The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twenty Seven

It’s all in the mouth …







Alicia was brimming with gossip.

She was sat on the sofa near the window bubbling away to her mother, Erika.

“And your Master has only got Jerry another promotion. That’s two in two weeks. Can you imagine!”

Erika smiled, putting down her coffee.

“Master is one of those guys who just gets stuff done.”

Eden shuffled, in his maid’s uniform. He felt sure he could get things done too, if given enough time and told what to do.

Alicia continued, “So, Jerry and me think we have enough to buy a house. How about that? Your Master says he’ll help with the deposit too.”

Really! Eden narrowed his eyes. If anyone should be helping Alicia with her deposit, it out to be him! Obviously he would have to ask his Master for access to his bank account to do so. Ugh! How demeaning is that? After all it was Eden’s money, yet he had to ask permission to access it.

Eden wasn’t the only parent who felt troubled at the Master helping the daughter.

“Well, I am sure, we can help too,” Erika said as if insulted.

“Oh, you know what Dad, I mean the maid is like.” Alicia frowned and shook her head, “Oh! Where is the maid?”

Erika laughed.

“Right there!”

She indicated the corner where a fuming Eden stood with his hands on his head. His arms ached. How long had he been there? Alicia had been banging on for at least a quarter of an hour about how wonderful the Master was. How he’d don this and that!

The Master of the House put him in the punishment position before he left the house.

“Oh, my God,” Alicia laughed. “She is always getting punished!”

Erika shook her head sadly. “She is always being naughty. That’s why. The Master of the House thinks she must up her game now she is serving in other houses. You know what the master is like, he doesn’t want to be embarrassed by sloppy behaviour.”

Alicia giggled. “Aw, poor maid.” She studied the maid’s pretty stockinged legs and said, “That’s a hell of a hot maid outfit!”

“I know! One of the shorter skirts,” Erika said. “Guess who chose it!”

“The Master,” Alicia laughed. “Can see why. It is so short and flared! Really hot.”

“The Master thinks that bitch of a bank manager and the lawyer Mr Hudson will appreciate it more, when the maid stays with them.”

Eden scowled. No way was he going to let them send him to someone else’s house! Mr Hudson couldn’t keep his hands off the maid when in the presence of the Master, God knows what he’ll be like alone! Though Miss Melissa was definitely sexy herself! That could be fun. He felt his dick try to erect in its tiny cage.

“You don’t like that Melissa woman do you?” Alicia said softly.

“No, I do not. She has designs on my maid. I told her, I said you get your own fucking maid and leave mine alone!”

“What does the Master say?”

“You know what he’s like,” Erika sighed. “He thinks it is important that the maid serves others, so she understands better her position.”

Eden pouted his lips. Outrageous!

“Can the maid come out of the corner now?” Alicia asked.

Phew! About time, Eden thought. Someone at last is thinking about him rather than themselves!

“Why?” Erika asked.

“My coffee has got cold with all this gossip.”

Erika nodded. “Yes,” before summoning him. “Maid!”

That was him!

Eden turned on his heels and approached his Mistress carefully. He was always fearful that he hadn’t understood an instruction and would be punished for getting it wrong. He lowered his arms slowly wondering if it were ok to do so.

“Yes Mistress?”

Erika relaxed. Being in charge of the maid was such an effortlessly fun part of her life now. As Eden was so terrified of their Master her command required no exertion. She wholly felt at ease with the situation.

She raised her eyebrows, “Are you sorry, maid?”

Oh, not now! Not in front of his daughter.

He licked his lips, lowered his eyes and said, “Yes Mistress.”

“I cannot hear you, Maid.”

Erika wanted to show off her new powers to her daughter.

This was a nightmare!

“Sorry Mistress,” Eden felt his cheeks heat up. “I am really sorry Mistress.”

There was a silence for a moment, so Eden rushed to fill it. “I am truly sorry, Mistress. Really!”

Enjoying her husband squirming before others, Erika said, “And what are you sorry about, Maid?”

He knew Alicia’s attention was fixed on him, but he had to answer. “I am sorry about asking if I could put trousers on when hanging the washing on the garden line, Mistress.”

“Maids do as they are told, don’t they maid?”

“Yes Mistress,” Eden couldn’t help himself, he felt so indignant, he couldn’t stop himself babbling away. “But Mistress the bottom of the garden can be seen by all our neighbours. I didn’t want you to be embarrassed by them seeing me!”

