The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twenty Four.

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Finally Eden had to make a stand. The Bull now ruled his home as if he were a real Master. The maid and cuck games were fine, even if pushed to their limits, but to have taken away their wedding rings and the celebratory paraphernalia proving their marriage, was stomach burningly, crushing.

It was time for the Master to move on!

Eden careful checked his appearance in the full-length mirror of the room that had formerly been his daughter’s but was now the bedroom to which he had been relegated as the house maid.

He brushed down the skirt part of the dress that so amusingly flowered out from his hips, before running his palms down the waist that had been so narrowed by the gripping corset. He smiled at his reflection, quietly revelling in the satin prison.

Whenever he moved, he felt the beautiful, silky material slide effortlessly over more silky beautiful material. The skirt over the petticoats, the petticoats over the stockings.

Then he had to stop.

Oh-My- God, he needed release, he needed to cum. The eroticism sent his brain spinning into orbit.

As soon as the egotistical Bull was driving away from his house, then his wife, Erika, could release his pent up dick and he would cum and cum and cum.

He giggled to himself at how ingenious he was being. He’d get shot of the Bull and he and his wife could enjoy sex as much as they wanted. When they chose to acquire another Bull then fine, they would both do it. Maybe lay down harder rules with the new Bull to prevent these sort of misunderstandings.

He felt light on his heels as he descended the staircase. Already his problems felt as if they were vanishing in the rear view mirror.

As he reached the hallway, he heard the Bull’s voice from the kitchen. Time to put him in his place! The misogynist, sexist bully was about to learn a valuable lesson when you step out of line.

He checked his permed, dyed blonde hair in the hallway mirror, flicking it from side to side. He didn’t want to have his appearance questioned. The Bull would find and excuse to spank him, and that would bring to an end his cunning plan.

With his head bowed, Marcus was near the cooker, staring intently into space, as if he were thinking through one of his silly devious plans.

The maid stood in the doorway and quietly coughed to gain his attention.

It was only then that Eden realised that the Master of the House was on his mobile, engaged in a serious conversation.

On hearing the maid, Marcus shook his head. What was it with the dumb bitch? Constantly in need of attention. He kicked the kitchen door shut.

“Fuck off,” were the muffled words, Eden heard from beyond the closed door.


Eden brought his fingers up to his lips. He hadn’t meant to make the Bull cross. How was he to have known that he was on the phone. Surely, he wasn’t going to be spanked for that! We winced and wriggled his hips at the injustice of it all.

He heard Erika laugh. She was stood in the hallway, in one of her short dresses. Did she ever wear trousers these days?

“Silly maid. You upsetting the Master of the House again?”

“No Mistress. No really. Gosh, I didn’t know he was on the phone. I sort of just wanted …”

“Stop jabbering, maid.”

She kissed his cheek affectionately before giving him a light squeeze.

Erika whispered in the maid’s ear, “You’ll get us both punished if you’re not careful.”

Eden felt flustered. Why didn’t she understand? They had to escape the grip of this overly demanding Bull.


Taken aback at the maid’s sudden upright stance and wife eyed irritation, she laughed again. It was impossible to take a sexy clad maid seriously when she pointed that way.

“Oh maid. Whatever is the matter?”

“You know what’s the matter! That,” he lowered his voice, thumbing at the closed kitchen door, “that brute in there, has taken our rings and our wedding photographs. He’s going too far.”

“Uh-uh,” the wife smiled to one side of her mouth, “and tell me, oh big shot maid, who is going to hang a bell around the Master’s neck?”

“Eh? Mistress, you are losing it. It is not Master’s who have a bell around their necks.”

She shook her head, breaking into further laughter. “Maid! It’s an old story. When the mice rebel against the cat …”

She smiled at his wide eyed, lack of understanding.

“Never mind. So, who is going to tell the Master of the House about his short comings?”

“Well, I suppose, and I’m just saying, me.” Suddenly he thought better of his plan, his eyes opened wide with hope, “unless Mistress you’d like to. I mean you are closer to him and everything.”

“Maid. Finger on lips.”

Oh no! they were having an important conversation. Nevertheless he quickly adopted the humbling pose of his index finger on his pouting lips. This was a measure the Master had introduced them both to, whenever either was, in his words, ‘jabbering mindlessly’.

