Pony Trap Chapter 3 Deborah Ford



Pony Trap Chapter 3 

Deborah Ford


(Not exactly like Thomas’ predicament, but worth adding just for itself!)


There’s a problem with erections, of which most of you will not be aware.

But Thomas was most certainly aware of the problem at that moment. He was stood, naked, glowing from the hot shower and completely denuded of hair by the fragrant lotion, Poppy, the sexy French maid, had directed him to use.

So here he was feeling deeply exposed, as Poppy smirked at his predicament in the small room in the stable.

Around them they could hear the whirrs of cart wheels, the steps of high heeled pony girls with their ringing bell, along with the intermittent calls of the amused dominant women.

Covering his erect private part and bulging balls, Thomas tried to sound forceful. “Poppy, where are my clothes?”

Poppy raised her eyebrows as if she was the superior one in the room, despite her short sexy maid’s uniform. She lifted the lid on a large white box, which must have been brought into the room when Thomas’ clothes were removed.

She lifted out a small package, and from that removed a set of tights, holding them out before an engrossed Thomas.

“For me?” he asked.

The maid held her head to one side, “You loved the feel of the tights on the pony girls, here’s your chance to try them.”

Glancing at the closed long door across their room, Thomas accepted them. Oh my God they were so sexy. So smooth and silky.

“Well, Thomas said, half to himself, “I guess it’s only us here.”

Poppy gave him that horrible knowing look, with the raised eyebrows and a smile that slid to one side of her face.

Well fuck her, Thomas thought. I just need to be quick. He could try on the hose before the dominant women returned.

He just had to try them! How could it hurt?

Poppy was offering advice on how to wear them when with great satisfaction she realised that Thomas was quite experienced at rolling them up his now smooth legs and pulling them into place, each leg in turn.

They were high waisted, and once in position Thomas was still able to see his erection pushing out through a hole around his groin.

“Poppy there is not a front to these tights!”

“Nor at the rear, silly!” Poppy laughed.

Thomas felt in horror at his backside and could touch the skin through a large gap.

“But,” Thomas was perturbed, “I don’t understand.”

Already Poppy was bringing out the next item: the leather corset he had seen the pony girls wearing. It seemed thicker in her hands, but it had the same long frontage that would take it between his legs.

Thomas said aloud, “Oh my fucking God!”

Poppy snatched back the corset from his outstretched fingers.

“You really must learn not to swear. The Misses will use your bare bottom for whipping practice if they heard you.”

Thomas ignored her, seizing the corset to admire its many straps and fixtures.

He pushed his arms through the straps at the top and pulled it around himself.

“You are so silly!” The maid said impatiently. “Turn around so I can do it up.”

Thomas did so, but in a firm voice pointed out. “I don’t think maids should speak like that.”

A zip was  clipped together at the small of Thomas’ back.

Poppy said, “You’ll soon learn who you have to behave deferential to. It becomes a sixth sense, quick enough. Especially, if you want to sit down comfortably! Now breath in!”

Thomas complied with the instruction sucking in his tummy and feeling his shoulders roll back.

“In more!” Poppy demanded.

Each time Thomas breathed in a little more, so the hefty zip was dragged upwards.

“It’s too tight!” Thomas said. “You have the wrong size!”

“Breath in!” Poppy shouted with more impatience than you’d expect from a compliant maid.

Thomas did so, easing out the last bit of air in his lungs. At this point the zip slid quickly up his upper back.

“Good boy,” Poppy said, exhaling as if she had been exercising.

Thomas felt panicky. “Poppy I can’t breathe!”

This time she sounded sympathetic. “Oh, don’t worry your little head over it. We all get used to it and the Master likes his girls to have small waists. A small price to pay to please the dominants here.”

Thomas ran his hands down the curves that had appeared at either side of his waist. Astonishing! Then he noticed that there were two small boob shapes at the front, right where a woman’s breasts would be.

“Spread your legs,” Poppy said.

“Eh? Thomas was aghast. Wouldn’t that be totally humiliating to be stood legs spread before her?