“Don’t tell fibs. You were embarrassed for yourself. Now if you are going to tell fibs I can see you spending all day in the corner.”

Eden winced. That would be horrible, “Sorry Mistress. I will just obey in future.”

“Excellent, maid. Now be a good maid and fetch my guest a fresh cup of coffee.”

“Yes Mistress.

Avoiding contact with his daughter’s eyes, Eden spoke generally as if to the room itself. “Have you finished with this cup, Miss Alicia?”

Alicia leaned forwards. “Mum. Shouldn’t she call me Mistress? Like you?”

Eden’s pink lips fell open.

An piqued Erika shook her head. There was to be only one Mistress in this household!

“You know what your Master has told you!”

“Aw mum, it’s not fair!”

Eden winced. How he looked forward to returning to the time when his daughter asked him for permission to do things. This was so humbling.

“I’m afraid,” Erika said, wiping her hand through the air. “The Master has spoken. It just isn’t happening.”

But as he picked up the cup and saucer, he understood he had won a little victory. At least he wouldn’t have to address his own daughter as Mistress!



Lynn looked anxious, and that troubled both Erika and her maid. Normally the beautician appeared very bubbly.

The Master of the House had brought her back with him and they all had to go to the kitchen, where Lynn set up her android on the kitchen surface.

Marcus said, “show her.”

“Yes, Master,” Lynn, said with uncertainty, making the words tremor as she spoke them.

The screen lit up with a pretty girl, staring out of the screen with sparkling green eyes and a bright smile.

“Master,” Erika said, “what’s happening?”

“You’re going to have lip fillers,” he said.

Lynn lowered her head, “Lip augmentation, Master.”

Dismissively, Marcus snarled, “What ever it’s called.”

The hot wife put her fingers to her mouth. “Oh! Master, I don’t want that. It sounds scary.”

“Nonsense,” Marcus said, “You haven’t heard about it yet. So, listen to Lynn!”

Eden was shocked. How dare the ape speak to his wife like that. Outrageous. And if his Mistress didn’t want lip augmentation then she wouldn’t have it, Eden decided.

Lynn, swiped to the next picture on the screen, where the girl seemed the same, yet somehow different.

“So, this is a general procedure,” Lynn said. “The lips have only a little work.”

She flicked to the next shot, with the same girl but with slightly fuller lips.

“And a little more filler would give your slut a little pout too.”

She tapped her pen on the screen around the lips, directing their attention to the detail around the mouth.

Eden was shocked at the difference. Simple but very effective.

“So here,” the next shot showed the green-eyed girl with fuller lips, “we enhance the cupid bow as it is called, the v shape on the top lip. It’s called cute cupid for obvious reasons.”

“Oh,” Erika, was absorbed. She ran her fingers across her own lips. “That looks pretty.”

The picture changed to a sexier appearance.

“This is the standard pout. Girls like it, because no matter what they do, they are pouting.”

Erika and her maid gawped at the sexy improvement in the girl’s lips.

“So here,” the picture changed to the girl looking happier. “There is a slight upturn at the corners of the mouth. The girl is always smiling. Dominants like you, Master, always like that.”

Marcus grunted, but Eden could see he was staring hard at that one.

“Then comes the deeper pout like this. You often see it on porn stars on the internet.” Lynn giggled. “It’s often called the duck pout. You can see why.”

Eden and his Mistress giggled. Yes, they could see why. The lips were pushed forward as if about to kiss someone.

“And finally, this is the crazy one. Women have them done for the effect. Barbie excess. If you like.”

The picture showed a woman whose lips were so large they rose up to her nose and down to her chin.

“Yuk!” Erika said.

Lynn studied the large brooding brute hoping he was happy with her presentation. “Of course, you can have a variety too. You know, plumper lips but without the pout, small lip augmentation but with the enhanced pout.”

“Ok.” Marcus rubbed his chin, which always appeared to be in need of a shave.

“Also,” Lynn added. “A lot of guys like something more than the first augmentation because it keeps the lips parted. The girl is constantly exposing her front teeth. Guys like that.”

Eden knew why guys liked that.

“Designed for blow jobs,” Marcus laughed crudely.

Lynn smiled naughtily, pretending to be offended. “Exactly. You know what you guys are like!”

“Ok. This is what I want …” He nodded.

The girls in the room held their breaths to hear what the Master of the House was to demand for Erika.