Once she knew he wouldn’t dare interrupt her, she continued.

“No maid. Let’s wait and see what happens. Yes? You know he’s always one step ahead of you,” she noted his down cast face so quickly added, “well, both of us.”

Bursting to speak, Eden widened his eyes, so they were the size of pool balls.

“Hush maid. We will see where he is taking this adventure and then talk to him. How does that sound?”

Mad! To Eden it sounded like a demented idea.

She laughed loudly. “Oh maid, you do look funny when you are cross but helpless!”

The kitchen door banged open, and the Master burst out. All at once Eden found himself shying away not just from the size of the bulky brute but also the insane energy that drove him.

“What the fuck is up with you two? I’m trying to have a private conversation in here!”

“Sorry Master!” Erika stood to attention her eyes fixed on the man who ruled their lives, fearful that he might punish her. His hand spankings were fun and erotic, but when he wanted to make a point he could be a terrifying tyrant.

Eden maintained silence with his finger fixed to his  lips. After all he hadn’t been told to remove it and he always felt safer when like this or when gagged. If he wasn’t allowed to speak then he couldn’t get into further trouble with the Master or Mistress of the House.

The Bull sighed raising the phone back to his ear.

“Ok Alicia. See you later.”

Alicia? Eden and Erika shot each other a disturbed glance. He was speaking to their daughter? What on earth about?

He pocketed his phone and grabbed the sissy and his wife by their ears.

“Now listen you two, every time I gotta do something, I get you two playing up. If it’s not one, then it’s the other. Now both of you behave!”

“Yes, Master,” Erika said eagerly.

Maintaining his finger at his lips, Eden simply nodded, believing it was still best not to say anything.

“Maid!” The Bull barked.

Eden bounced to attention, still his finger pressed to his lips.

“Get some wine and beers sorted. Make sure their chilled. Prepare some snacks. Set it up in the dining room.”

Eden nodded, his eyes wide with dread lest he ought to be replying.

The Bull dropped his heavy arm around Erika’s narrow shoulders as he led her into the sitting room, turning back to the maid.

“Enough food for me, this slut here, and a couple of guests.” He paused before adding an additional point, “and I guess something for yourself.”

Eden nodded as a door was slammed in his face for the second time in a couple of minutes.

When he was certain the Master of the House wouldn’t return to the hall, his shoulders sagged with relief.  Dumb Bull! He dropped his hand from his face and poked his tongue out at the door, quickly drawing back lest the door were to fly open and he find the Master of the House witnessing his errant act of defiance.

Wait. Two guests? He had to prepare for two guests? Well, he certainly wouldn’t be serving them in his maid’s attire, that’s for sure.

An hour later, the terrified maid answered the door.

Eden had tried to remonstrate about attending to the door in his short maid’s dress, but the Master of the House has a way of looking at the maid to ensure compliance. It’s not merely the severe expression, but also a hint of contempt, sometimes a quick raising of the eyebrows.

The maid’s protests quickly peter out and scurries scurry away to perform the duty that has been demanded of her. Whatever the humiliating or arduous consequences of obeying a dreaded instruction, the alternative, being errant or naughty would invoke worse consequences.

Eden opened the door and stood shocked.

Alicia stared at the maid with eyes that grew wider and wider until they looked close to popping.

“Da…, er maid?”

“Yes Miss?”

Eden held the front door open while staring at his shocked daughter in order having to look at the guy standing next to her.

Alicia blinked.

“You are wearing a maid’s uniform!”

Eden swallowed. “Yes Miss.”

The evening was dark, there was a chilly drizzle in the air. Yellow streetlights glowed in a damp mist.

Suddenly an ugly male laugh.

“Hey babes. You didn’t tell me you were fucking royalty. A maid. Jesus Christ alive.”

The voice was deep, young and bellowed with arrogance.

Stepping back from the door, with hanging head so he couldn’t take in the face of the man, Eden waited as they moved inside.

The guy must have been 6’4. Not as sturdy as the Master of the House, but  square shouldered and possessing some of the power of the Bull in his presence.

“Hey,” the Master of the House greeted the pair.

“What’s happening here?” Alicia asked.

“Maid, you on strike?” The Bull asked.

