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Synopsis: Keith, an average, orgasm-addicted college student, tries out one of the Cyberlok cages, smart cages remote-controlled by phone apps. An accident leaves him open to his roommate Kim’s mercy.

All characters are 18+.

Keith sat on the bedside of his small but cozy if a little chaotic dorm room. He had a nice view over parts of the campus, one that he often used to spy when he was bored and observe the hot girls in their skirts straddling across the courtyard, only to stroke his cock to their nice legs and asses moments later.

But today, he wasn’t interested in the pretty view from his window. He had a weighty package next to him, one that had cost him a small fortune for his limited student finances.

A Cyberlok cage. The last craze since a while now in the chastity community, one that had taken girls’ hearts and men’s cocks by storm. A ‘smart cage’ remote-controlled by the Cyberlok app on someone else’s phone, with all kinds of nasty functions and surprises, depending on the model of choice.

The Cyberlok cage looked larger from the outside than from the inside, that Keith was certain of, probably to house the electronics. It was a clean, opaque cage out of white plastic that looked a little bulky. He weighed it in his hands before carefully going through the instructions and putting it on.

His cock wasn’t particularly impressive, and hadn’t been seen by an awful lot of girls yet – which might have been the reason why he loved to masturbate so much. Chastity and denial were a curiosity of his that he had stumbled upon a few months ago, one that made him harder than he had liked to admit at first. As the horny masturbation addict he was, it hadn’t been long until he ordered his first cage – a cheap plastic one, but one that did its job. He never wore it for long though, and as he read more about the Cyberlok craze online, he decided to take the leap and order one for himself.

Keith was semi-hard, but limp enough to the point where he could just put the cage on top of his member and press down until it slid right over. He giggled from the weird feeling as the cold, weighty plastic of the smart cage slid over his sensitive cockskin.

The Cyberlok cage turned on with a little beep and a flashing light as soon as the base ring of the cage was inserted into the cage part. The lock itself was an electric, remote-controlled mechanism.

He grabbed his phone and navigated to the Cyberlok app. He had already signed up for an account in advance – it was really simple, he just needed to pick if he was a keyholder or a ‘Chaster’ as the app called it, and fill out a few questions. He hadn’t read into the specifics, but he knew the two groups had different rights, and keyholders could obviously control the Chasters to an extend.

As soon as he opened the app, it already recognized the new cage. Unassigned Cyberlok cage found nearby. Do you want to pair the cage to this account?

“Damn, that’s quick”, he said impressed. He held his phone next to the cage in his lap as he tapped through the pairing process and accepted a couple of questions without reading into them too much. Soon enough, there was a green checkmark in the app.

Congratulations! Your setup is complete. To lock and unlock the cage, press the lock below.

There was a big symbol of an unlocked lock in the middle of the screen. He tapped it. The lock on the screen snapped shut, and a moment later, a small click came from his cage. The cage had suddenly tightened a little, making it more uncomfortable for his already crammed cock.

He tapped the lock again, and it opened up, along with another click from his cage. He pulled on the cage and sure enough, it came loose.

Keith chuckled as he secured the cage again and stroked his hand over his new, expensive toy. He was already growing hard inside the smart cage. This was simple yet pretty awesome. He tapped the lock a few more times, feeling the cage tighten and then get loose again each time, accompanied by another click.

He tapped around the app some more and found a bunch of checkboxes and settings. He hadn’t bought the most expensive model, so it didn’t have all the fancy bells and whistles, but he knew even his model had some kind of basic teasing functionality inside. His eyes came to rest on a big scroll wheel for a timer.

Warning: as a Chaster, you can only add time to a sentence. Only key holders can add and subtract time from a sentence. The lock won’t disengage until the chosen sentence is over. Use at your own risk.

Keith felt his cock tighten in his cage. He heard about this functionality; it was one of the main differences between keyholders and Chasters. Seeing it with his own eyes made him pretty excited.

He knew he was a chicken though, and he just wanted to toy with the cage for a bit. He did want to feel the thrill of not being able to release himself, but not so long that he’d actually regret it. He looked at his watch, it was early afternoon. He contemplated for a moment, then he scrolled the wheel to 3:00 hours and pressed Start.

Only keyholders can subtract time from a sentence. Do you really wish to continue?

