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  1. I think Palmer’s Education is my favourite Deborah Ford book. It’s a close run thing, just shading it from Club Zero9 (both parts!) and Property of Harding Ltd. Why? Well I always prefer Feminisation/sissification to take place in an institutional environment where there are other sissies as well as the main chacter that are being or have been trained, rather than just in a single family – good as those can be. And my favourite institution is school; especially a special school for feminising males. The academy in Palmer’s Education is a delicious one, with its practice of total immersion. And school uniforms are always a must have!

    The fact that it’s a school means that our protagonist Palmer, or ‘Suzie’, becomes not just a maid but an (Adult) Schoolgirl, in effect a stepdaughter to the Bull Ryker, whom she must refer to as Daddy. There’s a satisfying amount of corporal punishment, both from the school and the Bull.

    The psycologist or therapist plays an important role in all Deborah’s ‘institutional’ stories in accustoming the protagonist to ‘her’ sissyhood. The psychologist here, Mr Bridges, though a rather colourless individual, has the wonderfully vivid procedure of Guided Imaging, combined with hypnosis of course, which effectively instils sissyhood into ‘Suzie’s subconscious.

    Above all though in Palmer’s Education we catch glimpses of the past and the future. Like all of Deborah’s ‘heroines’, Suzie manages to convince herself that it’s all Role Play, that she will be able to end it and reenter the Real World, not yet consciously realising that her new status is permanent. There are Second and Third Years (weeks two and three) to come. – what happens in them we can only imagine, though readers will have their own ideas. And in the character of Ditzie we get a glimpse of Suzie’s future. We can imagine Suzie in a year’s time, maybe less, as a totally successful dumb sissy herself giving demonstrations and displays to a new set of pupils.

    Furthermore it’s clear that in the past Ditzie was trained by Ryker. At some stage Ryker will inevitably move on in search of fresh meat. What happens then? Will Katie acquire a new lover, and Suzie a new Daddy, a Bull that can’t be bothered with the fuss of training a new sissy, but wants one fully formed and ‘educated’already? Because by then Suzie will be locked, irrevocably, into her sissyhood. We can only speculate, but whatever, it’s delicious.

    These are some of the many reasons why I like Palmer’s Education so much.

  2. P.L., Thank you so much for your detailed thoughts on Palmer’s education. I think, along with Nightmare, that was the greatest subjugation my characters have experienced. There is total relegation in the lives of both protagonists, from which there is no escape. Probably, the deepest, darkest fantasy that many have on this site.

    Looking back, with more thoughts from my editor, it is interesting that the Bull is seen ultimately as discard-able, that there is genuine love between the wife and her dumb sissy, which will outlast the horrible bully who changes their lives (for the better?)

    Deborah Ford

  3. Deborah, Dumb Blonde that I am [Kandi: He should be so lucky!] , I have only just realised the correlation between Bull:bully. Once it’s pointed out it’s obvious, but I had never noticed before. [Kandi: Duh!]

    Your editor raises an importany point, the discard-ability of the Bull. When Ryker goes, will Katie seek out another live-in lover (did Ditzie’s wife?), or will she be content with a sort of FLM with fetishistic ‘mother-daughter’ relationship? It could go either way. Of course ‘Suzie’, like all the sissies, will still have the implanted need to submit to/worship/be disciplined by a Dominant Man, or as she will see it, a Male Adult, but there will be plenty of these at the school. Perhaps in future, instead of a single Daddy, she will have numerous ‘Uncles’? (Just as I’m sure the women Ditzie’s wife hires her out to are ‘Mistress Aunties’.)

    Also I do so love the way the Sissies are taught to speak like a certain type of American-inflenced female adolescent. Language is important for me, and this plays a strong part in locking them into their new status. As they would say, and think, It’s so not fair!

  4. And now you have pointed it out, the rest of us realise the connotation of Bull and Bully! Interesting thought.

    Thinking back, to even my early stories of The Office Dupe and The Hotel, the wife’s lover never seemed a fixed star in the universe, as much a plot and narrative point for the writer, but also to give the wife a reward for entering this life style. And yes indeed, my heroines, are programmed to submit, and enjoy submitting.

    The speech part is always amusing. 🙂

    Deborah Ford

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