The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twenty.


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Eden’s heart was singling. Having spent  an entire morning without anyone criticising him he felt as if he were finally getting on top of the job of being a maid to the household.

Surely only rewards awaited him.

It was a little exasperating not to have anyone praise him though. Despite him being up early as instructed by the Master of the House, and being able to serve breakfast in an immaculate, dust free downstairs. Couldn’t the Master or Mistress at least have offered a word of approval? Just one word? Or even an acknowledgment of the result of his hard work?

Here he was, about to prepare lunch of tuna salad, when he agonised over hearing nothing from the members of the household he served.

Nothing! Not a word …

Until the Mistress of the House, his wife, dropped off two blouses for him to iron. The kitchen had become his home place. He felt safe here, unlikely to catch the attention of anyone who would wish to punish him.

“Be careful with them, maid. They are a little delicate. And place them on hangers in my bedroom when they are lovely and smooth.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Eden said, trying to hide his annoyance at being handed yet another menial job.

“Oh, and maid?” Erika spoke absent mindedly, as if just remembering some unimportant point.

“Yes, Mistress?”

“The Master of the House wishes to chat to you at midday. In his office”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Don’t be late. You know what he’s like.”

With that, Erika left.

Eden held the blouses in his hand.

A chat? A chat was what she said. Wow! Surely, he hadn’t been naughty. He would have been told in no uncertain terms had he been so. Therefore, the only possible reason for ‘a chat’ was to offer praise. And with praise came rewards. And the best reward would be to release him from his chastity cage so he could play until he came. That way his brain would become normal again, not the blubbery mass of illogical thought that rolled around inside his head.

Clutching the blouses, he settled onto a chair to daydream about the promising moment ahead of him.

Such are the pitiable small hopes that besot a maid in the course of her duties.

So it was that, close to midday, following a polite knock on the office door, he was summoned into the Master’s office.

He stood beaming near the Master who was engrossed in a row of numbers embedded in a complicated  spreadsheet that absorbed his full attention.

The Master ignored him and when Eden politely coughed to show his presence the Master simply clicked his fingers and pointed at the rug near the office chair.

Eden knelt immediately, though surprised to be told to do so.

The Master, apparently without even looking where Eden was, clicked and pointed closer to his chair.

Stifling a ‘humff’ of exasperation, Eden shuffled on his knees to the fresh spot, merely inches from the old one! And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

From the benefit of his low spot, Eden couldn’t make out what was happening on the screen that captivated so much of the Master’s attention. Nor had he yet made lunch so couldn’t spend too much time being idle here.

Minutes passed. Then maybe ten. More?

It was impossible to know. But as he was awaiting a reward, he remained silent and well behaved, as he knew was expected of him.

The door thumped open.

Erika giggled in and then stopped.

“Oh. I see you are chatting to the maid.”

Swinging around in his chair a grinning Marcus said, “Hey! You look hot.”

And indeed, Eden had to admit that his wife did look hot in her short summer dress, decorated in pink and white.

She giggled again. “Aw thank you.”

She plopped herself down on his lap, as he gripped her tight, kissing her as if he were sucking out her intestines.

Eden nibbled his lip with fury. He wasn’t allowed to even speak despite being summoned to the office. And he had plenty of housework to do! Now his wife arrives and she gets his full attention.

“Listen babe,” he finally said, “I’m pretty busy, right now.”

She nodded down to the kneeling maid, “So I see!”

“Na. With important shit. Work. Gotta be done before lunch.”

Sliding from her lap, she smoothed out her dress and sighed. “Maybe later then hun?”

“You got it!”

She giggled, before glancing down at the maid, “And please don’t forget those two blouses, maid!”

What? But she had only just given them to him. Just before she ordered him to see the Master.

So unreasonable!

But with the Master present, Eden just said, “Yes Mistress.”

With that his wife gave the Master one more peck and left.

