Damon, Jules and Marianna Part Five


We will start this part with a moment of horror for which the reader should prepare themselves.

There is always the danger of a maid inadvertently being disobedient, and here is what befell poor Jules as he stood so fearfully on the naughty girl’s step staring with anxiety at the exposed windows at the front of the house. Though large hedges obscured the view to the neighbours and the main road, Jules feared that at any moment a delivery person would walk passed the front room and see the maid in all her humiliating pose, with rear of skirt raised in the air. His delightful pink lacy panties remained around his knees, where he had been instructed to pull them.

Jules had explained this possible expose to Damon, his wife’s Bull, but Damon was more interested in getting up to the bedroom with Jules’ wife, Marianne. Where currently, they both having sex nosily above the head of the terrified maid.

Which brings us to the terrible, ill judged moment for the maid.

Though he had no concept of time while standing on the step, after a while his ankles throbbed, as you might expect when wearing heels and being stuck in such a set position for so long. So he took to pulling up each heeled foot in turn so that foot was up on its toes, with the associated knee folding cutely over the standing leg.

Then this position was swapped.

Now chastity caged maids are in constant sexual arousal. And he hadn’t had any release for three days. So it was that the consequent rubbing of his stockinged thighs, beneath his short skirt, led to Jules’ brain disappearing into a cloud of subby, sexual desire.

With the perpetual act of juggling the foot on which he stood, there was a brief moment when he lost grip of his skirt and petticoats. He instinctively sought to use his free hand to grab at the falling garment but in so doing dropped the entire skirt.

So it was that the short skirt, fell back into its natural position.

“Oh!” Jules squealed in horror. “No, no, no!”

In desperation he grabbed at the hem behind him but got it all wrong and the skirt became enmeshed in his small hands.

Panic flooded through his mind.

Deep breaths, he told himself.

He dipped down a little, took hold of the rear hem and eased it slowly back up high above his pretty stocking tops.  

A manoeuvre made more tricky by his knees being held together by his pretty pink panties.

But once panic washes through the mind, it never recedes quickly.

Oh my God!

With himself, back in the position he had been ordered, holding up the rear of his skirt, exposing his naked bottom, a new terror took hold.

Surely Damon will notice that the skirt is held differently! Just as Jules had his crop strokes reduced by Damon in a moment of kindness, now they could well be reintroduced!

Worse, Damon had said the suspended sentence would be added to any fresh corporal punishment. Originally, he was told he was going to have 24 spanks with the crop, that was reduced to 12 and Damon, as ever being thoughtful , promised Jules it could be reduced to just six if he apologised with sufficient sincerity to Marianne.

He felt like crying. All his good work to please the Bull and Marianne had flown out of the window because of a single moment of inattentiveness.

Damon was right to call him scatty!

He stamped his heeled foot on the naughty girl’s step-in frustration at his own silliness.

Then total dread. Suppose the full 24 strikes of the crop were to be reintroduced and then more added for this fresh disaster of dropping his skirt!

He hated the crop and could never survive a mere six without blubbing like a child.

Suddenly the uncovered windows were not upmost in the naughty maid’s mind.

As we leave Jules to his self-inflicted suffering we journey upstairs.

Damon lay on the bed with his muscular arms under his head looking thoughtfully at the ceiling.

Marianne was trying to pull the bed sheets back into some level of order. Right now, it looked as though an explosion had occurred.

She gave up when much of it was in sufficient order for her to pull a sheet over her naked shoulders and fall into the arms of the manly Damon beside her.

“You are amazing!” She said, knowing he loved being praised. But, as on most occasions, it was warranted.

Damon was one of those guys who excelled at whatever he tried. Top of the local squash table, playing for the local rugby team, his business pulling in revenue, yet at all times he was relaxed and at ease with the world.

As if he had nothing to prove. Unlike of course, Jules who tried to brag about any minor success.

He kissed her sweat covered forehead, “I love fucking the sense out of you.”

