“Master, please, I cannot think when you do things like this to me.”

“That’s the idea, you dumb bitch.”

She groans, falling to her knees, her eyes lifeless.

“You are mine. Say it, bitch!”

Her voice is croaky, “I am yours Master.”

“Say forever, bitch!”

“Oh, my God, yes. Forever. I am yours forever!”

“Beg me to lock a collar around your slutty neck!”

Her eyes close, she is having trouble breathing.

“Master, please, oh please, lock your collar around my slutty neck.”

There is s silence and she scoots forward on her knees to look up at him with sleepy eyes.

“Please, master. Just do it. Don’t ask. Just lock it. Don’t ever let me have the key. No matter how much I plead and beg.”

She feels the cold metal run around her neck and her eyes lightly close. Her mouth hangs open as if she has lost control of it.

The metal tightens around her neck, is it too tight? But she doesn’t care. Nothing matters.

The carpet prickles at her stockinged knees and then the collar tightens and clips home. A lock clangs shut with the finality of a prison cell door.

She can just about peer up at him, through hooded eyes, “Oh thank you Master!”

He grins. A dark, knowing grin.

“Merry Christmas slut. You are mine now. Now and forever. Deal with it!”






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