He rolled his eyes and pressed Yes. A second later, he heard the click from his cage, and a timer appeared across the big lock symbol in the app that slowly ticked down from 3:00 hours.

He grinned as he fumbled with the cage, unable to pull it off now; it sat neat and tight. He read online that the electronic lock was pretty secure, it was apparently a big selling point of these Cyberlok devices. He tapped the lock in the app a couple times, but it didn’t do anything now as the timer slowly ticked down. He almost regretted his choice already – the whole prospect of being locked for 3 hours with nothing he could do to get out earlier made him incredibly horny, to the point where he’d probably wank off right here if he wasn’t locked.

“At least I know precisely what I’m going to do in 2 hours 58 minutes”, he chuckled to himself.

He stood in the mirror, looking down on him, wearing only a shirt and no pants with the snow-white cage between his legs. He was a slim 19-year-old college student and not particularly proud of his body.

He threw on some shorts and a towel, deciding he’d take a shower to get his mind off it.

As he stood under the hot shower stream, he panicked briefly afraid of breaking the cage from the water, before remembering that the cage had an IP68 waterproof rating. It needed to have one, of course, as some people were wearing it for weeks or months. Plus he was sure some naughty guys would otherwise cheat their sentence if a bit of water could open up the cage already.

As he was just about to finish up, he suddenly heard another beeping sound come from his cage. He stroked over it briefly, but nothing seemed to have changed, so he didn’t think much of it.

He dried it off properly, then he put on his boxers and shorts again. As he walked through the community room of his flat without wearing a shirt, he saw his female roommate on the couch. Kim was an 18-year-old, beautiful girl who had a lively energy about her. Keith was secretly crushing on her a little, and when he wasn’t spying on hot girls out on the campus or watching porn, he was sometimes thinking about Kim in his wank fantasies. She was a smart, flirtatious girl with a lot of self-confidence, but also a gentle heart and friend that he oftentimes hung out with.

“Hey Keith!”, she called out as he walked by, his hairs still slightly wet from the shower. She stretched out her beautiful, bare legs on the couch as she looked over to him, her phone in her lap. She was dressed in some black hot pants that barely covered her nice legs and a simple white T-Shirt that hinted at her nice breasts below. Her fiery-red hair was bound to a pretty pigtail, and she looked smoking hot in her summerly outfit.

“Hey, Kim!”

“Want to join me? I wanna show you something.”

“Uh… yeah, give me a few minutes.”


He walked back into his room and made sure to close the door properly. His dick had already hardened in his cage already as he rummaged through his wardrobe for a new shirt. Kim didn’t mind seeing him shirtless and he had sometimes seen her walk through the flat with only a bra aswell, but they had never seen each other completely naked. She loved to hang out the warm flat with just some thin clothes plenty of times though, to the point where he oftentimes got a boner from just hanging out with her.

After putting on a shirt, he dropped his pants and inspected the smart cage again. It sat tight and tidy down there, with the electronic lock firmly holding it in place without any wiggle room. He sighed as he looked out the window into the courtyard, and when he didn’t see any hot girls walking by, he thoughtlessly opened the Cyberlok app on his phone again.

Remaining sentence: 50 hours 27 minutes 18 seconds

He froze, then he inspected it more closely. 50 hours? That couldn’t be right – he had set a sentence for just 3 hours! He panicked a little inside and tapped around the app. There was a button to add more time to the sentence, but none to subtract any.

Of course not, because he wasn’t a keyholder. But where did the time come from?

Fortunately, there was a history of recent actions. He saw his own 3 hour sentence from 33 minutes ago. But there was another entry: 13 minutes ago, 48 hours were added by [hidden]. He tapped on it, but it wouldn’t show more info.

He died a little inside as he felt his heart start to race. Weren’t these devices supposed to be secure? He hadn’t even added a keyholder yet, so how was this possible?

He took a few deep breaths and stroked over the smart cage in which his dick was firmly held in place, crammed and squeezed tightly by the white plastic walls. 2 days. Not the end of the world. He had once spent almost 2 days in his old plastic cage, so this was manageable.

Strangely, the prospect of someone else adding time to his sentence turned him on even more. But he tried to focus. Fantasy was one thing, but he really didn’t like someone else to prolong his sentence indefinitely. He’d go crazy if he couldn’t wank off for weeks on end and had to carry around this stupid thing between his legs.