Poppy crouched down and said more firmly than Thomas could imagine a maid speaking, “I said spread your legs!”

Thomas did so, feeling his smooth soles slide on the wooden floorboards.

Poppy reached between his legs and fastened the corset tightly between his thighs. It clamped firmly over his erection but left a gap at the rear where the hole in the tights was. His backside felt exposed and vulnerable.

Thomas gasped. “It’s too tight Poppy!”

But already, the maid was dragging out more long leather items.

The high heeled boots!

Thomas took in a deep gulp of air at the erotic sight of the thigh high boots.

Poppy said, “Until you get more experienced, it’s best to sit down at your first attempt when putting them on.”

Thomas sat on the wooden chair in the room as if in a dream.

He had a pair of heels at home that he wore when dressing up, but nothing as classy as these beauties.

Resting the boots before him, Poppy said, “Make sure you push your foot to the very tip. It’ll feel crushed, but you’ll get used to that, like the corset.”

The silky tights helped his feet slide luxuriously into place in the tight compartments of the shoes. Already he felt the arch of his foot, as the heel was forced erotically upwards. Under the corset, his erection engorged further. This was pure heaven.

With his feet fully encased in the extraordinary footwear, Poppy said, “Stand up straight.”

He did so.

Poppy pulled up the zip of each boot in turn until they both hugged his legs up to his thighs as forcefully as could be imagined.

Poppy relaxed and looked him up and down, as if seeking faults.

“I think the mistresses will be delighted with you!”

Feeling complimented by her remark, Thomas turned and admired himself in the full-length mirror.

What a sight!

The corset had shrunk his waistline and flared out his hips to girl proportions. The heels made his legs look long and adorable.

Poppy smiled, “Its not all bad being a  pony girl, is it?”

“Oh Poppy!” Thomas said, examining his darkened hose covered thighs. His dick actually spurted a little precum inside the corset layer, but he tried to keep his mind on an even level. “I can tell why you are only a maid! This is all for my wife. She’ll look stunning in this outfit.”

Poppy laughed and said, “Of course. Now face me.”

Thomas turned obediently, there was something about being in this outfit that made him feel subservient, more ready to obey.

Poppy appeared very concerned, “I hope the Miss colours like it.”

Thomas laughed. “No way is anyone going to see me dressed like this.”

A sympathetic smile appeared on Poppy’s pink lips. “Aw. We all feel like that. And funnily enough, you never really get used to being ogled by lusty mistresses and Masters.”

The door was dragged back, letting golden sunlight and the exterior clammer to roll into the compartment.

Thomas instinctively put his hands over his groin as the two tall mistresses entered their room.

Miss Olive said, “Mistresses and Masters, Poppy? What thoughts are you filling our trainee pony girl’s empty head with?”

Miss Khaki entered behind her, and they both filled the room with a thunderous presence.

“Thomas said, “Oh shit. Look. Sorry! I have to get changed. Poppy hid my clothes.”

The two black giants laughed.

Turning to a terrified Poppy, Miss Olive asked, “Has a new pony girl behaved herself?”

Poppy appeared scared witless, her eyes growing moon size, “Yes Miss. Really Miss. Honestly Miss.”

Miss Olive put her fingers beneath the jabbering maid’s chin and raised it up so that they were eye to eye.

“Are you sure, Poppy? You know what happens to maids who fib to their betters, don’t you?

Thomas could see tears forming in the pretty maid’s eyes.

“Oh! Well. Yes. Please Miss, he, I mean she, she spoke back a few times. But other than that …”

Suddenly the two Misses eyes lasered straight at Thomas who took a precarious step back in his heels.

Miss Olive said to Thomas, “Now you are not going to give us any trouble, are you?”

“No, Miss Olive. Truly, Miss Olive.”

Why was he suddenly acting like a naughty schoolboy who had been discovered to have being disobedient by a disciplinary head?

With both the giant women staring down at him, Thomas squeakily said, “I just need to change back. I really don’t want anyone seeing me like this.”