“Master?” Eden stood to full attention, anxious in case he’d been naughty.

“Take their coats before I lay into that fat arse of yours.”

“Yes Master. Of course, Master.”

Eden slipped off the pretty thin coat of his daughter and then finally, at last, looked up at her boyfriend.

“Erm, may I, please?”

He indicated the coat and the guy turned his back to the maid, unbuttoning the garment so Eden could pull the hefty clothing from his body.

“Do I call you, erm, …” Alicia was looking at the Bull with concerned eyes.

“Master, always, girl. You call me Master.” He grinned at the boyfriend. “You address me as Sir, and we’ll get along just fine.”

The young man froze, his chin tilted up.

“I don’t call no one sir.”

A Mexican stand off and the maid and Alicia wished they could run out through the open door into the damp night air.

“Well, let me help you,” the Bull grinned. “You want your own maid? You wanna be the master of your own house someday.”

“I guess,” came the slow, drawn out reply.

The Bull stretched his heavy arm around the shoulders of the boyfriend. “I bet you do. So let me show you how it’s done. I gotta feeling you’ll love all this. Now tell me, what’s your name?”

“Jerry. And Jerry is fine, no fancy terms for me.”

The Bull laughed loudly.

“Come and meet the Mistress of the House.”

As the two masculine men disappeared form the hall, the daughter stared crossly at her father.

“Maybe, you should close the fucking door before someone sees you from the street!”

Fucking? Deep inside his soul, Eden knew he ought to admonish her for swearing, instead he closed the door and stood silently holding the two coats over his bare arm.

“Seriously, dad. I mean, seriously? A fucking uniform like something off a porn video?”

That awful word again!

“Well Miss,” he swallowed, the words sounding lame and idiotic in his head before he spoke them. And then they sounded even worse. “The Master said to wear it.”

How could he tell her that there were more revealing maid’s dresses in his wardrobe? Some so short they flared out above the stocking tops. He felt sick.

“Right, you’ve made your statement, maid!”

She spat out the word ‘maid’ as if saying ‘turd’.

“Wearing that when my fella calls round! The Master said he wanted to meet him. He didn’t say he’d meet you dressed up as if you are on your way to a Halloween party for pervs!”

“Miss Alicia, I am sorry …”

Eden felt like crying, not just because he had upset his daughter but because he was too helpless to extract himself from the situation. There was nothing he could do or say to remedy his plight.

Alicia stepped a little to one side, so she was square on to Eden.

“Understand this, maid,” again the word ‘maid’ fired out like a bullet, “if you’re going to play your pervy games then let’s get real. From now on I am Mistress too. Like mum. That’s how you’ll address me!”

“Well, I, er, Miss, I don’t know. Isn’t that a matter for the Master of the House?”

Alicia’s eyes flared like a snake about to strike.

“You’ll do what the fuck you’re told if you’re going to flounce around like that!”

“Hey, what’s all the noise.”

The Master had appeared in the hallway like Satan from Hell.

Eden spoke while holding his breath.

“Nothing Master. Really. Nothing.”

“You think I’m asking you, you dumb maid? Why would I ask you?”

Eden’s head dropped. Tears blurred the oak flooring beneath his heels.

“Sorry, Master.”

“Master,” Alicia said, her voice still angry. “Your dumb maid won’t address me as Mistress.”

A concerned Eden glanced up, surely that would enrage the Master. Clearly Alicia just didn’t understand the dynamic around here. She couldn’t have him address her as Mistress.

The Bull stepped up to her and tilted her chin upwards, so she was looking up at him, already cowed by his presence.

“Hmm,” was all he said as he stared at her. “You sort it out with the Mistress of the House. I don’t want to get involved in that.”

Alicia stared daggers back at the shrinking maid near the door.


An hour later the mood had changed. The household was enjoying good spirits, loud rock music – too loud for the sensitive Eden – and a good deal of alcohol.

To Eden’s annoyance, the irritatingly aggressive Jerry was soon relaxed on a sofa with Alicia giggling in his lap.

“I like your style, Master,” Jerry said downing his third beer and holding out the empty glass for the maid to collect.

The Bull grinned.

“I’ll tell you how it’s done later. Over a beer. You girls appreciate this lifestyle, don’t you?”

