Not always wise to agree with the Bull’s demands

So you agreed to let the Bull put the humbler on you. After all it would be humiliating before your wife.

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But you didn’t agree to them disappearing upstairs to screw for hours while you’re left to crawl around with your arse in the air. Why did your wife giggle so much after he locked the Humbler on you? Didn’t she realise you’d be humiliated until he freed you?

You cannot even crawl up onto the sofa, so you best wait until he returns. And then you’ll have to swallow your anger and pride and thank him for your ‘treat’. After all, you don’t want to upset him and have him leave you like this all night!


6 thoughts on “Not always wise to agree with the Bull’s demands

  1. Missy on fictionmania has at least two stories featuring the humbler. I would be terrified but so excited to be placed upon such a device and made to submit. Perhaps facing the corner with something buckled to my mouth, too.

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