And finally … First Deborah Ford book in 3 years!


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William’s arrogance as a conceited cuck receives a devastating comeback when his wife’s latest Bull, Brandon, decides to crush the cuck completely in the wife’s eyes. William brags that he can always reclaim his wife, once the Bull has left. Words that will change his life forever as Brandon sets about changing the household dynamic and making William, now Willa, work full time as a waitress in the demanding Nighthawk Club. William’s wife, Kayla becomes a strict no nonsense Mistress of the House.


Please be warned: This is a dark take on the stories of the dumb, cuckold sissy, locked in chastity, trapped in lingerie, forced to be at the beck and call of dominant men, women and even his own wife. It includes full advice to other Bulls on how to engineer the cuck’s downfall and completely win over the wife.

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Deborah Ford

14 thoughts on “And finally … First Deborah Ford book in 3 years!

  1. Fantastic that you are back 🙂 One sentence in your book, i will tell my own little sissy before i reclaim her is “As if nature knew where to put it for sissies” She will be so degraded. Thank you again Deborah

  2. I’m working my way through the book, taking it nice and slowly, like the story. I love the bondage that ‘Wlla’s’ been put into! Looking forward to ‘her’ getting sent to the club. I note that the title as published has been slightly amended from what it was in the promotional video.

    1. Thank you, hope you enjoy it, PL.

      Yes, a very light change of title before publication. Thought it refelcted the nature of the book better.


  3. My honest opinion, some good, some bad. I loved the way it started and ended and the connection between, a lot, that was perfect. I was not personally a fan of what happened between, it felt like a lot of filler and made it difficult to take things slow as I could feel it going somewhere, slowly shambling like a sissy in heels for the first time without a trainer, as a result I wound up reading it all in one sitting and only really enjoying the beginning and the end. Most of your works have matured for me over time, i didn’t enjoy club zer0 nine until reading it again a few years later, so maybe that’ll still happen here, but at present, personally I find the majority of the middle of the book disappointing, but loved how it started and ended.


    I’m so glad to see this – and looking forward to reading it!!!

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