A wonderful App idea – over to you, geeks

Many of you will know Tiffy as an active contributor to this site, but you may not be aware of her amazing imagination. Here is an idea for an App, that she posted into her Tumblr group, that I repeat here for your enlightenment.




My dream app

Purpose: Master or Mistress can’t be expected to always be paying attention to needy littly subs like me – and there’s something so delicious about uncaring mechanical control, right? This (fantasy) app helps address that issue.

How does it work?

Stage 1 of this little fantasy of mine was simple enough: The app makes the phone’s facial recognition algorithm much more strict. Every time you pick up the phone to use it, the phone will ONLY recognize you if you’re smiling. If not, you get a message to “Smile more! You’re pretty when you smile.” Then, once it accepts your facial recognition, it turns on your camera showing you your face for one full minute — and what girl isn’t going to use that minute to check her makeup and make sure she looks pretty, right? (Optional countdown clock a la Jeopardy and pink confetti fluttering along the borders of your image. Followed by a “good girl” message (cuz everyone loves that!)) Simple conditioning to make you focus on your appearance. And just think about how often you pick up and look at your phone every day!

But we all know Masters and Mistresses are much more devious and cruel (*shiver*) than that. Which leads to some variations that Master or Mistress can turn on – of course using a code to ensure the sub using the phone can’t turn it off. 

Stage 2 involves a peripheral … and pairing that peripheral (locking shock collar) to the phone and app. Now the fun begins. Now you have a Master/Mistress … and a Machine. All of which have expectations – and a means to punish you if you fall short. 

In Stage 2, the app takes your makeup check a step further. Upon opening the camera for you to see your face, it takes a quick picture and uses its own algorithm to determine whether there are any shortcomings in your makeup. Maybe a smudge in your lipstick or a little eyeliner out of place? Once your minute is up, it compares the new you to the old. If you failed to correct your makeup – BZZZZT! Accompanied by “Fix your makeup, bitch. Are you stupid?” (Text is customizable.) Now every time you pick up your phone, there’s a little knot in your belly about whether you will be good enough. Every text or email will make you just a little nervous. 

Stage 3. But don’t consider ignoring those messages! Stage 3 first uses the phone’s gyroscope and camera to ensure it is always face up. Starting with Stage 3, whenever you get any alert on any platform, your phone will begin to display pictures of cocks. Sure there are other means of getting your attention, but this is much more humiliating. Better not leave your phone sitting on your desk or on the table at lunch. You never know when a stream of cocks will explode. (And if you decide to put it face down – BZZZT! Silly girl. You know better than that.) As soon as you pick up your phone to check your messages, the cock pictures will stop – and you’re into Stage 1 and 2 to unlock your phone. Did someone see the cock pics? Feeling frazzled and humiliated? Too bad! Better smile for the app!

Extended ideas: – Dimmer: As soon as it’s downloaded, the app deletes any other apps that are “too smart,” including news apps, magazines, weather, current events. It has a series of recommended apps and bookmarks to download (mostly fashion and makeup focused, along with a series of “how to please a man” or “how to please a woman” instructionals). – Dum DOwn Pluss: App regularly asks you simple questions – and shocks you if you answer correctly. Spelling words, doing math equations. But here’s the trick: Whatever you answer (incorrectly) the first time is now the only answer every time. Master or Mistress knows this … but sub only learns by doing. “What’s 2+2?” Answering 4 gets you a shock. Simple enough. So you answer 5. No shock. Stupid app. Day 2 brings up “how do you spell ‘hi’?” Uncertainly, you type in Hiiiii! – and get no shock. Lesson learned. Every day, new math and spelling. Two weeks later, the app circles back to 2+2. You know better than to answer 4, so you answer 22. BZZZT! What? Why? (And here, at the grocery store? Did anyone see my reaction?) You answer 4, another shock. 3? Shock. 5! No shock. How long will it take you to realize your previous answer is the new answer? And how many of the letter “i” did you put into “Hiiii!” anyway?  – More dummer: App turns off all spellcheck/autocorrect functions and disables backspace/delete. It enables it’s own search/replace using the dictionary you created using Dum DOwn Pluss for all emails/texts. 

Really, the options are neverending. App pairs with a calorie counter and fitness app. App works to lower your stability by giving you little shocks that wake you up randomly through the night while you’re sleeping. App pairs with your calendar to wake you up more often on nights when you really need to sleep for that important presentation or whatever (but really, what dummy has an important presentation, right? What a silly idea). App adds to the cock pics in Stage 2 with humiliating sounds from porn videos (particulary the ones it has record of you watching). Then there is app taking all of the photos it has of you and opening dating profiles and/or posting to your own social media. 

Is it still under the control of your Master/Mistress? When was the last time you even heard from them? Is your life just run by this app now? That’s making money by selling access to you and your story to perverts around the world? 

so, really, this is a whole world or story possibilities, it sounds like. If anyone wants to write some, feel free! I’d love to see what you come up with. Please tag #TiffyApp wherever you go so I can see it. 

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  1. Thanks for your amazingly kind words! Your stories have been so inspirational! It’s lovely to hear someone whose work I appreciate so much having such nice things to say about me!

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