After buttoning up again, he went out of his room into the kitchen. The small community kitchen was part of the living room that lead to his and his roommate’s private bedrooms.

“There you are!” Kim looked up to him as he tried to hush by.

“Kim, I’m in a little bit of a hurry…”

He froze as he saw her phone lying in her lap, right on top of her jeans shorts, with an all-too familiar app color scheme on it.

“Oh okay. Don’t want to stop you then.” She shrugged and readjusted her bare, beautiful legs on the couch before swiping the app away. “It’s not that important.”

“Oh. I – I can join you now!”, he suggested.

“Cool.” She smiled lightly as she pulled up her bare legs to make space for him on the couch. She now sat with her knees pulled up to her chin on the couch, barefoot and her phone resting on her upper thighs. They had hung out like that many times before, yet Keith’s heart was suddenly racing in his chest. He took a moment to admire his beautiful roommate’s legs and smell her perfume.

“How was your day?”, he slowly asked.

“Good. Came home from college early. Yours?”

“Yeah, good aswell. I mean, unexciting. Haven’t really done much.” He waited as she finished up a message on her phone. “So, what did you want to show me?”

“Right.” She swiped back to the app, one that was all-too familiar to Keith now. Except hers looked a little different, presumably because she had registered as a keyholder.

“A while ago, I installed this funny app”, Kim explained as she grinned at him. He tried his hardest to keep a pokerface. He was glad that he had dressed up in some firm shorts where his cage wasn’t really visible. “I read about it online, and as you know, I install all kinds of crap on my phone. Well, this app is some kind of fetish app. It was trending like crazy online, so I figured why not. I think the hype has somewhat died down, but whatever.”

“What’s it about?”

“Right. So you probably haven’t heard of it because it’s more for the naughty part of the population and you’re always such a straight grade A student. That’s a compliment!”, she added when he raised his eyebrows. “Anyway, it’s for these new electronic chastity devices. You know what that is? It’s a device that encapsulates a guy’s pecker and is secured with a key. Except with these new things, it’s all electronic now and remote-controlled by an app. Smart watches, smart fridges… smart chastity cages. I guess it only makes sense, right?”

“Yeah, I guess”, he swallowed. He subtly inched a little closer to his hot roommate on the couch while his dick pressed badly against the plastic walls of the Cyberlok. He had never heard her talk about this kind of stuff, but now that she did, it suddenly made him super-horny. “So, do you know anyone who’s locked up in such a thing?”

“Not until now. That’s the thing, if you register and verify as a keyholder, they have a function where the app can continuously scan for ‘public’ cages in the background. Public means that the ‘Chaster’, that’s the guy who’s wearing it, has set it up to be accessible by any keyholders in the cage’s vicinity to take control over it. I guess most people set their cage to ‘private’ right away, which means that only keyholders paired with the Chaster can control him. But I guess some people like the thrill of strangers who are into it taking control over them. I read some desperate guys are even hoping to meet a new girl that way; can you imagine?”

She giggled loudly, throwing her head back, her pigtail brushing over her shoulder. He let out a forced lough along with her.

“Yeah, that sounds totally stupid”, he nodded. Secretly he cursed himself. He shouldn’t have tapped through the setup so fast. He most likely set his cage to ‘public’ without even knowing…

“Anyway, I installed the app, verified as a keyholder and let it running. I didn’t really expect anything. But then, half an hour ago, I suddenly got a notification from the app that a public cage was detected in my vicinity! While I just walked up the final stairs to the apartment! Can you imagine?”

Yes, he could imagine. “Wow”, he said with a meek voice. “That means…?”

“Someone else is wearing one of these cages nearby.” She suddenly turned her whole upper body around and stared in his eyes intensely. “Keith, is there something you like to tell me?”

He swallowed deeply, blushing as she suddenly gave him her full attention. His dick twitched badly in the cage, to the point where he feared the twitch would be visible from the outside. “Well, I, uhm…”

Kim laughed and gently rubbed over his arm. “I’m kidding, dude. I know you’re too uptight for this, and it’s probably for the better anyway. Because I already added two days to the poor lad’s chastity sentence and thought about adding more.”

“Really? You… can just do that? Can you show me?”