“Yes Master,” the mother and daughter giggled gleefully.

The Bull’s smile waned as he stared at the cagey maid.

“Oh!” Eden realised he was supposed to reply. “Yes, Master. Of course.”

“You get it, Jerry?” the Bull laughed.

“Get it? I envy it. I want a house like this. I want to be a Master.”

Alicia ruffled his thinning hair.

“Well,” the Master of the House said, “you listen to me, and I’ll get you there.”

Jerry clicked his fingers at the maid. “Hey. A beer. You just took my glass, remember?”

“Yes, Sir. Of course, Sir.”

Eden had been so engrossed in the chit chat he completely forgot his place. He took another bottle from the ice box and refilled Jerry’s glass.

It was irksome serving Jerry. At least the Master of the House had created his position by strength of character. This ‘Johnny come lately’, who hardly looked twenty years old, just turned up and expected to be served!

Eden handed the interloper the cold, full glass and took a couple of steps back to survey what other needs he would have to meet.

The glasses were reasonably full, and there was still sufficient scotch eggs and sandwiches on the table for them, but he did notice there was a lot of mess. The tablecloth ought to be wiped and the carpet, especially around the irritating Jerry, needed a good vacuum.

He made a mental note to sort the disorder as soon as the room cleared.

“How did you learn all this stuff. “ Jerry asked.

“Not now.” The Bull’s smile was fixed, humourless. “You never discuss this sort of shit before the girls. Keep ‘em in the dark so they don’t know if they’re coming or going.”

Mother and daughter giggled again, as if delighted to be under the firm rule of the Master of the House.

“Sorry. Gotcha!” Jerry nodded. “Looking forward to our chat! Big Time!”

Stupid oaf, Eden thought. If the Bull weren’t present, Eden would demand that Jerry leave immediately and forbid Alicia to see him again. She needed a nice young man not an aggressive sod like Jerry.


Oh! Eden was so lost in hatred for Jerry that he hadn’t heard him call out for another sandwich.

“Yes Sir.”

Eden leapt into life taking Jerry’s empty plate and placing two corned beef and pickle sandwiches on it. He poured some salt and vinegar crisps neatly on one side as decoration before delivering the plate back to the Neanderthal he was forced to serve.

“So, Master,” Jerry asked, snatching the plate from the retreating maid, “what do I do when the maid is daydreaming?”

“First, don’t ever expect efficiency from any maid. They’re too dumb. You need to keep on their cute arses all the time.”

Loud guffaws came from the mother and daughter at this unkind put down.

This was monstrous! The snacks were all in place, and neatly arranged, the drinks cooled in the cool box. Even the Master of the House had said, ‘good girl’ when he saw the cool box.

“Should I yell at her?” Jerry asked.

Eden noted the anticipation in Jerry’s eyes and despised him even more.

“Na. Tell her to stand facing the wall. That’s the first measure. Helps her think through her naughtiness.”

So it was that a few moments later, Jerry found the courage to send the annoyed maid to stand facing the wall.

“Legs straight,” the Master of the House commanded.

Eden pouted hard, drew in his breath and pulled his legs perfectly straight. Bastard! He hadn’t been disobedient. This was all so wrong!

He heard his drunken wife burst into giggles.

“Something amusing you, slut?”

The Bull sounded pissed off.

The giggling stopped.

“No Master. Sorry, I just thought …”

The Bull continued with an even voice, “why don’t you be a good girl and stand facing the wall next to the silly maid.”

“But Master,” she stammered, “I haven’t said anything!”

Good, Eden thought. Now she’ll know what it’s like to be punished without reason!

Behind the back of Eden, he heard his wife emit a long sigh before walking up to the wall and standing next to the maid. Not daring to turn his head he simply peered as much as he could at his wife, now facing the wall like him. He could see she was wide eyed with the sense of injustice.

“Hey, wow. You really are the Master!” Jerry said. “Shall I send Alicia over too?”

“Has she been naughty?”

Jerry laughed. “Naughty. I love it. Na. She’s good.”

Alicia kissed her boyfriend’s cheek and said, “Thank you, kind sir.”

Feeling the world was swinging towards her, well towards her boyfriend, she felt brave enough to inquire. “Master. Surely, it’s ok for me to be called Mistress by the maid.”