“I definitely want her not to be able to close her mouth. That is so fucking hot! I want the smile too. Be funny when I am spanking her and she has to continue to smile. That is just hilarious.”

“Erm, Master,” Erika said, “May I think about this?”

“Yeh,” Marcus said. “Once it’s done you can take as long as you like thinking about it.”

Eden’s wife ran her finger over the pictures. “They do look hot.”

Eden was bursting. He was close to saying something rude and cutting to the bullying Master of the House. His wife should be able to decide for herself, he decided.

Lynn smiled. “It all wears off after a few months.”

The maid took in an intake of breath to boost her confidence, ready to let the Master know, in no uncertain terms, that he was bullying his wife when …

Erika grinned. “Ok. Then. Wow. Let’s do it!”

She plopped herself on a kitchen chair. “Is it painful?”

Lynn shook her head as she took out some tools including a series of small syringes. “No. I spread a cream over your lips first to numb them. You don’t feel anything. Afterwards you may feel a little bruising, but that’s all.”

Eden rested his palm on his wife’s bare arm.

“Mistress. Please be sure you want to do this …”

And that was as far as he got before the Master of the House took hold of his ear and gave him a shake, as if he were a child.

The pain was bad enough but the humiliation of being so treated before his wife made him feel sick.

“Maid. Why don’t you do something useful like open a bottle of wine for us all.”

“But Master,”

Another twist of his ear made him squeak.

“And do it quickly before I take the paddle to your arse.”

“Yes Master,” Eden said fleeing to the fridge that contained the white wine.

Obviously, he could make his point a little later when the Master had cooled down. After all, Lynn did say the lip augmentation would wear off after a few weeks and Erika had agreed to the process.

After twenty minutes of injections and swabbing Lynn stood back to check the result.

A worried Mistress of the House asked her Master, “What do you think?”

He grinned. “So sexy I want to fuck you right here and now!”

Erika giggled and turned to the maid.

“Maid, look at your Mistress!”

Eden glanced at a face that was familiar yet unfamiliar. Erika always looked sexy hot but now her lips made her look exotically sexy. A real drop-dead gorgeous woman.

“Mistress. Wow. I mean, I don’t know how to say it. You look amazing.”

He could now see that his wife’s lips protruded, so that when she turned to one side she was clearly pouting. Men would be queuing up just to look at her.

“Glad you like it, maid,” Marcus smirked. “Now get your fat arse onto that chair and you can get the treatment too.”

Shock is received in a number of ways by human beings. Often the first reaction is an instinctive disbelief. Or it might be to see the shocking action as a joke. Eden giggled nervously but there was no humour in his eyes, only fear.

“Erm, Master, I erm, well, …”

Taking in a deep breath of impatience, Marcus said, “Quickly girl. You don’t want Lynn wasting her time, do you?”

Sitting, while smoothing out his short flared maid’s skirt, Eden spoke.

“Please, Master. I am sure you are teasing me, but just to say, I don’t have time, thank you. I do have to prepare tonight’s meal, and then I …”

The Master of the House was checking the pictures on Lynn’s tablet. “Where’s the one where she can’t close her lips and has to keep smiling. But with an added pout?”

“Oh,” Lynn smiled, “you mean like your sluts but enhanced?”

Erika was still absorbed with her new, highly erotic mouth in the mirror. On hearing her name, ‘slut’, she turned to look at them.

“Yeh,” the Master said. “But you had one with plumper lips. A real duck mouth.”

Eden cautiously raised his hand showing he wanted to speak but Lynn was already swiping forward to the next shots of the mouths.

“This one, Master?”

Marcus laughed from his chest, a booming intimidating noise that lowered Eden’s hand  immediately.

“Yeh. That’s the one. Love it.”

Lynn was already wiping a cold smear across Eden’s lips. He had to speak before it was too late! This couldn’t be happening.

Feeling wave upon wave of panic build up in his chest, Eden felt it difficult to breathe. He looked Lynn directly in her eyes.

“Does it hurt?”

Lynn smiled. “I am applying a Topical Cream. Like I did to your Mistress. It is a corticosteroid, so you won’t feel anything. Just a little swelling afterwards.” She saw the fear in his eyes, and smiled. “Maid. I have it done four times a year. It’s worth it. Just relax.”

The syringe was already out.

Eden heard himself gasp before passing out.