“Sure.” She held her phone between the two of them. The app showed a list of connected cages that contained a grand total of one right now. When she tapped it, he could see the big timer, along with options to add and remove time and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Remaining sentence: 50 hours 13 minutes 8 seconds

“Woah”, he said. His eyes were fixed on the sentence, then on the innocent Remove time button below it. “That’s… so cool.”

“Freaky, right? That means someone in my phone’s Bluetooth range is wearing such a cage right now. They advertise their Cyberlok cages with a large Bluetooth range for maximum accessibility, so that covers maybe 2 or 3, maybe 4 floors above and below us? Plus of course the other dorm rooms on our own floor.” She bit her lip. “I bet it’s that cute guy Ben two rooms down from us. Or maybe that guy Danny one floor above us. He always seemed a little perv-y to me.”

He stared at the slowly ticking timer before looking back to his hot roommate. He briefly considering coming out to her, but he just couldn’t do it. It’d be too awkward, plus then, she’d see him as a pervert rather than the casual, cheerful but also inquisitive and hard-working roommate she currently thought of him.

Plus, her sexy talk about the cage only made him realize how much he was crushing on her.

“So… do you think that guy intentionally set his cage to public? Or per accident?”

She shrugged. “Could be either, but I’m leaning towards an accident. The timer was less than 3 hours when I came home. My guess is, someone just got the cage and carelessly clicked through the setup because he was eager to try it out. He probably wanted to kicks things off lightly with such a low sentence.”

“Can he just set it to private and deny you access?”

She nodded contemplatively. “Yeah, totally. He can switch between public and private at anytime, and once it’s private, only keyholders he paired with have control over him.” She grinned cheekily. “My guess is, he hasn’t noticed the added sentence yet. And as long as that’s the case, he’s at my mercy.”

Keith nervously shifted around on the couch. He could excuse himself to his room where he left his phone and switch the cage to private. But then Kim would notice something was up. Plus as long as she still had access, she could also shorten his sentence. Maybe there was a chance he could cum today after all…

“So if he left it public accidentally, then adding two whole days for him to spend in that smart contraption is a pretty hard bargain, right?”, he started slowly, staring at her phone screen. He felt her eyes on him. “Maybe you could be nice and take some of that time off for him? He can’t do that himself, right?”

She smiled at him amused. “Oh, Keith, always such a sweetheart. Yeah, I totally could. But my thinking is, if he put that cage on in the first place, he’s into that shit, right? Plus the Terms of Use make it clear that keyholders aren’t liable for anything they do to a Chaster; he bears full responsibility for everything that happens to him because the burden to use that smart cock prison responsibly is on him.”

Her voice grew darker, meaner while her smile widened to a joyful smirk.

“So I’m thinking, I’ll add some more time to his sentence to really ruin his day once he sees it.”

Keith’s heart sunk into his stomach. “Come on, Kim, really? That poor guy.”

She just continued smirking, then she leaned over to him and put her arm around his shoulders. Her sudden, gentle touch sent waves of arousal through his body. “You know I’m a bit mean sometimes. I have way too few opportunities to just be a mean bitch, so this is just what I need. Plus, I’ve had a stressful week and ruining a pervert’s day like this is perfect.”

He watched in shock as she opened the scroll wheel where she could add time and scrolled along it.

“How much do you think I should add, Keith?”, she flirted, visibly enjoying the power she had over someone. “Come on, I need your input.”

He once again considered sprinting to his room, but then she’d be sure it was him, plus he may not even make it in time. “Well, he’s already at 50 hours, so maybe another day or two?”

“Nah, too easy.” She bit her lip. “What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without orgasms?”

“Me?” He looked at her in panic. “W… why me?”

She shrugged. “You’re a guy, so you have a better idea about other guys’ masturbation habits. Plus you’re my partner in crime here.”

He frowned like he was thinking about it. “Maybe a week or so?”

She froze and looked up to him. He couldn’t help but admire her pretty face while his cock was rock-hard in his cage. “A week? An uptight guy like you? I wasn’t asking for your average time between wanks”, she chuckled.

“Maybe it was two weeks, I don’t know”, he said nervously. It was a lie – he couldn’t even remember the last time where he didn’t wank off for a full week. “I don’t really do it very often, but sometimes a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do…”

“Sure. Sorry, it was a very personal question.” Kim smiled at him apologetically before drawing his attention to her phone again. “You say two weeks, but you aren’t very sure, plus I have to account for some differences between each man. So I’m going to round it up to three.”

