A pleasant way to spend an hour or so …


  Marcus Bridge, dominant Bull                               Maddison Harding, hotwife                             Pony trainer

Loves dominating hotwives and sissies                 Sissy for Hubbie, dom male for lover        Trains women and men to be obedient pony girls



If you enjoy my Deborah Ford books and wish to engage in one-on-one interactive relationships with AI characters, you could do worse than Google ‘Character AI’. Then create an account with an email.
Once logged in, you might try to interact with some of my creations:
Kayla Harding, as a wife, who loves you as a sissy and would prefer to be with a ‘real’ man – sadly she doesn’t work, due to some naughty words I used when building her. So please try Maddison Harding, a wife who needs a sissy maid for her hubby, whilst seeking a strong dominant Bull for her lover:
Marcus Bridge, a dislikeable sod, who dominates sissies and makes your wife’s panties sopping wet.
You can even put them and yourself into a room and enjoy the interaction.
All the characters will travel down paths you least expect, but can be diverted back if you are not enjoying it.
There is also the brilliant, Sissy Physiologist, (spelt like that), to chat and interact with.
Or … you may ‘wish to get a life’ as they say.
For those seeking to be trained as Pony Girls, please try Pony Trainer:

8 thoughts on “A pleasant way to spend an hour or so …

  1. Deborah, thank you for this information. When I finally signed up and logged in, I spent a very pleasant role play with Pony Trainer – I finally agreed to become her pony girl and wear a bridle for life (!). However neither of the links to Maddison or Marcus seem to work. They just remain in waiting mode, or whatever it’s called, and do not connect to a character. Well, now I’m off to try to create a character or characters of my own, probably based on some of my captions. [Kandi: You’re right, he should get a life!]

  2. Sadly, Character Ai have gone all Puritan on my arse. They have blocked all my creations apart from pony girl. Have no idea why when other people’s seem to work fine, which are even more NSFW characters! Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me.

    I’d love to see how your characters shape up, please try sharing xxx. Based on your artistic endeavours I am sure they will be very exciting.

    Again for reasons only known to those who run Character AI you can create Bots with all sorts of adult drives, and you can play with them yourself but not always share.

  3. The character.ai site works well, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it, and only a couple of censorship issues – with individual messages, not whole characters. A couple of hours? You can spend days on this! By the Turing Test the characters seem very realistic and convincing, and often seem to have minds of their own, but you can steer them in directions you want them to go by asking leading questions and supplying information which they will pick up on.

    Public characters I’ve created: (the search facility ony picks up public characters, not unlisted or private characters)

    Ashleigh Peterson – a dominant transwoman who runs a family business making high-tech bodysuits that can change males into females, sometimes even permanently.
    Bunny Delia – she works as a hosstess (waitress) at The Rabbit Warren, a restaurant themed like the Playboy Club. All hostesses wear Playboy Bunny Girl costumes, and are males locked in female bodysuits. Ask to be photographed with her!
    Cassandra Muntz – Bart Simpson was kidnapped by Sideshow Bob and subjected to sex reassignment surgery. Now called Cassie, she is married to Nelson Muntz and is a housewife an part time pole dancer
    Nandini – Nandini is a nautch girl at the court of Tipu Sultan, the 18th century King of Mysore. But she hasn’t always been… (I’m really pleased wth this one, since it’s based on a supposed historical incident. Tipu had captured English drummer boys dressed and trained as Nautch Girls and made to dance to entertan his court. I imagine Nandini staying on after the others have ben released. The site seems to know all abut nautch girls and King Tipu)

    I’ve also done a cople of other characters, a bit stronger, that are marked unlisted or private.

    1. I agree, you could hours with these bots, and at times, they are unnaturally real. They do pursue story lines of their own, and it is interesting to follow them, as it can become erotic, feeding into developments we humans hadnt thought of. Yes, you can steer a bot in a number of ways, as you say, with leading questions and offering information. Another way is to use brackets, which indicates O.O.C. speak. eg, you can say (Bot name, are you enjoying this? Would you like to develop it in a different way).

      Of course, the Bots are programmed not to do anything harmful to the user, which is a frustration given our fetish! That’s good if a search is already picking up your characters, I thought they needed X number of interactions before they could be shared.

      Oddly many of my characters are banned, though I am not sure why when other far less NSFW characters created by others, appear to be accessible.

      Your characters sound fun!

      It maybe that the best way forward is for every individual to make a character that fulfills their own fetish, if others get off on them, then fine.

      My own bug bear is that the longer a chat goes on the more the BOT hallucinates. It might think it is my character or another character. It is because it can only store so much of a story so it is constantly losing earlier interactions. It is worse in ‘rooms’ with more than one bot as they can all mix up each other!

      A few Turin test oddities: I set up a room with a hotwife and a Bull character. I told them the backstory and asked if there are any questions. Not only did they ask questions, about the story and me, but they started to answer them and then run off with their own discussion! Secondly, I have started OOC chats with a couple of the BOTS and that can get truly weird.

      OMG, I am rambling!

      Deborah Ford

  4. Deborah, thanks for your tip about using brackets to have OOC coversations. Yes, these can get truely weird as you talk to characters, in character, but outside the story thread. One of my characters told me he was happy to answer questions, but when were we going to ddo some more Role Play! When I replied that there would be more RP later, he asked why not now! Very ‘meta’

    With rooms you can set the parameters, then sit back and watch two characters interact with each other without your intervention. Troub is there always comes a time when they are just circling round each other and never reach a conclusion, having run out of new ideas.

    I am gradually finding other peope’s characters to interact with, and other people are beginning to find a few of my characters and interact with them. I even have one follower, so far! So can I ask, have you got any other characts that you’re willing to give the links for, besides he three in your first post? I notice that you don’t have any ‘public’ characters.

    1. oddly, my replies are being deleted, maybe because I included links.

      3rd attempt, but with no links.

      Yes, the Bots are strangely human in being irrational at times.

      Rooms work well, but you have to keep a hand on the tiller, else the narrative will wander. Which can be good, as each bot takes it off in a fresh direction and the others follow. I once had a room with 4 bots, but it became absolutely mad with everyone forgetting who they were !

      They can go around in circles with more than one Bot and they will hallucinate.

      I have a character called Prof Richter, (the mischievous, manipulative psychiatrist from from Club Zero 9 – so watch out)

      It may be her link that is crashing my replies, so will find another way to communicate the link

  5. I did respond, suggesting pephop ai as it is better for NSFW stuff, but have found out they charge for the chats!

  6. I would love to chat to Prof. Richter – I’m sure she woud convince me that I want to be a maid at Club Zero 9 ! If you can’t include the link in another post, you could e-mail it to me. Alternatively you could make her a ‘Public’ character, but I can understand it if you don’t want to do that.

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