Another Dance from the Club Zero 9 scene

My editor suggested this dance … do get practicing:

11 thoughts on “Another Dance from the Club Zero 9 scene

  1. let me guess Eden in Yellow dress …… ah… may be in blue one hey tiffy what you think about or any one else plz comment.

  2. Arvi, I think you can choose your own skirt or shorts in this one! Yellow one hot for sure!

    Deborah Ford

    1. Grrr….this is actually a David Guetta metal cover of ‘The World Is Mine’…normally I hate clickbait YouTube videos, but in this case I was very VERY pleased with the video.

  3. oh thanks for choosing for me that ‘ Yellow one hot for sure’ you know i am mostly confused to make a right chooes … thankyou Miss Ford

  4. My guess is that this is actually a demonstration by the Seoul (South Korea) branch of Club Zero9. Let’s hope the English branch(es) of the Club can learn these moves and put on similar displays! Their Masters will expect nothing less. 🙂

  5. PL! lovely to have you back. And as ever a particularly pertinent point. The Masters will be enthused by a sexy dancing display from the hubbies, and that will mean that the wives will get a good seeing to. So everyone is happy … well, nearly everyone.

    Deborah Ford

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