Suddenly Eden’s attention was on high alert.

“I don’t know,” the Master said thoughtfully. “Maybe too big a step. Did you ask your mum, the Mistress of the House?”

“Oh sure. Yeh. I asked her. I think she likes being the only Mistress in the House.”

“Makes sense,” the Master said.

Eden held his breath as he listened to the exchange. The Master stood up for him and put Alicia in her place. At least that topic wouldn’t be heard again. Thankfully!

He plucked at the frilly hem of the short skirt part of the maid’s uniform. He always feared it was riding up, especially with the triple layer of petticoats that his wife insisted he wore under it.

“It looks so much nicer flared out,” was how she explained it.

For Eden though, the sight of the saucily flared skirt was excruciatingly sexy when alone in the bedroom, flouncing around before a mirror, but led to a deep anxiety when he was before others. The skirt constantly threatening to rise up and reveal too much.

His thoughts of his uniform were shaken when he heard:

“But that’s not fair!”

Alicia’s exclamation silenced the room.

Eden realised that she was drunk, but surely she couldn’t address the Master with that tone.

Beside him, Erika gasped.

After a moment the Bull spoke firmly.

“Go and stand next to the maid, facing the wall.”

The Master of the House spoke the words so quietly, that his confidence was self evident. There was no requirement to shout when you are in command.

“Master!” Alicia squealed, before speaking sweetly to her boyfriend, “Jerry! You going to say something?”

Jerry said, “Sorry cutes. He is the Master of the House. Best do as he says.”

“Oh. My. God. This is so unfair!”

Within moments, Alicia settled facing the wall next to the maid with a little stamp of her foot.

Now Eden had his wife on one side and his daughter stood on the other.

Suddenly Eden felt helpless humiliation shake his core. Here he was, with his entire family, standing, facing the wall in his own home, and he couldn’t do anything about it. His eyes and mouth widened with shock at the realisation of how far he had fallen. And fallen before the eyes of his wife and daughter.

And there was nothing he could do about it!

“Ok, Jerry,” the Bull said as he stood. “Let’s go somewhere else and I’ll teach you how it’s done. Show you some tricks and traps. We don’t want these three dumb sluts to know what’s going on.”

Jerry laughed and walked to the door with the Master.

“But, Master,” Jerry said. “How do you know these three will remain in place? Maybe they’ll sit down when we leave.”

“Watch,” the Bull said. “Girls listen up. When I get back I’m going to ask if anyone has moved. Understand this. I’ll be looking right into your eyes when I ask the question. Anyone who tries to deceive me gets a punishment out on the front lawn. Got it girls?”

“Yes Master,” they said.

“See?” The Master said to Jerry as the two laughing men left the three girls to their plight.

It is difficult to gauge time when you are facing the wall, but Eden felt it was about five minutes when Alicia quietly spoke.

“I should be Mistress too!”

Eden was about to answer when Erika said, “you are too young. You heard The Master.”

Once again Eden was about to join in when, Alicia said, “God. I didn’t do anything. And I’m standing facing the wall like the maid.”

Eden was put out. “What do you think I did?”

“Miss Alicia!” Alicia said through her teeth.

“Sorry, yes, Miss Alicia,” Eden added.

“Oh, you are so dumb!” Alicia said.

Erika said, “Don’t talk to your father like that!”

Eden smiled, at last someone stood up for him.

Then the two women burst into laughter.

“Well, you know what I mean,” giggled Erika.

Eden said, “I think you should keep quiet until the Master gets back. You’ll get us all into trouble!”

Both women laughed again.

“Silly maid,” Alicia said.

“I’m not silly, Miss Alicia!” Eden responded.

Again, both women laughed at him.

“Love that maid’s dress, though! Sooooo scrumptious!” Alicia said.

Erika said, “The way your fella is going you’ll be wearing one by tomorrow!”

“Bring it on,” Alicia laughed. “It’s so hot!”

The two women giggled, their giggles turning into laughs. Before long the giggling was so infectious that Eden joined in, not quite sure at what he was giggling. But that in itself seemed funny too.

Maybe none of them would have been in such good spirits if they knew what Jerry was learning from the Master.

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