He watched in awe as she entered a number on her phone. “Three weeks? That’s how much time you’re going to add to m… the poor guy’s sentence?”

She looked up and grinned at him devilishly. “No. I’m going to take that number and double it. Six weeks.”

He stared at the phone screen and gulped. She had entered 42:00:00 into the slide wheel.

“Can you just add that much time to a stranger’s cage?”, he said with an occupied voice.

“I think the time you can add to strangers maxed out at 90 days or something”, she contemplated. “Per day. So you could add a full year in four days. But I don’t remember the specifics.” She shrugged. “As I said – personal responsibility and all that.”

He tried his hardest to suppress the urge to stroke over his cage through his pants; not with his innocent, hot roommate sitting next to him as she unknowingly plotted his chastity sentence with him.

He watched her tap the red button. A confirmation message appeared on-screen. She was just about to tap it, but then she turned the phone to him.

“I think you should do it”, she smiled at him and gently boxed his shoulder. “You need to learn to be more mean to others aswell. You’re always so up-tight. Plus – we’re partners in crime. Just two roommates, on a quest to deprive every pervert in this world of his orgasms.”

He let out a deep sigh while she giggled and held up the phone.

You’re about to add 42:00:00 days to this stranger’s chastity sentence. Only keyholders can subtract time from his sentence. Do you really wish to continue?

Keith swallowed, then he reached out and tapped the big, red YES.

A faint beep came from the cage in his pants, but faint enough that she probably didn’t notice it. At least she didn’t act like she did. Otherwise, nothing about his cage changed – there was no indication that his chastity sentence had just grown in size by more than an order of magnitude.

44 days, 2 hours, 1 minute and 50 seconds remaining.

“Nice. See, it was fun, right?” Kim had a satisfied grin on her face as she watched the new timer. “You know what, I’m going to add 22 more hours. Makes it a round 45 days.”

“Poor guy”, Keith mumbled as he watched her add almost another day to his sentence. His cage briefly beeped again in his pants.

“Perfect”, she quipped with satisfaction as she put her phone down and readjusted her ponytail.

A strange feeling of defeat overcame him. Keith couldn’t really grasp that he was going to be locked for more than 6 weeks, yet unless Kim decided to subtract time at some point again, it looked like this was it.

45 days without orgasms. And he had just wanted to try out the fancy smart cage for a little while before ripping it off and shaking it to his denial fantasies. But now a masturbation addict like him who barely had one day without shaking the palm tree was going to be locked for 45 days?

He let out a frustrated sigh, feeling the hard cage wall press back against his straining cock. His eyes subtly wandered over his hot roommate’s body; her nice hips below her tight T-Shirt, her wonderful legs that she proudly displayed below her shorts…

“If he hasn’t switched his cage to private tomorrow, I’m going to add more time to his sentence again”, Kim chuckled while exploring the interface of the app.

“He probably noticed it by then and changed it.”

“Yeah, probably. But unless he finds another girl as a keyholder who isn’t as mean as me, tough luck getting that sentence removed. Talk about getting more than he bargained for.” She yawned. “Oh look, his cage also has some teasing functionality. I thought only the higher-up cages had that, but apparently a very basic teasing function it’s in every Cyberlok cage now.”

Keith suddenly realized how close he was sitting to her. She still had one arm around his shoulder and leaned against his chest with her upper body. He subtly shifted a little away from her, making it look like he was trying to sit more comfortably. She casually removed her arm from his shoulders as she read through the app.

“I’m going to activate it. That’s going to get his attention. When he checks his app to turn it off, he’s in for a bad surprise”, she chuckled with a devilish voice.

“Is that a good idea? What if he’s currently busy with something?”, Keith wondered.

“Your concern for him is so cute”, she grinned as she looked up. “Don’t worry, I’ll only use the first level – ‘gentle touch’. I think it goes up to 3 – ‘lapdance’. It’ll get his attention and probably rile him up and make him hard. It’s also a very ‘socially acceptable’ tease; other people in the room aren’t even supposed to notice it, I think. The higher-end cages go up to level 10 or so; I think the highest level is named ‘pornstar’.” She chuckled. “It’s apparently so intense that some guys cum right in the cage within minutes. A shame this dude has only bought the base cage.”

“Yeah, a shame”, Keith agreed as he remembered the hole the Cyberlok had left in his bank account.

