Melissa Chapter Nine  By Deborah Ford


Chapter Nine 



By Deborah Ford



Needless to say, when a tired and defeated Christian made his way to his bedroom, at the rear of the house, as instructed by his Mistress, he had to pass the master bedroom, from where he could hear both his wife and her Bull grunting and shouting in ecstasy.

He paused in his crisp maid’s outfit hearing his wife bellow her, “Yes, yes, yes”, so loud he felt certain the neighbours would hear.

The horrible lout was growling, “Come on slut!”

Torn between being offended at hearing someone take advantage of his own wife in his own bedroom, and actually wishing he could knock the door and step in to watch them, he sighed, rubbed his panties under his skirt, and moved down the corridor dejectedly.

Never had a sissy maid felt sorrier for herself.

She cursed the penis gag locked around her head and felt the full weight of the serious chastity cage the Bull had locked around his genitals. It was all so unfair.

By the time he slumped on the bed, he was close to tears.

It was then that he noticed the garments on the dressing table, with a note lying on top of them.

He recognised the apparel as nightwear he had purchased for himself some time previous. Silk, bottom hugging shorts with a delicate cut, bias camisole top. They were in ivory white, with embroided lace panels at the front, and fine edging around the straps and base of the shorts.

Sucking on his penis gag, he read the note, which was handwritten by his wife in a scrawl. Usually, she was so precise and neat in her writing. Clearly, she had other matters overloading her mind when she wrote it.

Christian felt doubly cross with the ape who kept his wife in a constant state of arousal, as he read the words:

“You must be wearing these by the time I visit you later. The key for your gag is at the bottom. And Sir says good luck with getting it off”

She had signed it Mistress.


Like a distracted child, suddenly all his woes were in the past. He lifted up the top item, the shorts, and saw the matching bra and panties resting on the camisole top. He was to wear bra and panties beneath a delicious camisole top and the most delicate of shorts.

Raising those items, he found the tiny gold key for his penis gag.

And oh my God was it tough to push the key into the lock mechanism when the lock was firmly behind his neck. It was so frustrating! He was just about to give up and cry, when he felt it slide home. Holding his breath, he carefully twisted the key until he finally heard it spring open. Yay!

The lock came out and at long last(!), the gag could be removed from his sore mouth.

When he took hold of the camisole top and bottoms, his dick engorged in its confines, whilst blood also rushed into his head, clearing away any thinking. No maid had ever stripped quicker down to her chastity cage than Christian.

Shaking with excitement, he cleaned his teeth, to ensure there would be no marks on his bedtime outfit and peed, before washing and applying the gentle make up insisted upon by Melissa when he was in girl mode.

Once dressed, he slid into bed, as the silk just made him feel so delightfully slippery. Oh God, he needed to be released from his chastity. It would only take seconds.

Lost in his erotic thoughts, while rubbing his palms down the material, time simply disappeared into his fantasies.

So it was with a start he looked and realised Melissa was standing in the room watching him. How long had she been there?

Her blonde hair was a bird’s nest mess, her black shortie nightie, wet with sweat around her soft, swaying breasts and damp with other liquids at her crotch.

She whipped back the sheet, making Christian curl up his naked, shaved legs in embarrassment.

“Oh,” Melissa said, “Just look at my boy!”

Not daring to grab the sheets and pull them back into position, he simply lay on the bed blushing.

“Just wait until my friends see your legs!”

Christian sat up, his voice apologetic, “Mistress, I don’t really want to be seen in shorts by your friends.”

His wife sat on the bed, pushing her fingers through his gloriously feminised hair.

“Aw. Silly boy. It’s not up to you. Sir says I need to get what I want out of this. And,” she hesitated looking him straight in the eyes, “I want my friends to be shaking with jealousy at your legs, your curvy bum, your appearance and your obedience to me.”

She held him, nuzzling her cheek up against his flushed face.

To Christian she smelled of sex. The perspiration, still fresh, along with the recognizable odours from a woman after being fucked senseless.

“Mistress, I’m sure we can talk this through and find a way to give you what you want without me wearing shorts in front of people.”

She kissed his nose.

“Silly. I know which ones I’m going to buy for you. There’s these delightfully tight, black leather ones with a rear zip, from my favourite fashion shop. They are expensive, but when they see your arse in them, the expense will be worthwhile.  And there’s these pastel coloured, silk ones in a department store. My, how I’ve looked at those over the last few months and thought of you being put in them.”

“You’ve not mentioned them before Mistress.”

She shook her head, “Well I was constantly waiting for you to take the initiative, wasn’t I?” She laughed. “But not any longer. Sir, says everyone has to do the thinking for silly sissies.” She leaned so close to him, that her face was blurred, “But now I am in charge and you,” she tapped his nose with her finger, “You do as you are told.”

