4 thoughts on “How I imagine a Bull would train the wife to deal with her sissy cuck

  1. This is excellent. Isn’t it kind of this Bull to take the time and trouble to show his lover how to discipline her sissy hubby? Deborah, is this scene giving you ideas for use in a future story?

    This must be some way into the relationship because (sorry to keep harping on this) the sissy cuckold seems to have had implants. At least ‘her’ maid’s costume will fit better!

  2. Sadly, you are of course, quite right. The sissy is a genuine girlie. In my defence it is rare to have a sissy in bdsm who looks as attractive as the fantasy of a Deborah Ford tale. But it does set the mind racing for us all, i am sure 🙂


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  4. Very true, and a good list, Arvi.

    Years ago I posted a video of Natalie Mars and Ella Hollywood, (now Jean), which is amazingly hot.


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