My first ever experience of being a sissy maid for an event…

As ever with writing like this, I have no idea how true it is. The details in it make it feel right, but maybe just sit back and enjoy the ride.

From a Reddit group posting:

Over the weekend I was a sissy maid for a private event/party. Due to confidentially – I won’t get into the specifics of the event – ill just share the highlights/give an idea.

I’ve been training for about 2 weeks with my sissy mentor on the etiquette required to be a good sissy maid – having good presentation, time management, attention to detail, communication/interpersonal skills, general housekeeping training, etc.

Per the request of the hosts, I was the only sissy maid for the event (I really like my maid outfit and it’s becoming my default outfit for any event – if you don’t know what to wear for an event, just wear a maid’s outfit… every event needs a maid service lol). I really really love my maid’s outfit as we tailored it to make it shorter so you can see my chastity cage and my butt.

My anxiety was ever-growing as the event was getting closer, especially since we were running a little late (I hate to be last ones at a party… everybody looking at you while you enter lol). As soon as walked into the event… I was super nervous… out of the 40ish people, I only knew about 8 people (from previous femdom events). I’m very shy/introverted, so you can imagine how I felt as people kept starting at me (I hate that).

It was a melting pot – the party was for sissies, mistress/masters, and people that are just generally want to be associated with sissies. Pretty much all the sissies wore different outfits – bdsm, schoolgirl, lingerie, etc. (sissy were encouraged to wear whatever/freedom of expression). The Mistress/masters were either in their vanilla clothes or in their dominant outfits. I was introduced to everybody and tried to be friendly as possible (weirdly enough – being in a skimpy maid out, in makeup, with a chastity cage/butt plug – I was more comfortable in that attire than I would have been in my vanilla clothes lol).

My nervousness started to melt away when I started doing my tasks. As I was doing my service throughout the night, I started to get more comfortable, lively, and vibing with everyone. My main task was to clean/take care of the kitchen area, provide food/drinks, making sure to be attentive to anyone needing anything, helping setup party stations/equipment, etc.

I had a vibrating butt plug in me which I gave the remote control to the hosts/guests, which they would pass it to someone else like every 5 min… If anyone needed anything they would buzz me… It took about maybe 10 min until I got my first buzz (that was actually a great ice breaker). Buzz me when you need something, turn it off when you don’t….it was buzzing all night…halfway through the night, people just buzzed me to mess/tease with me lol…

Imagine this – you are in one room setting either setting up pegging station, throwing away trash, or pouring drinks, your butt plug starts to vibrate, you go outside of the room into a sea of people, now you to have to find the person who buzzed you… take 5-10 min to find that person… only for them wanting to show off your chastity cage/grope your butt (apparently I have a squeezable butt)… this was all night long…

Gosh, this one girl was so damn cute and bubbly, kept flirting with me all night (not a mistress, just a girl that likes sissies). She must have fondled my cage/played with my butt 20 times that night. She kept teasing me – telling me bend over to pick up something so she can see my butt or pretending to be annoyed/upset at something I did so she could discipline me a bit (I’m very gullible/naïve), Gawd I was so so attracted to her….

The games/events started to get more and more extreme/frisky throughout the night also. But I didn’t play or participate in any of those (since I was in service and I’m not comfortable yet to play with people in public). I just made sure everyone had everything they needed to have their fun/play.

By like midnight things started to mellow down and I was told to stop doing service and just chill and vibe. I was dead tired being on my feet/my ass being buzzed all night. I really really made some awesome connections/friend by the end of the party. I didn’t stay until the exact end of the party, as I was with my sissy friend (I would have helped clean up at the end tho). We drove back to her place so I could soak in everything that just happened, take off my makeup, and chill.

As I was driving back home… I remembered that I forgot to take back my butt plug remote… I was told that if I want it back… I need to come and do service again… can’t wait! I’ll post a few pics of me from that night later in the week. Sorry for the long post, just wanted to share my experience.

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  1. It does sound amazing!

    This part —
    “weirdly enough – being in a skimpy maid out, in makeup, with a chastity cage/butt plug – I was more comfortable in that attire than I would have been in my vanilla clothes lol”
    — I can totally imagine. A maid gets so focused on her tasks, it’s easy to forget yourself and simply BE the maid you were meant to be.

  2. Exactly, Maid Tiffy. It struck me that the writing was nicely detailed, and gave out a lot of thoughts that seemed genuine. We’ll never know if it was true.


  3. Hello!

    This is Sissy Stella/Stella’s Paradyce – this was my story/personal experience that I post on various platforms – reddit, etc.
    I was contacted by the owner of this site and I have my consent for posting on this site. Here are some additional things I left out of the story:

    • Anxiety was very high due to location… the location was within 15 min from my residency. (I am very mindful of this as I do my best not to dress up in public in my close vicinity my house). I’ve been doing all my sissy dress up at my friends house closer to Downtown (about 30 min. away).

    • I need not wear heals… I didn’t have time to practice, but next time I will

    • Altogether, putting on makeup/wardrobe took about 1 hr. / took about 1 hr. also to remove it – I have to be very thorough to remove all evidence of makeup lol.