“Mistress. I’d love to give them a try. But just for us, not …”

“Now the trick is,” Melissa rolled gently on, no longer having to listen to her boy, “Is to buy them at least one size too small. Sometimes it is two sizes, so we are going to have a few laughs in the shops when you try them on.”

His protests stopped as soon as he opened his mouth because Melissa was on a roll now.

“Oh. Can you imagine it, boy. I now have a regular friend for shopping! Whenever I feel like shopping, I just click my fingers and you’ll come running.”

He had to get her to listen.

“Mistress!” he announced, shifting away from her. “Stop. Just take a pause. If you parade me before your friends like that, then they’ll tell someone and pretty soon everyone will know!”

Melissa stared at him blankly for a moment, as if he were stupid,  before saying, “Of course. That’s the point.”

Closing his eyes in frustration at not being understood, he felt Melissa’s arms wrap around his shoulders, and her full weight push him back on the bed.

Suddenly she was all animal. Kissing, biting and gouging at his bare shoulders.

“Tell me you love me!” She demanded, slapping his bare thigh.

“Yes, yes. Oh, God. Yes. I love you , Mistress.”

He heard a soft giggle come from miles away, as his brain floated out to sea on a wave of erotic electricity.

She bit hard into his chin, “Tell me you adore me, sissy!”

As his hips bucked uselessly up into her, speaking became harder, “Yes, Mistress. I adore you. I love you. You are my world.”

She moaned as her pussy, through her sopping panties, made contact with the minimum ridge of her boy’s chastity.

He gripped her arms, near her shoulders as his wife rode him as if he were a slut.

Then he could stand it no more.

He stopped, breathing as hard as if he had run a marathon, his eyes swimming with the start of tears.

“Mistress, please. Please unlock me. I so need to cum!”

She stopped moving, and they both lay, quite still. She stared down at her boy in need, and lightly kissed his forehead.

“Aw, boy. Sir says your behaviour hasn’t been satisfactory. Aw. Don’t look at me like that. I’m really sorry. He thought you made and served a wonderful meal though. He gave you points for that.”

His eyes were huge with bewilderment.

“But, but … Mistress …”

“Aw,” she felt so much empathy for her poor defeated boy. “And you were naughty sometimes today. I made some notes for Sir. And you were so much the brat last night. But Sir and I agree that with the right amount of direction from us, and if you try extra special hard, then you’ll be allocated an unlock time pretty soon. How does that sound?”

“An unlock time?”

His pretty pink mouth hung open trying to make sense of what she was saying.

The voice boomed from nowhere, shaking them both.

“Girl on girl sex. Love it!”

It was the horrible brute. And he was standing at the foot of the bed with a huge triumphant grin on his face.

There was a loud slap, and Christian’s wife bucked up before rising to her knees rubbing her bottom with a giggle.


The so called ‘sir’ picked up a chair and brought it to one side of the bed. He was naked apart from his blue boxers and a white shirt, completely unbuttoned, showing his hairy chest.

“Ok,” he said. “Carry on!”

Christian tried to bring his thighs together from embarrassment, but Melissa was knelt between them. Obviously, his wife would tell her Bull to ‘fuck off’ and leave them to their talk and have their own fun.

Melissa giggled again. “What would Sir like to see?”

“Some fucking action, Slut. Get it down!”

Looking back at her boy while licking her lips, she ran her hands up his camisole top and leaned down so that her blond hair formed a curtain around his face.

In the sweaty darkness she pecked gently at his lips while grinding on his pantied groin, seeking out his tiny chastity cage.

Christian was horrified. How the hell could he perform for a man? A man who had been so cruel to him, who had demoted him in the eyes of his wife to a plaything of a maid.

He needed to protest but his lips parted …

His wife’s tongue entered his mouth, dominating it …

His eyes closed.

He groaned , his hips pressing into hers.

He was lost.

Then his wife groaned …

Then he took hold of her shoulders …

She took sharp hold of his arse through his silk, ivory white shorts.

They would roll one way, then the other, but always Melissa pushing back so that she was on top, fucking her very own sissy boi.

Melissa was in ecstasy. Not only was she dominating her own boi, but she was doing so in front of Sir. Letting him see how she controlled him. For all her orgasms that day, none came so powerfully, and so full bodily as this one. It was as if her world suddenly came together with a thunderclap.

She screamed her orgasm, her hip pulverising her boy, who came himself, though without any satisfaction. Just continuously pumping precum through his steel chastity cage into his panties inside the shorts.

The Mistress and boi looked at each other with love, holding their contact.

Until …


Melissa, knelt up holding her bottom.

“Sir!” She laughed.