“All these silly warnings. Yes, I do. There were go.”

Keith immediately felt something change in his cage. It took a moment, then he felt a light but noticeable vibration in the walls of the cock cage. It was the most bizarre feeling – the vibration came from all directions at once, evenly spread out over the cage. It wasn’t particularly strong, but his already hard cock only became more erect from it, and it suddenly became hard to focus on anything else.

“Perfect. Now I’m curious how fast he changes the privacy setting on his cage. I’m going to have an eye on it for the rest of the afternoon. But I don’t expect it to be too long.” She put her phone down, then she looked up to Keith. “Hey, everything alright?”

“Y… yeah, sure”, he said. “It’s just all a little much, that’s all.”

“Yeah”, Kim grinned, fully turning around to him now and pulling her bare legs up on the couch again. Her bare feet brushed his thigh. If she could feel any of the vibrations, she didn’t let it on. “I mean, cock cages? Can you imagine? Horny people invent funny things.”

“Absolutely. It’s such a weird concept.” Distracted by the buzzing sound and immersed in his superb roommate’s handsome body, he decided that he needed a break before she noticed it was him after all. “I’m going to be in my room. Wanted to get some studies going.”

At this moment, the doorbell to their small dorm room rang. Kim put her phone down – not without locking it first – and walked towards the door. “Ordered some pizza. Want to eat with me first before you jump into your studies?”

“Sure. I’m up for that.”

“Great! Why don’t you make the table.”

While Kim accepted the pizza at the door, he was about to go back to his room, but then he hesitated. If he turned off the vibration and switched the privacy setting now during the one minute he was in his room, that’d probably be suspicious to Kim. On the other hand, even the lowest teasing setting was really working him up.

He sighed, then he turned around and walked towards the kitchen counter to grab some plates.

It never felt as long to eat a few slices of pizza as it did today. He sat opposite of Kim on their small dining table by the window, overlooking the dreary campus place, as they chewed on their pizza. He was mostly silent, more so than usual, but Kim talked a lot over casual things – her studies, a new Netflix TV show she was watching, the new shoes she was going to buy. Keith listened and observed the beautiful girl as she sat opposite to him, all while his cock was gently being massaged by the smart cage. Above the table they were just some roommates, below the table she teased him without even knowing it.

“That was great”, Keith said as he finally finished up. Kim had already finished her last piece a few minutes ago. “It’s really time for me to get going. See you later?”

“Sure. Oh wait, you’re going to love this.” She showed him her phone screen. “That idiot still hasn’t changed his cage setting! Either he actually is busy, or his choice to make the cage public was intentional after all. Either way, I’m going to punish him some more while I still can – what do you say, are 3 days appropriate?”

Before he could contest it, he felt another subtle beep in his pants. He groaned as he quickly stood up from the table, making Kim look up to him.

“I’m sorry, I must be boring you with this. This was the last time I’ve mentioned it for now.”

“It’s fine”, he shrugged, trying his hardest not to let his arousal and torment show through. “I’m gonna be at my room now.”

“Sure thing. See ya!” Kim gave him a wide, beautiful smile. His eyes rested for a few more seconds on the sexy, thinly dressed slim girl with a neat pigtail before he turned around and walked to his room.

As he finally closed the door behind him, he immediately grabbed his phone and opened the app. He had to see it for himself.

Remaining sentence: 47 days 23 hours 27 minutes 4 seconds

He groaned in despair, thinking about the many days and nights of denial ahead of him. Whenever he didn’t wank off for a few days, he suddenly got hypersensitive to every remotely hot girl he saw around him at college. And there were a lot of hot gals at college – not least of all his gorgeous, sexy roommate.

And that already happened when he didn’t wank off for a few days, let alone weeks.

He quickly switched off the teasing function which was right below the timer – and sighed in relief as the constant massaging on his dick finally stopped. He quickly scouted the settings for his chastity cage until he found the toggle he was looking for and switched the cage to ‘private’. He heard a faint beep coming from his pants; other than that, nothing changed.

He threw his phone onto the bed, then he threw himself after it and stroked over the hard Cyberlok cage in his pants as he stared at the white, dull ceiling. What had he gotten himself into?

Inspired by the many Cyberlok captions over on keyholdercaptions, mostly pioneered by /u/Allychaste/.

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