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The Decameron Day 7 story 7


This is a summary of a tale from The Decameron, a collection of short stories written in the 14th century that I am sure is of interest to those who visit my site.


The wealthy Ludovico hears that Beatrice, wife of Egano de Galluzi, is the most beautiful woman in all the land. So Ludovico adopts the persona of Anichino, a servant, to find out if this is true. Now known as the servant Anichino, he gets himself employed by Egano, and quickly makes himself the most trusted servant in the household.


Pretty soon Anichino wins over the sexy hot wife, Beatrice, and shags her while her husband sleeps nearby.


Here comes the Deborah Ford part: Beatrice wakes up her dumb fuck of a husband, Egano, and tells him that his most trusted servant, Anchino, is waiting to screw her down in the garden. She convinces the dumb arsed husband to disguise himself as her and test his supposed trusted servant.


The indignant, poor sap disguises himself as his own wife before venturing down to the garden. Meanwhile the wife, who is straight out of one of my own stories tells her lover, Anichino to take a stick and go down to meet her girlified husband in the garden. She tells him is to tell the foolish feminised hubbie that he was only testing her loyalty to her husband. Now that Anchino ‘knows’ she is found wanting, she must suffer a dreadful punishment with the stick.


After the beating our stupid, cuckold husband believes that the man who is cuckolding him, is his trusted, loyal servant and that his wife is as innocent and devoted as any man could wish for.










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  1. I doubt that the original tale reads as saucily as the synopsis sounds but I would definitely read an adaptation by you, Ms Ford.

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