Sir was on his feet and Christian could finally see the size of his boner. Sir’s cock was ramrod straight in his boxers, pointing slightly upwards and not just long, but thicker than any tool Christian had ever seen.

Sir grabbed Melissa by her hair and twisted.

She screamed in pain and Christian pulled himself up, ready to protect his wife but Sir then grabbed him by the back of his hair and gave a tug.

He squealed too, which made him even more ashamed. Squealing like a girl in front of Sir! How shameful.

“Listen you two sluts,” the Bull said, gripping both his slut and his sissy by the hair, “We’re going to have a fuck session that will humiliate you both so much that neither of you’ll ever be able to mention it again. Not to anyone! When you catch sight of each other you’ll each lower your eyes with shame. You are going to perform as a pair of real sluts.”

With that he pushed Melissa over to one side of the bed, and still hanging on to Christian’s hair dragged him to the other, so that he could climb between them.

“Open your mouths into a perfect circle sluts. Both of you!”

And they did!


Melissa by Deborah Ford

The End.


17 thoughts on “Melissa Chapter Nine  By Deborah Ford

  1. Another wonderful installment hopefully Melissa and Sit will succeed in eradicating Christian’s rebellious moments. He’s still owed that punishment over the wine glasses incident. Melissa must remember to follow up in telling the maid that she would deal with ‘her’ later.

    I hope Christian didn’t disobey orders by removing her penis gag before brushing her teeth. How did he get the key?

    Sir knows what he’s doing and will soon teach her the proper way to act and serve, what a wonderful master and instructor for both of them.


    1. LOL! What a cock up! I was so anxious to get Christian cleaned up for his adventures that night that logic flew out of the window! Will edit that section soon xxx

      And quite right, the maid has been promised a punishment and Melissa is in full slut mode so it went out of her head.

      Deborah Ford

  2. What a pics really cool i like it.
    i bet when when bull order “Open your mouths into a perfect circle sluts. Both of you!” every sissy make a perfect “O” and then they realize oh that order only in story 😉

    Concept is the same One sissy Husband and wife control by her Bull. But every story is totally different … of course every sissy is hungry for more. Thanks to Miss Deborah Ford with never ending new and fantastic ideas. “Curtsy” Thank-you Miss Ford.

    I just want to know Miss ford which character you want to live from your stores? i mean sissy or wife or bull and from which stores? and if more then one then plz tell us.

    1. Thank you Arvi. Gosh, I’m not sure which character I would want to live with. That’s really interesting. Maybe melissa from this one, but I’m going to think hard about it.

      You go first Arvi, tell me yours. And anyone else please add to the list.

      Deborah Ford

  3. okey i go first

    1. Lindsay Hawkins , Beckie ,Katie , Venessa, Jilly and of course Miss Morgan from The Office Dupe
    2. Leslie from At Your Service
    3. David from The Best Laid Plans Of Wimps And Men
    4. Terry from Happiness for All
    5. Simon from When you awake
    6. Matt from Bunny Trap
    7. Daniel from Property of Harding Ltd
    Trisha Rash
    Debbie Umber
    Shelly Lutt
    Tracy Art
    Sharon Lutt
    Cherry Unt
    Samantha Lutt
    Tina Ramp

    ofcours Miss Evans, Miss Steel, Miss Jaguar and Miss Leopard too they are too sexy

    I want to live all thoese from The Hotel well list is very long as your stores well now your turn i am wating plz

  4. Lol. Brilliant, Arvi. Not sure I can match that list! wow!

    The only thing I’d say is my christian names for girls are better than their surnames!

    Deborah Ford

  5. Yeap i also like christian too but as well as i also like the way surname actually works it’s a brilliant idea.

    I am India and could you find the meaning of arvi.. just kiding.

    Did you notice when you write stores of sissy group example “the Hotel” ,”Property of Harding Ltd”, “Club ZerØ Nine” that gain more popularity then the other. May be i am wrong but i think so what you think about it

  6. I’m always so disappointed when I see ‘The End’ posted, but then I suppose all good things must come to an end. I’ve loved the last few stories on the bull really taking complete control over thye home life especially that long running epic with Markus and the poor sissy maid Eden where everything was at such a far more advanced stage than usual, with even their wedding photographs confiscated. I think an epilogue to that story would be awesome.

    I’ve loved the sissy group stories too but I really think you’ve surpassed yourself recently. Just such a pity about THE END notice being posted.


    1. Chris, yup all stories come to an end. I do want to revisit that situation, but that will come some time in the future.

      And thank you so much for your kind words xxx DF

  7. I think mostly in sissy group every one compare our self to every character and mostly one or two they found like them … may be this is the 1st reason for most popular and 2nd reason every one don’t what to be alone so they like friends have same interest. What you think plz comment here your view. I mean if any one what to share there view here then most welcome.

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