She giggled, loving his coarseness.

“You know?” Damon said, narrowing his eyes in thought. “I have a mate. Funny guy. He loves teasing sissies.”

She slapped his hair chest playfully. “Oh, Sir, you are awful!” And giggled.

“No seriously. Loves them. Thing is, I could get him to call around and pass the window downstairs. He’d see your maid, and the maid would shit herself!”

Marianne giggled so much she thought she’d pass wind, which would be awful in front of Damon.

“Sir, you have a wicked mind.” She nibbled at his strong jaw line.

“Don’t give me that,” he grinned. “We both know you love seeing your hubby taken down a peg or two. It makes you wet.”

He pushed his fingers into her sopping pussy, and she blushed at the evidence of her arousal, hiding her head in his masculine scented armpit, with a long groan of pleasure.

Her fingers slid over his hips until she found what she sought. It was already semi erect and just by rubbing her fingers around it, his penis enlarged with incredible ease.

“Wow,” she mumbled. “You’re always ready for action.”

“So, what do you think, slut? Shall I give him a call?”

“Noooo,” she said, as his fingers tapped erotically on her clitoris.

He rolled onto his side as her hand lightly took hold of his cock, which was already firmly extended. He kissed her gasping head and forced a couple of his beefy fingers into her wet mound.

The results were electric. Her back arched and she mewed out loud.

“Come on, Slut. It’ll be funny. You’ll love seeing your maid stammering and shaking. You love seeing her submitting.”

“Oooo, God yes!”

Her mind was now half baked, and she was aware of saying yes, – but was that her arousal or did she want her husband to be humiliated under her direction?

He was whispering in her ear, and she couldn’t take any more. Her insides were pounding, despite having only just orgasmed.

He whispered, “I’ll look after your maid. You know I will.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” She screamed.

With his free hand, Damon pulled his phone from the bedside table and pushed some buttons, whilst saying to his slut: “Beg to come, like the slut you are.”

“Yes, Sir. Oh Sir. Yes Sir. Please let me ….” Her back arched and she scrunched up her knees. This was too much!

She could hear her lover’s voice as if he was coming from a radio, a million miles away.

“Hey, Darius. Yeh, hey! It’s me.” He watched with sensual delight as he controlled the gorgeous blonde writhing beneath him.

Marianne tried to open her eyes. She needed to say ‘No, stop it’, But she also knew she didn’t want to prevent Damon. She wanted to see what would happen.  And, anyway, it made her sopping wet to think of the maid being pushed outside her comfort zone. It would be so hot to see him squirming. Learn that he wasn’t in control of the situation like he thought.

Damon continued, “Listen I’ve got a little sissy for you to play with. No. No, she’s totally innocent. Has never performed for anyone other than his wife and just recently me. Oh yeh. That’s it. I’m playing with the sissy’s wife right now. And she’s loving it. The Slut.”

Marianne laughed out loud, loving that someone would be told how slutty she could be. She had spent her life being so staid and proper and here she could be empowered by this hot gorgeous, trustworthy man who took her to heights she had never before known.

“Oh,” Damon was contemplative. “That’s up to the wife really, how far you go.” He laughed. “yes, she’ll let you spank him. Of course.” He looked down at his hot wife, “Isn’t that right slut?”

Marianne nodded her head, her perspiring matted hair clinging to her face as if it was glued there.

Damon put the phone to her gaping mouth. “Then tell Darius, yourself.”

In a dream, feeling like someone else, someone more powerful and far stronger than she had ever before been, she gasped, “Yes. Yes. Spank the dumb sissy as hard as you like!”

She heard a laugh over the phone and a voice so velvety deep that it was mellifluous. “Slut. I love it. Nothing without your say so, ok?”

Without her say so? Her orgasm erupted. She truly was the mistress of the poor sap of the maid. It was what she said that mattered. Yet she was at the beck and call of this effortlessly dominant man who could give her climaxes the likes of which she had only ever read about previously. And recall with some level of disbelief.

