Pony Trap Chapter 13 by Deborah Ford

Pony Trap Chapter 13 by Deborah Ford





Chapter 13 



Thomas was tummy nigglingly nervous.

Yet those nerves were not due to the large crowd of dominants, pony girls and sexy maids gathering at the rear of the large stables. Nor was it do with the imminent tailing ceremony. Nor even that the Trainer had harshly spanked Thomas for being a brat. You might also think that his silly head was troubled by the fact that the very masculine Master had taken his wife Izabella away for the entire day. Or even that his normally reserved wife was proving to be a very effective dominant after just a few hours training.


But no. The main reason for his stress was simply his tail. All around him pony girls wiggled around him, flaunting their delightful tails. Swishing them as they walked, showing them off to all who would look. And all he possessed was a miserable belt from which hung some lengths of sorry looking string. It was humiliating.

So pouty was he that he barely took in the stage area, with the raised dais towards the front of the stage.

He was surrounded by the dominant women in their jodhpurs, neat white blouses and knee length boots. As hot as they looked, and they certainly aroused his encaged penis, they also terrified him. He’d seen how effortlessly Miss Olive and Miss Khaki had terrorised him. It seemed to him that anyone of these powerful women could reduce him to a nervous, shivering mess. And he was right, as he would discover in the coming weeks, not least when his wife took full charge of him.

He stayed close to his trainer whom he also regarded as a bully, but at least he felt safe with him.

From nowhere two noob pony girls arrived. One a golden haired blonde and the other a strawberry blonde. Thomas realised they were noobs, like him, when he saw their apologies for tails strapped around their waists. Just long strings hanging down the backs of their lovely legs.

They were each leashed to a brutish looking Trainer.

The two trainers nodded to Thomas’ trainer and then stared silently at the stage taking shape before them.

On seeing Thomas, the two pony girls shuffled forward to the end of their leashes.

The blonde’s name on her collar read Raven whereas the strawberry blonde’s read Sedona.

Raven gushed, “Oh Lacy! You look wonderful. You here for the tailing ceremony too?”

Grateful for someone with whom he could speak without being reprimanded, Thomas said quickly, in his best girly voice, “Yes. Are you?”

Sedona answered, “Oh God yes. And I am so scared.”

Raven nodded, so that her bells tingled, “I know.”

Thomas said, “I’ll be glad when it’s over.”

The two ponies appeared surprised.

“Well,” Thomas said, “I’ll have my tail back. Hated it when they took it off me.”

The two pony girls shared an expression of surprise.

Raven said, “You know there’s no going back do you? Once the ceremony is complete, that’s it.”

But Thomas couldn’t hear them, he was already whispering, “I mean look at these sluts around here showing off their tails. Bitches!”

Again Raven and Sedona shared a raised eyebrow with each other.

Raven said, “Has your Master told you what happens,” she paused for emphasis, “after the ceremony?”

“Oh, I have a Mistress.”

Raven said, “Ah. Lesbian?” Suddenly her face exploded with surprise. “Oh my God you’re a sissy. You look so convincing as a girl!”

Thomas giggled and blushed. “I know. It is amazing isn’t it.”

A tall man arrived, with a dark thin hair taking Raven’s leash from the trainer.

“Master!” Raven squealed, falling in to his arms.

The male led Raven away.

Sedona came closer to the wide eyed sissy pony. “I get what you say about the tail. I’d rather be caned than lose it, but aren’t you scared of having to be obedient for the rest of your life?”

“Hmmm?” Thomas asked, having been distracted by three pony girls racing past to the front seats. Their tails were so sexy. He was mesmerised by their motion.

Sedona said, “Lacy. Sweetie. Some sissies hate it though, don’t they?”

Thomas stared at her, feeling lost. “Don’t they like the uniform?”

Sedona gazed wide eyed at the quizzical pony girl before her. Just then she whooped.


A man pushed Thomas aside.

How rude, Thomas thought.

Then the man took the leash from the trainer and hauled his giggling trainee pony girl aside.

The two other trainers, now without a pony to oversee, left, leaving Thomas with his own trainer.

“Sir,” Thomas said to his trainer, “it is going to happen, isn’t it? I will get my tail?”

The Trainer thought for a moment and said, “So long as you don’t fuck up.”

Bit crude, Thomas thought, but said, “Thank you Sir.”

The Trainer took a grip on Thomas’s chin lifting his head to so that Thomas had to look the bully in the eyes.

“Just remember all you’ve been taught. Your walk. Make sure you wiggle when you walk. Keep your sissy voice going. Even if something frightens you. Remember the lisp. Voice at front of the mouth. Be polite and when …”

“But Sir,” Thomas interrupted. “It’s so hard remembering all of those things.”

The dumb bitch looked so anxious that the Trainer relaxed his grip and said, “You’ll be fine Lacy. A dumb arsed tramp like you will walk it.”

Thomas smiled. Oh, the Trainer could be so sweet when he wasn’t being horrid! “Thank you, Sir!”

He leaned forward to give his Trainer a kiss on the cheek, but the Trainer stepped away, leaving Thomas looking foolish.