Suddenly the mood lightened as the two Misses laughed uproariously.

Miss Khaki came closer and pushed her hands through his hair, “Aw don’t worry. We haven’t finished dressing you yet. Oh my, look at your lovely thick hair.”

Thomas kept his hair long for when he dressed as a girl as he hated wigs. It felt perversely sensuous to have this dominant woman take liberties like push her hand through it.

Miss Olive said, “I can see a few extensions will help here. Maybe dye it blonde?”

Miss Khaki said, “Oh yes. Some lip implants too?”

This was getting crazy!

Thomas said, “Look I really need to change,” he smartly added, “please.”

Miss Olive barked at Poppy, “Hand restraints. Leather. Black!”

“Yes, Miss Khaki.”

Quickly, Poppy pulled a few leather straps from the white box.

Miss Khaki used the same tone of voice, this time directed at Thomas, “Wrists!”

Thomas robotically held forward his wrists as if a button had been pressed within him.

The two women pulled the leather restraints around his arms, just above his hands and placed small golden locks into each, locking them to him. From each restraint ran D shaped links, no doubt enabling them to attach his wrists together or attach him to an object.

They did the same around his boots at the ankles, so that the D shaped links hung inside his legs.

“Stand next to the post, pony girl,” Miss Olive said, indicating the square wooden post that was about seven foot high.

Finding it difficult to walk in the heels, Thomas complied. In part because of this newfound obedience he felt since being attired as a pony girl, but also because he was curious. What was going to happen next? He had to know.

Miss Olive slipped behind the post as Miss Khaki raised his chin with her fingers.

“Pay attention, sissy pony girl.”

Thomas was about to object that he most certainly wasn’t a sissy nor a pony girl when his hands were swept behind him smartly by Miss Olive, who had clearly carried out such a manoeuvre many times before.

In a panic, Thomas pulled on the secured wrists, now behind the post. They barely moved. While he struggled, he heard another click as his ankle D rings were locked to the sides of the posts.

Many times, Thomas had fantasised about being helpless, and always enjoyed self-bondage. Sadly, Izabella only reluctantly indulged his fantasies, so, for the first time in his life, this was the experience of being bound and helpless … and it was terrifying!

He pulled briefly on his wrists and realised they were totally secure. He looked to Poppy for support, but she simply smirked at him.

Miss Khaki put a palm against his cheek, “Aw, don’t worry your little head. It’s all just part of the process.”

Suddenly she closed her eyes and bit into his chin, saying, “Oh my God, I could eat you up!”

For the first time in a while, Thomas’ erection subsided beneath the tight leather corset.

He had to control his panic somehow.

Here he was perched up on the tall heels of the boots, with the tights and body-hugging leather corset locked to a post.

“Erm, Miss Khaki, I think you should know, there has been a dreadful mistake here. You see …”

Miss Olive laughed, “Oh yes boy. Your first mistake was wanking off to our online adverts for The Manor, wasn’t it?” She stepped closer, so, with his new heels, their eyes were now on the same level. “Your little dick is going to get you into all sorts of adventures.”

Taking a couple of paces forward, so that both the Black dominants were in his face, Miss Khaki said, “Aw, you are frightening the poor little boy. Don’t you worry, precious, I’ll take good care of you.”

Miss Olive turned to Poppy, who immediately stood to expectant attention.

“Poppy, why don’t you show this little boy your chastity cage.”

Chastity cage? Thomas felt logic was spinning away from him. How can a girl have a chastity cage? Was this a design he’d never before seen?

Poppy held her breath and raised the front of her petticoated skirts revealing a delightful pair of red panties with little ruffles about the legs.

Thomas’ erection returned. He’d look for a pair of those when he got of this wacky place.

Poppy held up the bunching skirts with one hand while pulling down the front of her panties.

Thomas’ mouth fell open.

There was a pair of bulging balls, a sort of blue grey in colour. But there was no penis. Rather, flat up against the swelling balls was a circular steel contraption. Poppy was a guy! And Poppy’s dick had been pushed back and locked away so that there was no evidence whatsoever of any appendage.