13 thoughts on “The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twenty Seven

  1. Deb! Almost a year ago, I sent you a note saying how exciting it was to see this episodic tale you were weaving. I remember at the time thinking that is was just delightful to see you start a story where so many or yours conclude. Poor, poor Eden…already cuckolded, dominated and spanked by the end of the first chapter. By the fourth or fifth it was easily beyond the ending of most of your tales. Yet, so exciting and fun… to watch the trap ensnare the little sissy.

    You said at the time, you normally write with an ending In mind and that this was something new. I generally preach to my students… know your story. Know the beginning… know the end… and figure out the middle bits. But every so often a story comes along where the characters just have a mind of their own and keep generating story regardless of any plans you might make.

    Hands down, this is my fav of yours. I don’t say it lightly. I have always been a huge fan and your works inspired much of the little community I dominate and abuse. But you should be incredible proud of this yarn. I genuinely don’t want this one to end… I’m more often than not, the one in the movie theatre checking my watch hoping the Director can tie up the loose ends quickly so we can book it home. This one I would be happy to follow for another year (and honestly longer). I would love to see the adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden as the poor Sissy starts being loaned out to others… as she continues to sink into the subservient role with both her wife and daughter… as she is beaten and broken and convinced over and over that this is what she was meant to be. As she is altered and groomed and gas-lit and used. As Erika grows into a more and more dominant Mistress. As Alison grows and learns how to treat the new maid. One can only imagine how devastating it would be to be spanked by your future son-in-law…or worse by your own daughter.

    And Markus is such a delightful villain… who genuinely delights not just in getting Eden out of the way, but of the constant degradation and humiliation of the poor maid,

    I know all too well, that these stories go out into the ether and you get a few comments now and then that feed that creative beast, but they are never enough… especially with something special like this story. I hope the muse continues to inspire and please do not stress about length or needing the ending to come soon. We all want to see it continue and would mourn the loss of looking forward to that next episode. Keep being amazing!

    Ever yours,

    Lissa D.

  2. Thanks Miss Deborah Ford for another part 27 and yeah it’s amazing as they look hot Erick in pink and sexy Eden in green.
    I am not a writer like Lissa so i don’t have many words but ….. but one thinks is very sure it is very inspiring to write some thing .
    Any way you always the best and number one is my heart. but now your are beyond the number one i can’t compare you with any one.
    Because as i always says you always write on one therm but always very different full of twist and excitement we always wait what come next .
    My best wishes always with you. keep it up .

  3. Lissa Daniels, always a thrill to hear from you and see the popularity of your amazing site. I recall that it was based on the original Hotel series of mine, but heavens it has flown off into a world of its own, with great support and chat for like minded folk.

    Thank you for your astute comments on the Eden tale. You are wholly right. I normally start with story in mind. That will included the inception and the ending but this was more an idea of what would happen if the dumb sissy sorta accepted the deal. Each time I have an ending mapped so something else happens. Gosh is it really a year since I started this tale? Yup. just checked, started March last year. LOL.

    There are so many characters now, with their own drives and tales. It is turning into an endless soap!

    Thank you for your (always) helpful comments. xxx DF

  4. What can I say…….outstanding comes to mind. It’s like the thrill of the chase but never getting there, I have visions of what would happen to Eden if he was loaned out, what a buzz that would be and him getting deeper and deeper under the control of his Mistress. The options and avenues are just endless and when you came out with the lips, wasn’t expecting that but would hate for the poor soul to end up looking a Duck lol. You never cease to give and amaze, please don’t stop, here and your future books. Many many thanks for all the entertainment, Luv ya…..KatieD @_@

  5. Katie, thank you so much. You are right, there are fresh avenues opening up here all the time. May be never finished! DF

    1. Thanks, Deb. I’m actually juggling multiple stories right now, including a few with TG themes. I’d be happy to submit them here if you’d like. Let me know.


    2. For sure! I’d love to see them and if they fit in with the Hotel’s ethos fine. I loved your Latest Trend in relationships that was posted here. DF

  6. I was so sad to see “the end” with Part 26 … but now this!? OMG! Miss Ford, you continue to amaze and inspire! All of the characters play such important roles. I love the delightful pecking order, with Eden ranked below even Alicia! So demeaning and degrading — and Alicia takes such delight in getting even. While Erika is *mostly* indifferent. And Marcus, of course … the true alpha. Nobody would dare question him. The story is soooooo good. Thank you, Miss Ford, for continuing it. I hope it goes on for many, many, MANY more chapters!


    Maid Tiffy

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