For a long while Eden noticed the Bull staring at the door with a wicked leer on his mouth. Then he shook it away and returned to his work.

Heavens! Eden’s rage grew. Had he forgotten he had summoned the maid and then had him prostate himself at the Master’s feet?

Now his ankles and knees were hurting. Clearly the Bull had no thought whatsoever of the maid’s well being.

Eden was about to cough again, to attract the Bull’s attention when there was a knock on the door, and without waiting for an instruction to enter, it opened, and a nervous Alicia stepped inside.

She was wearing jeans but a different tee shirt to the previous day and looked very hot.

All of a sudden, the Master was relaxed and leaned back from his work, as if it no longer held any importance!

Though that was bad enough, Eden felt more chagrin from kneeling before the Master of the House whilst his daughter was giggly and full of chat.

“Oh, Master, that was wonderful last night.”

The Master laughed. “A good time, yes?”

What? Eden’s ears pricked up. What was a good time? What did they do after he was sent to bed?

Now he was troubled!

“Listen, Master, a guy is taking me out tonight,” Alicia said.

A guy? Eden turned, but to look at her low heeled sandals, as he dare not raise his eyes upwards to her face.

“Ok fine.”

Fine? How was it the Bull’s job to say what was fine with Eden’s daughter? Now he was truly riled.

The Master continued, “Where’s he taking you?”

“Cinema. Some goofy comedy.”

After a moment, the Master said, “Yeh. That’s ok. Be back by midnight mind.”

“Thanks Master.”

“And Alicia,” his strong  eyes held her gaze, “don’t forget if you need anything sorted or ironed or something you ring the bell for the maid here.”

She wrinkled her nose, blushing a little, “Na, it’s ok. I’ll leave the maid things to you and mum.”

“Well make sure she has made your bed properly and tidied your room every morning.”

“No. Thanks, but no. I’ll do it.”

“Up to you, babe.”

Babe? That was his daughter!

“See yous”, she smiled.

With that Alicia was gone.

Eden seethed. Why didn’t she ask her father about her dating? What was happening here?

The Master leaned forwards over his desk and went back to his figures.

Great! Now he’s even forgotten that he summoned the maid to his office!

Eden clenched his hands but was careful not to shake them before the Master of the House. He also lowered his head so that his curls would hide his pouting.

Something had to be said!

“Master …”

The Bull glared down at the maid.

“Sorry, to interrupt, Master, really. But I have a few things to do. So I was wondering why you’d called me in.”

There is a time in every maid’s life when she regrets speaking. When she cannot pass it off with a giggle as a silly joke. She has spoken. The words are out there, all set to condemn her.

Eden lowered his curly head. “Sorry Master. I know you are busy …”

“Quiet girl!”

“Yes Master.”

“Fetch me the tawse from the cupboard and place it on my desk.”

Inwardly, Eden collapsed. Not the tawse! He quickly rose and fetched the dreaded implement form the cupboard.

“Master, if it pleases you, I am so sorry …”

“Now stand in the corner. When I call you back, you will tell me how many spanks you should get from the tawse.”


“I’ve said before, you should now be saying how many spanks you should get for any of your silly naughtiness.”

Feeling his face glow red hot, Eden bowed his head. “Yes Master.”

“If I think you are being too lenient on yourself then I will double the number I think it ought be.”

Oh no!

“Yes, Master.”

“Now, corner time, until called back.”

“Yes Master.”

The infuriating corner time where time passes at a gentle speed unknown to the person being punished.

But it did afford Eden the opportunity to mull over how many spanks he should be given. That was troublesome of course. Because his tally may well not agree with that of the Bull’s. Perhaps only six spanks? His only crime being to interrupt the Master when he was working. But against that was the fact that he had been waiting patiently for the Master, when everyone else, it seemed could interrupt whenever they pleased. So why should he be punished at all?

He humphed to himself.

So unfair!

Half hour later a sniffling maid was back on her knees before her Master.