She screamed out loud. “Yes Sir. Yes Sir. Sir, fuck me. For fuck’s sake I need you inside me!”

Damon quickly said into the phone. “Darius, I’ll text you the address. Call around later. You’re in for a great time!”

He turned off the phone and found his cock was so erect that it ached. There was only one place it was going, and Jules’ wife came yet again as he entered her.

In his home gym, Darius picked up a towel and mopped the perspiration form his muscular body. He had been exercising when Damon had phoned, but he’d never pass up a call from his shagging buddy.  The sadistic experiences they had shared with women, usually married and their tiny cocked, sissy hubbies, could fill a book.

Yes, tonight was going to be a good ‘un.

Of course, in the front room of his house, poor Jules was ignorant of the waves crashing above his head. He had more immediate worries.

His grip on his skirt and petticoats didn’t waver, nor did he let his mind roam. He stuck firmly to his hope that Damon wouldn’t ask if his skirt had fallen, as then Jules would always be honest with the masterful Bull.

A minimum of twenty-four swipes of the abhorrent crop made him breathe in deeply.

But Damon was often generous to him. So if he kept the suspended sentence then maybe Jules could put up with the full twelve slices. Oh!

It all seemed so unfair. But there again he, as usual, didn’t have a clue as to what was actually happening in what once had been his own home.

11 thoughts on “Damon, Jules and Marianna Part Five

  1. Oh, I DO hope Damon’s friend is bringing some cold cream.

    Madam, you are spoiling us with so much saucy goodness. Merci beaucoup !

  2. “Yes. Yes. Spank the dumb sissy as hard as you like!”

    Marianne has given her instructions, I think a strong arm is all that’s needed from Damon’s ‘kind’ friend. .

    Poor Jules, oh dear it’s really not looking too good at all as he totters and trembles on the naughty girl step.

    Thank you Miss Ford for your wonderfully inventive writing.


  3. You are truly a master at this Miss Ford. I love how Jules is totally oblivious to all the plans that are being cooked up for his/her entertainment tonight. She’s worried about her little problems not realizing that much bigger things are in store for her. I can hardly wait for Jules to randomly glance once more at the window to see Darius staring right at her with a giant grin on his face. Kinda takes my breath away. I love how Miss Ford described Darius pumping iron when he got the call. I can truly see him as the type who truly truly loves putting sissies through humiliating times.

    1. You know I hate these types of sissies with a passion. I really do. All Jules has to do is stand on the punishment step in heels while holding up his skirt in back. And here he is hopping from one foot to the other, whimpering about his upcoming spanking, wondering if anyone is looking in the window…. What a loser. I do want to be Darius right now. I’m a bull and know how to handle these precious sissies. I’d ask special permission to take him with me out on the town, sans panties, to show him a true humiliation at my favorite locales for all to enjoy. And if course a spanking of his life! And afterwards, you know what is going to happen? Yes, that’s right. Back up on the little girl step, in heels, holding his skirt up and with the window wide open. Let’s see if he learned anything then 🙂

      1. Pacman, sadly you are right. Too few sissies appreciate the time and effort of real men in putting the sissy straight. I will take note as I develop the story further.

        Deborah Ford

  4. Captivating story, Ms. Ford! Can’t wait to see who else is brought in to witness and participate in Jules’ humiliation!


  5. I really feel for poor Jules right now. Damon already humiliated him to death. I don’t know how he can stand it. I’d be blushing so hard my face could stop traffic. But as bad as that is, Damon thinks bringing in a total stranger would add so much more fun for everybody (except Jules of course). And the fact that apparently this stranger really enjoys humiliating sissies like Jules makes my tummy do flip flops. And I’m sure Damon will make very clear that Jules must be totally obedient to Darius or face severe consequences. Oh God! I guess it’s good Jules has no idea what’s going to happen because he’d be trembling and crying so much he’d pee his panties. I find the next chapter very scary to think about.

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