strained, as if she was fearful in speaking.

“Master, I mean, I am not interfering, or anything, it’s just that …” She trailed off.

“Go on,” the Bull said softly.

“Well dad, I mean the maid,” she forced a laugh. “I mean it wasn’t his fault. Not totally.”

At last! Eden sighed with relief. The Bull was finally being told how unfair he was being by punishing him alone.

“Well,” the Bull spoke quietly, “what you must understand is, if the maid thinks she can get away with anything, even some minor error, then she will feel she can get away with something a little bigger. Then a little bigger. Then of course I would be compelled to punish her very severely. So, it is best to nip these matters in the bud.”

Silence for a moment until, a more confident, energetic Alicia said, “Yes. That makes sense. I guess. Sort of spare the rod, spare the child.”

She then giggled to cover her embarrassment as out of sight behind her, the maid winced at being compared with a child by his own daughter.

“Yes, exactly!” The Bull said, “discipline has to be maintained else the consequences are bad for the maid as well as the household.”

Silence again.

“But,” Alicia said, eventually, “how long does she, I mean dad, the maid, have to stay there in the corner?”

“Well, these are matters both you and the Mistress of the House have to face up to, as well as me. I may not be here 24/7. So you two will have to decide on the maid’s punishments.”

Alicia erupted.

“Oh God! No! I couldn’t decide on anything like that with the,” she paused, batting her eyelids with her struggle to find the right word, “maid.”

Laughing good naturedly, the Bull said, “I totally get that. Don’t worry about it. It’s not your problem.”

“Thank you,” Alicia said, breathless with relief.

“If you feel the maid has been naughty then have her stand in the corner and come and tell me. Or even the Mistress of the House. We will decide the punishment if it makes it easier for you.”

Eden gasped. What? What the hell was the Master of the House saying now? His daughter couldn’t tell him to stand in the corner! Hadn’t she just said so much? Oh! If only he was permitted to interject, he would point this out to the Master.

Erika spoke, “It’s easier than you think. The Master has his rules, and we must follow them. You just let him know if the maid is naughty. He will deal with it.” Her eyes grew large as she admired the Bull. “He always does.”

“Mum!” Alicia stretched out her name as if remonstrating with her. “Listen, I don’t know what the games you two are playing, but maybe, like, just maybe, I shouldn’t be involved? Yeh?”

The Bull raised his eyebrows, “Does it look like a game to you?”

“Erm, no. No. It looks mega crazy!”

“I understand that.”

Eden heard the Bull rise from the table and held his breath. Would he be punished again?

“Ok,” the Bull said, “I think another bottle is called for. Especially as little miss fumble fingers over there spilled some of this bottle.

Erika laughed at the joke, “Master I will go and fetch a bottle.”

“Good girl,” the Master said, settling back down in his place as head of the table.

Both mother and daughter melted at the Alpha Male using the term, ‘good girl’.

Alicia wondered how she could elicit that remark for her own behaviour.

So, the drinking and chat continued with good humour again as the Bull told a funny story about a colleague, he played a prank upon.

Eden realised he was totally out of the conversation. His annoyance was subsiding now. Draining into the realisation that had he concentrated he would not have spilled the wine and would not have ended up being punished.

Now he felt disappointed in himself.

Obviously, he was going to be punished if he was silly enough to spill wine so that it splashed over a guest at the table.

What a dizzy maid he felt himself to be. He had to try harder.

He wished he could turn around and apologise to the Master of the House and thank him for the time in the corner to reflect up on his behaviour. He could explain to the Master that the punishment was working.

Surely then he would be freed?

Oh, how his arms ached!

The Master was right, as usual. Eden’s hot bottom should have served as stern warning for the maid, if only he had paid attention to the spanking rather than feeling aggrieved at the punishment.

Maybe he was dumb, just as the Bull kept telling him he was.

Should he find the courage to say something? Even ‘sorry Master’?

But he lacked that nerve. He needed the Bull to unlock his chastity cage and wanted to avoid further punishment. So silence was the best and safest way forward.

It was then that he heard Alicia say something that stopped the conversation:

“Master, hasn’t the maid been punished for long enough?”

The Bull thought for a moment before replying, “I don’t know. Do you think so?”

“Yes,” was all Alicia said. There was uncertainty in her voice.

The Bull nodded and said to his slut, “As the Mistress of the House, do you agree?”

Erika sat bolt upright. Oh God, if she said the wrong thing then the Master might not let her cum tonight.

After a moment’s consideration she replied, “Master, I leave it to you to decide.”

The Master turned his dark eyes back to the younger girl, “But you feel the maid has been sufficiently punished?”


Alicia’s eyes betrayed indecision. Teenagers are rarely confident of their own views when speaking to adults.

“There you are. You have made your first decision as Miss Alicia of the house.” He clicked his fingers. “Maid come back here and tell me if you have learnt your lesson. We’ll see if Miss Alicia is correct.”

Eden’s eyes grew wide. Had he been called back?

“Maid!” The bull clicked his fingers. “Quickly!”

“Yes Master.”

A further conundrum for the hapless maid. The Master hadn’t said to remove her hands from her head, so should she leave them in place?

This is why the maid felt even more foolish when she reported back to the Master sat at the head of the table. How daft did he look stood to attention with his hands on his blond head?

Once the maid had shuffled into position, the Bull pointed to a spot slightly closer.

Eden immediately edged forward.

The Bull nodded, saying, “So Maid, what lesson has your punishment taught you?”

The nervous, desperate Eden had to get this right if he was avoid returning to the corner.

“Please Master, I must worker harder on my serving skills at the table. And thank you for the punishment, as it has helped me appreciate how naughty I was.”

