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  1. The two choices are not necessarily exclusive. Certainly a Mistress may be having ‘a good fun time’ while she metes out serious punishment! For the maid it’s more problematic, although I think there are some maids (not all) who don’t feel fulfilled unless they’ve received heavy punishment.

    One small pointer- if this were a hand spanking it would almost certainly be a fun time. The fact that the Mistress is using an implement of some kind (can’t quite seewhat it is) suggests this may be more serious. And I like it that the maid is gagged. If ‘she’ can’t scream the experience, good or bad, is likely to be all the more intense.

    But i think the clip is too short to enable us to decide definitely either way.

  2. The clip is too short, and I’ll see if I can find the source.

    An interesting discussion PL, and quite right, there is a difference between a real punishment and a playtime session. One shouldn’t forget the maintenance spanking, an important part of ensuring good discipline in the home.

    Deborah Ford

  3. Ohhhh, I think it’s a bit of both! The maid thought he was in for a little bit of fun at playing at dress up. However, the Mistress had other plans and decided to escalate the situation and use it as a teaching moment for the silly little maid.

    I mean, the video clearly shows the look of amusement on the Mistress’s face watching the maid’s expression shift from carefree amusement to bewilderment and humiliation at the realization that their “temporary fun-time” is now going to be the sissy maids permanent new reality!! *squirms*

    1. Well observed, Kitty. A foolish sissy maid getting more than she had planned for!

      Deborah Ford

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