    • I’m very new to wearing lipstick… so I have tendency of not eating/drinking – which obviously is not good. At the tail end of the party, when I was no longer in service, that’s when I started to finally eat (around 10 pm, I didn’t eat anything all day cus I was anxious/wanted to slim). I also now bring a straw to drink any liquid so I don’t mess up my lipstick.

    • One of those type of people – if I do a presentation: if 97 people like it but 3 people don’t… I will only think about those 3 people. I’m not sure what you call that… but I dwell on my mistakes/improvements that I want to do… I got a lot actually during the night with my overall package/presentation/service, but I don’t do well with taking compliments/praise.

    • I had a really really really fun time, but atm im thinking on how I can improve/lose weight/be better/etc.

    I’m planning on going as a sissy maid for the next femdom event/party in Feb. I’m also planning on playing/doing scene at the party with hopefully one of the mistress. Nothing crazy…

  4. OMG, Stella! That’s fantasic stuff! I’m so happy you’re getting to live this part of your life and enjoy it! I’m a bit jealous too … but whenever a girl gets an opportunity like this, it just makes me happy inside!

    I totes hope you come back and share your next experience here. I can’t wait to hear about it.

    And it’s only natural for a girl with a maid mindset to want to be perfect. We’re so focused on pleasing our Superiors, right? I hope you don’t let that part overtake everything else though! Have fun! Be happy! Enjoy this moment!


    Maid Tiffy

  5. Wow, that is smokin hawt. Had a similar experience around Halloween. Needed to let my inner maid out. This time I went all out and added a vibrating plug/triple bead except the B-Vibe Triplet has a shit battery life.

    And a chastity device of course. Because it’s part of the uniform. (plot twist: Abbie from Club ZerØ Nine and I are the same size! Yay for tiny clitties!!!)

    Glad you were able to safely go out and have fun.

    Re: heels…tempting as it is to want to walk around in 5″ platform heels all night, if you haven’t built up the leg strength or if you’re a thicc girl (like me), even a lower size heel will incapacitate you in a matter of hours. Since the weather was shit on Halloween, it gave me an excuse to wear my 2″ heel black suede ankle boots with my black fishnets….hawt. In the stories, shoes are as important as any accessory but like the Shawshank Redemption, the reality is alot of times people don’t really notice.

    re: makeup removal…it shouldn’t take this long. I’ve found makeup remover towelettes work best. Around the eyes and around the sides of the nose are where you will collect the most makeup…collect the towelette into a point and be sure to get all the way around where you put your eyeliner. Back when I was closeted, i’d actually use straight 91% rubbing alcohol on the towelettes, but that will destroy your skin. Alternately, Noxzema or Ponds Cold Cream will eat through all but the most hardy makeup and it will also get the makeup/foundation out of your pores (very important).

    re: lipstick…For minor lip maintenance during the night, I will slap on a fresh coat of clear lip gloss; that will bring most of your color back and make your lips shine. Also keeps a lipstick tube, a liquid and my lip pencil

    re: presentation/praise…I think alot of us can be like that because as sissies indulgent, we tend to be obsessive about the little things. As your confidence grows, you’ll come out of that shell.

    Re: how I can improve/lose weight/be better/etc. — “improve” and “be better” are vague, but as for losing weight…for me, maintaining my sissy body is a lifestyle choice and everything I do is toward that end. You don’t have to be that obsessive, but if you want real results, it will take a certain level of commitment. I have no idea what your body type is like, but start with an online macro calculator to figure out your intake/activity levels.

    Also, I hope you like fruits and vegetables with lots of water. Personally, I’ve turned salad into an art form. If I was the chef at Club ZerØ Nine making lunch for the maids, I guarantee you they would love their salads. Water is much more bearable for me because I’ve weaned off soda. Flavor powders sure help in this regard but eventually I’ve gotten back to pure, clean water for most of my hydration needs.

    Any amount of exercise will help, but it is possible to slim down with minimal physical activity. For a more feminine body, stay away from any heavy lifting; stick to aerobic and cardio. don’t do alot of push ups at one time, this will broaden your shoulders and lats. I personally prefer a combination of walking, Martial arts Kata/Hyung and Tai Chi.

    Lastly, I hope your event this month is awesome and fun. Please share with us all the sordid details! xoxoxo!!!!

    Frau B aka Sissy Maid Maria

    1. Thank you very much Sissy Maid Maria! Very great insight, i will try to implement your advice to my everyday life!

  6. thanks everyone for the kind words/support! My next event is tomorrow – will be a sissy maid for a femdom pegging party….

    Not sure how much in detail I can go for this event, as this is more exclusive/old-school femdom – but ill try to make a post of highlights sometime next week when I get a chance.

    Also not sure how to post pics here… I want to share a few pics from this first sissy maid event – it’s posted on my reddit/twitter. &

    1. Wow, your body is fantastic already…you’re well on your way to sissy perfection.

      Once you start to get closer to your target weight for your build/height, your gains will decrease but keep at it because the sum of small gains equal results. One or two cheat days can slam 4-5 on your body instantly from the sodium and water gain.

      Of course, from your twitter, you seem pretty active, so that burns alot of calories too LOL

      -Frau B

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