The Master shook his head as if dispirited. “Maid. Should it be me you are saying these things to? Who did you spill the wine over?”

Eden’s mouth dropped open as if a catch had been removed. To Alicia? He felt sick, a little feint,  just as if the floor and ceiling were rolling around.

He was about to argue but he had become used to the Master of the House’s demeanour when he wasn’t going ready to debate anything with anyone, let alone the maid.

It just could not be happening.

He turned on his Cuban heels, hands still firmly on head, to face his daughter but his eyes couldn’t meet hers. Rather he looked over her head.

“Please Miss Alicia,” he swallowed, his voice sounding squeaky, “I, I, erm, promise not to be so incompetent again.”

There was sharp pat to Eden’s bottom as the Bull spoke, “Explain to the young Miss how the punishment helps you be obedient and competent.”

Eden closed his eyes. His breath became short. He had to fight back the tears of total humiliation.

“Please Miss Alicia, I am so grateful for the Master putting me in the corner, where I could contemplate my failings and vow not to repeat them.”

With Alicia unsure as how to respond, the room fell into a deafening hush.

The Bull said, “young lady, do you think the maid is repentant? Do you think she has learnt her lesson?”

Alicia said, “Oh yes, Master. She is very contrite.”

The Bull nodded, “Do you see. You can become a Miss in my household! Good girl.”

That adorable phrase from an Alpha male!

A huge smile swept over Alicia’s face. “Thank you  Master. I owe it all to you.”

From where had those words emerged? She was thanking him as if he truly was the Master of the House.

“Excellent” The Bull announced. “Maid, thank the young Miss for releasing you from the corner.”

“Yes Master.” Eden swallowed. Oh God this was painfully hard, his eyes desperately avoiding those of his daughter. “Please Miss Alicia, I am most grateful for you releasing me from my punishment.”

Without catching his eyes, Alicia said quietly, “You are welcome.”

“So,” the Bull said, rising form his seat. “We will go to the sitting room while the maid is a good maid and clears the table and tidies up in here. Oh, maid, three coffees too.”

“Yes Master.”

Eden kept his hands on his head, still avoiding looking at his daughter and wife.

Feeling her panties dampen being in the presence of a confident Alpha male Alicia left the room with a smile on her face.

Erika’s knees were so weak from mindless lust that she could barely walk. She reached the Master, put her arms tight around his neck and bit at his chin, as if she were devouring him.

Her voice was low, guttural, “Oh, for fuck’s sake. I need you deep inside me. Now. Now!”

“Haven’t you been warned about your language, young lady?”

Dreamy eyed she banged her forehead against his solid chest. “I don’t care. I just need it so bad. So, so, bad”

The Bull laughed. “Don’t you dare even finger yourself until I get you into the bed!”

“Master, I can’t wait. Please. I am in need!”

She rubbed her thigh up against his like a dog in heat.

“Do you need to be punished before the young miss as well?”

She shook her head, her hair sweeping back and forth.

“Then you do not swear! And you will be a good girl and wait!”

She emitted a deep moan, more animal than human, and with half closed eyes left the room.

Eden had never before seen his wife behave like that. He was in shock. She would have cum on the spot had the Master commanded her to do so.

With hands still enmeshed in his hair, he looked at the Master of the House and realised he truly was the Master, and he, Eden the maid. This wasn’t a game. This was happening.

Which made it easy and natural for him to say to the Bull, “Master, may I remove my hands from my head?”

“After I have left the room, you dumb bitch.”

“Yes Master.”

Suddenly the Master was wagging his finger in the frightened maid’s face.

“You ever embarrass me again when we have guests, and it will be the worse for you. Got it?”

“Yes Master, of course Master.”

When the bull departed, Eden waited a moment and then removed his hands from his curly hair. He even felt naughty doing so out of sight of the Bull, after being given permission to do so.

It had been a lesson well learnt yet still difficult to process. Perhaps Eden would never process it. But at that moment he vowed to himself to be the best, most obedient, well-behaved maid a Master could want.

Of course, a person’s ambitions, as lowly as they might be, are often more difficult to attain than might be expected.

16 thoughts on “The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Eighteen

  1. Who is Eden ? The Frank Spencer of sissy maids ? I’m already writing a Get Well Soon card for his arse cheeks.

    Bravo, Ms Ford, my knickers are as dewy as a summer meadow at day break.

  2. I had really mixed feelings about this one. Thank you, Deborah Ford for a nice story well written. I feel like an air head, mean I know what is the story line also know what is coming … but still compliantly don’t understand how all going to happens. The way you describe the situation. How you mold the daughter’s thought about her dad or i say maid .. Tell me what you think, Eden i now just a maid sissy maid for her daughter or Dad. I am confused as an air head coz don’t know what is coming…

  3. I have a sneaky feeling Marcus will imbibe a little too much after dinner. During a double bill of Beaches and Terms of Endearment, he will break down in tears in Eden’s arms and confess to Eden that he only wished HE had the courage to wear panties.
    They will leave those two bitches, move in together and perhaps buy a Daihatsu Move.

  4. Marcus is so … well … masterful! Controlling everyone. Orchestrating so perfectly. Bringing people into the fold, while keeping Eden so helplessly in line. It’s so so sooooo natural to want to submit to and serve someone so naturally dominant. The world just makes sense when a girl like Eden (or like me!) is put in her place the way Miss Ford does in this story (and most of her others, as well). It’s sooooooo satisfying and proper.

    More please!


      1. Never a rush, Miss Ford. If there’s anything a good girl knows how to do, it’s wait.


        Oh yeah! And curtsey too!


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