Whilst Eden thought 6 smacks would be sufficient, her Master had explained why 12 was:

“Speaking out of turn cannot be tolerated. Imagine if everyone had to appease a maid all the time? There would be no point in having a maid”

Thus it was, that a contrite maid knelt, still feeling aggrieved, but feeling wise not to grumble. But it was all so unfair, and now her bottom was burning again. Oh!

“Now the reason I ordered you to come to me, is to point out that you should obey without hesitation.”

About to say that he does, Eden simply  thought better of interrupting the Master of the House, and simply nodded his downcast head.

“I don’t want any of this hesitancy where you pause before obeying.”

“Yes Master.”

Did he pause? When had he paused?

“Secondly,” The Bull reached down and raised the maid’s chin so that the damp fearful eyes were looking at him. “Do you think I want a miserable maid in my household?”

Obviously, Eden was not about to point out that this was not the Master’s household but his. So  he simply shook his head, feeling his curls tickle his chin.

“I want to see my maid with a smile on her dumb face as she carries out her chores.”

“Yes Master.”

“You should be happy, and let everyone in the house know you are a happy and contented maid. I don’t want people feeling sorry for you.”

“Yes Master. I understand.”

“I hope you do maid, because that arse of yours is already sore. You wouldn’t want it getting worse, would you?”

The Master grinned and as if Eden should get the joke, albeit form the Master’s point of view.

The maid smiled back. “Yes Master.”

“Good. Dismissed.”

Dismissed! Was that it? The sole reason for making him late with lunch was to give him those two snippets of unhelpful advice?

“Yes Master.”

Eden rose and paused, his palms on the flat of his trouser fronts.

The Master groaned. “What is it maid?”

“Please Master, I can’t help feeling, and I appreciate that you may not share this view, especially, …”

“Girl! Just fucking say it!”

“Yes Master. Please may I have my chastity cage removed.”

Seeing the annoyed expression on his Master’s face, Eden quickly continued.

“Just for a short while. Just a few minutes really. So I can get released. My brain has ceased up. If I could cum …”

Not bothering to contain his impatience, the Master said, “What sort of maids get their cage removed? Good maids or naughty maids?”

That one was easy!

Eden smiled with satisfaction. “Good maids, Master.”

“Clever girl. So is a maid constantly having to be punished a good or a naughty maid?”


“Well Master, I guess, a naughty maid.”

The Bull swung his chair around back to face the screen of figures. Clearly the conversation was over.

Back in the kitchen, Eden set about carefully ironing his Mistress’ two blouses. But no sooner had he started, than he heard the bell tinkling from upstairs.

With a frustrated groan he dropped the iron back onto the board and made his way upstairs.

Another impatient ring of the bell.


The sound was coming from Alicia’s new room. As his daughter did her best to avoid Eden and handing out instructions to him, it seemed odd for her to be summoning him.

Then it occurred to Eden. Obviously she needed guidance on this young man she was to see that night. He could be her father again. Flushed with the buzz of returning to his old position he pushed up his curly hair with the flat of his hand and smoothed down his tight maid’s trousers.

The ironing could wait.

Had Eden been able to see into the future he would have quickly returned to the simple bliss of ironing. When when he opened the door to his daughter’s new room, he had no idea of what the future held in store for him. One day, when looking back on this fateful moment, he would see it as a life changing event.

3 thoughts on “The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twenty.

  1. Arghh ! Methinks, Ms Ford, Mistress of the Cliffhanger, deserves some corner time herself for this one. Has Alicia secretly been hand-crafting her own paddle for Eden’s backside ?
    Still, no better way to spend a Sunday.

  2. I’m afraid a paddling from his daughter would be the most humiliating thing for poor Eden. It would put him in a very special place in his new family. 🙁

  3. OMG! Tiffany, surely it won’t come to that! I am hopeful that under Marcus’ guidance Eden will improve his manners. Of course if he doesn’t ….


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