4 thoughts on “Silly maid forgot to iron his wife’s lover’s shirts. there are always consequences.

  1. OH HOO …. She will remember next time i am sure … but she is a sissy and sissy only allowed to forget … “Once she was he”.

  2. Kandi says: Tsk, tsk, tsk. I know maids can be air-heads at times, but how on earth could he forget this? Ironing is totally at the centre of maid’s work, along with doing the laundry itself, making the beds, cleaning and polishing, and cooking! He should have learnt by now that there’s so much more to being a maid than just swanning around in a cute satin French Maid’s dress and high heels! You’ll be telling us next that he didn’t hand-wash his wife’s undies! Honestly, Debbie, I’ve got no sympathy for sloppiness!

    [PL: Gulp! Kandi can be a bit forceful over things like this.]

  3. Absolutely right, PL. An over riding note in my books is that looking cute and sexy is only part of a maid’s duties. It is so easy for a maid to think only of herself, that’s why a firm hand is always necessary.

    Over the years, i have come to the conclusion that Kandi is a sharp observer of sissies and their behaviour. She maybe a dumb blonde but she most certainly sounds as if she has her uses.

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