An amber light above the circular metal flashed twice.

Miss Olive leaned so close to Thomas that he could feel the warmth of her breath. “Now, what about that little boy. Ever seen anything like it? A computer controlled chastity cage. Designed by the Master and only used here at The Manor.”

Thomas swallowed. Computer controlled? Flashing LEDs? He felt his guts turn over.

“Please, Miss Olive. I would like to go home.”

On hearing his plaintive cry, both the mistresses laughed as Poppy rearranged herself and smoothed out her short maid’s skirt.

“What’s all this laughter?”

The door had slid back further and the man who was referred to as The Master stood in the doorway. He was just as tall and powerful looking as he had been when Thomas met him on the steps of the manor. His long legs were moulded into leather trousers, and he wore a crisp white shirt, done up to the neck.

What shook Thomas was that his wife was stood next to him.

It shocked him further to see her wearing a tight, short leather dress. She had never before dressed so sexily. She was more a practical sort of dresser.

Her long legs wore black hose, and for foot wear she had the knee length boots that the Mistresses wore.

If that wasn’t sufficiently shocking, Izabella wore a collar, the same as Poppy’s, with the screen at the front. Yet the screen was blank, devoid of words. She also has the leather bracelets around her wrists and ankles that he himself had been forced to wear.

“Izabella? Are you all right?” Thomas asked.

The Master smiled, “Hasn’t the boy been taught to remain silent until spoken to?”

Miss Olive seemed flustered. “We’ve only just started training him, Master.”

Miss Khaki was equally defensive, “He’s not very bright.”

The Master nodded, looking at Izabella, “So I’ve been told.” He then directed his hard gaze at the secured Thomas. “But we need to get him sorted before his training commences.”

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  1. Miss Khaki was equally defensive, “He’s not very bright.”

    Miss Khaki’s use of understatement I’d hilarious. Wallowing in all that silk and leather seems to have had a soporific effect on his brain. Thomas needed to wake up and smell the coffee a long time ago.

    Thank you Miss Ford, loved it as usual


  2. Lovely Miss Ford. Absolutely lovely. Perfectly choreographed, efficient and absolute. And it will only get worse (or better, depending on your POV).

    But I dare say that I might have succumbed to the same temptations.

    Curious about the the wife—how did she come to be collared?

  3. Maid Nancy – what an excellent device!

    If any readers purchase one, or something similar, please share with us how it worked out.

    Deborah Ford

  4. A very good episode, Deborah. I particularly liked Poppy’s ‘reveal’. Computer controlled chastity cage? I’m sure we shall find out more about that later in the story. And a lot more to be revealed in the next instalment? Bring it on!

    BTW I like the pun in the title ‘Pony Trap’. The trap into which Thomas has walked, with his eys wide shut (like all your protagonists), but a trap is also a type of carriage pulled by a pony or ponies. Of course pony carts are an environmentally friendly form of transport, much more so than the internal combustion engine!

  5. Indeed PL, more will be revealed on the electronics of the various gadgets.

    And yup, I was as modestly happy as one could be with a punning title that encapsulates the book!

  6. I’m with P.L. I would add that “trap” is also used to refer to some flavor of effeminate male—don’t think there is agreement out there as to what flavor. Do we have a “triple entendre?

  7. Trap is really wonderful mean i sissy can’t escape from this kind of trap you always make good trap for every sissy … i think in real life you must have good experience of sissy mind condition … well every body thing trap for “Thomas” but i think is trap for us i mean for all reader … i don’t know about other but for me oh i am addicted to your stores. i need next part plz.
    any way if any one other feels like me plz share your own view here.
    Now i come back to story hummm Poppy’s ‘reveal’ well yep that excited us all as well as her wife condition to mean she is in dominated uniform same time colored like a slave or i must say puppet of master.
    Every story have so many ‘if and then’ don’t know whats coming. mean we all know whats coming but don’t know how?
    if any one other feels like me plz share your own view here.

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