Site will be quieter than usual for a while

I’m writing a story that has grown into a novel. This is exciting to do but, alas, sucks away time for writing on here or my Reddit site. So please be patient for a little while.
That’s not to say there won’t be any posts on either of these sites, but less stories and comments.
Deborah Ford

18 thoughts on “Site will be quieter than usual for a while

  1. Great! I assume as it’s a novel, you’re intending to publish it on Amazon or somewhere else. I’m sure we’ll all be prepared to wait while you’re writing it.

    Er – any teasers as to what it’s about?

    1. Yes, it is growing beyond the short story stages. As for a tease, how about …

      -suppose the cuck despises the Bull, but the wife needs the Bull’s cock and the cuck needs to watch. Suppose the Bull loves humiliating and debasing the cuck in front of the wife? So after the Bull is told by the cuck that the cuck can ‘reclaim the wife whenever he wishes, how will the Bull react. ‘gulp’!

    1. Thank you Lissa. And as ever thank you for all your hard work on your web site and new Discord group

  2. This silent must become the silent be-four the storm.

    Wish you good luck for your stores … by the way how old you are? no.. no i am not asking your age i just want to know your health is okay i mean … in growing age so many health issues… so i wish long and healthy wealthy life for you.

    1. Thank you for your concern, Arvi.

      All is well health wise, and hope all the readers of this site are in fine fettle too.

      I am sharing stuff on my reddit site, but only because that is a good deal easier than here. I do want to get this book out of my system, and sadly that always takes me an age.


  3. Good day, Miss Ford.

    I wanted to share this here (and maybe you’ll enjoy it enough to share more?). An idea I had – a kernel for something more expansive, though I haven’t gotten there. A piece of it (the maths part under Dum DOwn Pluss) is inspired by one of my absolute favoritest parts of The Hotel.

    Anyway, if things are slower here, I thought I’d share my little idea – any maybe some people will enjoy. I hope so!

  4. Oh my Tiffy! wonderfully wicked! may i add your advice to this blog and my reddit page? I am sure it will be gratefully received

    Deborah Ford

  5. Hi Ms Ford!

    Hope the new work is coming along—truly cannot wait! (Maybe the next one can be about the difficulties sissies can encounter when their literary stimulation is withdrawn?) Any chance of an advance preview or tease?

    In the mean time, could you suggest other new authors who write on similar topics? There is a lot out there, but hard to weed through. And love the others you have noted on your site.

    Many thanks and kisses!


    1. Ah. I wish the world were full of people writing this sort of work. There arent. I guess it is because the fetish is so narrow.

      Missy is by far the stand-out for me, but that is a personal choice, and there are many others to be found around the web. But even Fictionmania seems to have died down recently with tales of sissy cucks, strong willed bulls and sexy wives.

      In fact please suggest any that you have come across of late.

      My latest book is finished and just doing a last run through. Should be out early autumn (Fall).

      I’ve been waylaid over a promotional video I am doing for the book. That should be out within a week, and you’ll see why it took so long. It’s taking up way too much time, but becoming something of a work in itself.

      Thank you as ever Chloe.

      As you know I update the Reddit site more than this one, as it is easier to share pics and items.

      Deborah Ford

  6. Thank you for your kind note, Miss Ford.

    I do love the stories in Missy’s Vault. Where might one find more?


    1. Chloe, That is because they are brilliant!

      Go to and under SEARCH, go to AUTHOR LIST, and then to M and then to MISSY.

      Sorry, I can’t see a way to do a direct link to her stories on that site

      But once you reach the store for Missy’s tales, you will be spoilt for choice. There are 25 to choose from!

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