Thomas turned just as Izabella, his wife, grabbed the leash from the Trainer.

“Oh Mistress!” Thomas was so delighted to see her that he raced into her arms.

She held him close making him feel safe and protected. He felt like weeping with joy. After his dreadful ordeal since his arrival, he was finally in the arms of the woman he loved and who loved him.

Suddenly, like a cut in a film, Izabella became business like, and pushed the pony girl back a few steps.

“Now pay attention, Lacy,” the Mistress said, “You remember all your voice coaching?”

“Well, yes, Mistress.” Thomas was uncertain. “I mean there were so many lessons! There’s so much to remember.”

His Mistress scowled, her face became hard. “Don’t you dare let me down Lacy!”

“Gosh I won’t Mistress. I promise.”

And he appeared from nowhere. Dressed all in black leather, with those piercing eyes drilling into Thomas’ soul.

The man who pompously called himself the Master. The guy who seemed to own the Manor, the stables and the grounds.

“The dumb bitch messing you around?”

“No Master,” Izabella said quickly with a giggle. “She’s just a bit nervous, aren’t you, Lacy?”

Thomas suddenly realised he couldn’t’ retreat too far away from the terrifying Master because of the leash. His mouth went dry as he stared at the tall man, “Yes Sir. That’s it.”

“You do as you told when you’re told. You speak when told when you’re told. Is that hard?”

There was so much menace in this horrible man’s voice that Thomas found his knees shaking.

“Yes Master. Of course, Master. No. Sorry. I mean, no, it isn’t hard Master.”

The Master thought for a moment and said, “Dumb bitch.” He looked at Izabella, “They are all too dumb to think for themselves. We do them a favour by collaring them.”

Izabella looked up with awe at her Master. “I know, Master. As you’ve told me, that’s why they need to be owned.”

The Master put a strong arm around her shoulders, brining her close. They gazed into each other’s eyes.

Thomas was horrified. Why is she looking at him like that? Had she ever looked at he, Thomas, with such an enthralled expression? It was almost hero worship. In fact, Thomas mused, it is hero worship!

Thomas felt the pain of jealousy. When he was allowed out of here and his collar unlocked and removed he would remind her who is man of the house.

Worse came.

Thomas watched with sickening horror as his wife rose on her toes to offer herself for a kiss.

This couldn’t be happening.

Then horror up on horror. They started nibbling at each other’s mouths.


Should Thomas say something?

It was as if his wife melted into the brute’s body. Thomas’ leash became less taut as his Mistress raised her hands to put them around the neck of the Master. Nevertheless, he was left rooted to the spot.

He was open mouthed as his wife submitted to a deep passionate lingering kiss from the appalling Master who had trapped Thomas into this position where he did not dare even protest.

He had seen his wife with a few men, as they played out Thomas’ cuckold fantasy, but his wife had never reacted in such a wanton way before.

Thomas felt anger, a long dark, impotent anger as his wife gave herself to another man, right there in front of everyone.

Finally, the Master pulled Izabella away leaving her gasping like a freshly landed fish.

She was breathless, “Master. Let’s go back to the Manor. I need it.”

“Slut,” sneered the Master. “No time. We need these dumb arsed pony girls up on stage so they can complete their change in life.”

Izabella looked stricken, but nodded her understanding.
Thomas felt obliged to defend her, as any husband might. Yet, of course, he wasn’t permitted to speak out of turn! Now he felt even more humiliated and helpless. As her husband, should he not protect her?

He had never before felt so lost and helpless. Not even when being spanked by the Trainer or pushed around by the dominant women at The Manor.

“Right Bimbo!” The brute of a Master said to Thomas. “We need to get your fat arse on stage!”

With that, The Master grabbed the leash and jerked the terrified Thomas towards the steps up to the platform.

Thomas just about heard the horrible man say, “No fucking escape for you now, bitch!”

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  1. What? As Basil Brush used to say (remember Basil Brush?) when ‘Mister Derek’ stopped in the middle of a story and closed his book: “But – but- but you can’t leave it there!” I was convinced we were going to see the Tailing Ceremony in this chapter, but you cut us off with a cliffhanger just before the start. O cruel Mistress Deborah! Unless the actual ceremony is going to happen off-screen? No, surely not… You wouldn’t…

    BTW nice irony that the golden blonde pony girl is called ‘Raven’, which would normally suggest jet-black hair. Or perhaps her master had it dyed.

  2. I know! And sadly there is another story I have to get out of my system before I write the last parts of this. Please try meditation (… or even medication … !) to help you get through.

    But fear not, the ceremony takes place front of house … in more ways than one.

    DF xxx

    1. [Kandi says: “Meditation? P’raps PL should try the Guided Visualisation thingey used by Mr Bridges in ‘Palmer’s Education’? But just imagine his shock when he comes out of it and finds he’s dressed like a sissy schoolgirl! Heehee!”]

      1. Ah indeed! But Mr bridges guided meditation makes you feel so good and relaxed. No one complains after experiencing it.

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