Austin and Riley Part Sixteen







You may think that after a week of being Riley’s maid, Austin would have become weary of the daily routine, but surprisingly there was barely a dull moment. Oh yes, the constant cleaning and ironing were a drudge but the outfits and dressing for each other was great fun. Likewise, shopping, rather than being a mundane chore had become a daily buzz for them both. Matching tops with bottoms, and then with shoes and bags involved huge amounts of time and chatting.

Austin’s favourite was the lingerie shopping. Then the giggling pair would spend way too much time, money and effort on their sprees. After which they would spend hours doing fashion shows for each other.

When they were out, their relationship was like two fashion conscious teenagers, but it was a different matter when they were in the house. The Mistress/maid paradigm was central to their interactions. One was the boss and the other a lowly employee, and the boss rarely let the maid forget her place.

This is where life became fraught for poor Austin.

That day, Riley had bought them matching basques, panties, stockings and heels.

They both giggled at the thought of Corbin’s reaction when he told them to strip out of their dresses and they emerged as a matching, sexy pair of girls dressed exactly the same.

So over his own black, frilly basque, Austin pulled on his hotel maid dress, the rose pink one, being their favourite, and tied up the apron.

With Riley in such a good, giggly frame of mind, Austin said, “Mistress. Do you think you could ask Sir for the key to my chastity device tonight?”

The laughing stopped, giving way to a troublesome silence, as Riley pulled down her sky blue dress over her basque, flattening it around her thighs over her stocking tops.

Her lips tightened and Austin lowered his head. He had become terrified of her mood swings.

He pleaded quietly, “But Mistress, it’s been over six days. Please. You said today that you were proud of your maid.”

Her eyes glittered with anger. “I am getting fed up with your me-me-me attitude maid.”

Quickly, Austin cut in with, “Sorry Mistress.”

She approached him, her eyes fixed hard on her troublesome servant.

“If Sir thought you warranted another release, then it would have happened, wouldn’t it?”

“Well, yes Mistress,” he said doubtfully, “But you know what Corbin is like …”


Oh my God, what had prompted Austin to use Sir’s actual name? It had just come out.

“Mistress, sorry. Really. I don’t know where that came from ….I …I …”

Impatiently, she emphasised each word, “Go and stand facing the wall. Right now!”

“Yes Mistress. Of course, Mistress.”

He trotted on his heels to face the wall, not daring to turn around as he heard her approach from behind.

“Sir says I spoil you,” she said.

Spoil him? Unless they were out shopping or having lunch in a café, he never stopped performing chores around the house, but he said, “Yes Mistress.”

“I get you a new outfit almost every day.”

Austin knew that she enjoyed dressing him, but replied, “Yes Mistress.”

This was not a time to rock the boat.

“Do you know what I am going to do with you, maid?”

A tremor of fear nibbled at his tummy. He most of all dreaded the cane, as Mistress had become very adept at using that under the insistent instruction of Sir.

“No Mistress. Please. I am so sorry. It really won’t happen again.”

Oh Jesus, the power. She closed her eyes, feeling her entire being pulsate with the sense of unrelenting dominance she had over her sissy maid. She would give anything to show off her command over her cute maid to her friends and the neighbours. Demonstrate how powerful she really was. That would be a shock to those who only saw her as a submissive, girly wife.

“Oh maid, no it will never happen again. I am going to get you to tell Sir what you said.”

She saw her maid’s shoulders crunch up with distress and heard his sharp intake of air. It made her grin and feel light headed with power. Why had she never done this before? Her dumb cuck of a sissy maid, as Sir referred to her hubby, had always begged her to be his Mistress. Somehow it had seemed perverted and silly in the past, yet now it felt totally right, natural even.

Here she was relishing the shaking, crushed maid’s reactions.

“M-m-mistress. Please no. Perhaps the cane would be too much …”

She laughed. Her maid was frightened of her using the cane, so the fact that Austin mentioned it demonstrated how terrified he was of her threat. She had him!

“Well, why don’t we see what Sir says?” She just had to rub it in, “You never know maid. He might be say the cane is too much of a punishment. What do you think Sir will feel about you using his Christian name?”

Austin’s stockinged knees trembled. He felt abject misery. “Please, Mistress, I don’t think he’ll like it. Oh, please Mistress, you punish me. We don’t have to tell him.”

She grinned, “I see maid. So you are suggesting we lie to Sir?”

“No! No!” Oh, why did everything he said, seem so wrong? Why didn’t he keep his dumb trap shut?

“Well, maid.” Riley’s voice was hoarse, and her pussy sopping damp. “You can tell Sir how you used his Christian name and then how you suggested lying about it. How about that?”

It was with some effort that Austin remained glaring with watery eyes at the wall. How he wanted to spin around and beg his Mistress not to make him do any such thing.

“I am so sorry, Mistress. I promise I have learned my lesson.”

Her tongue tapped at her top lip, “Well why don’t you show me how well behaved you can be and phone Sir, and ask if he can call around for lunch? Tell him you have something to say to him.”

Austin stamped his heeled foot, “Please Mistress! No.”

“Use your phone, maid, so he knows who is calling. Do it now.”

Austin picked up his mobile phone from the bedside cabinet and hunted with shaking fingers for Sir’s number. Corbin was even called Sir on his phone list, as he was on his Mistress’ phone list.

With damp eyes he tried one final time, “Please Mistress, I promise …”

“Do it!” That scary glare from his wife ended the discussion like a car hitting a concrete wall.

He pressed the green call button, feeling totally sick.

The phone rang a few times, and Austin prayed that Sir couldn’t answer.

But then the dreaded click and the familiar voice:

“Hey, dumb sissy. What’s happening?”

Austin’s jaw shook up and down, but words didn’t come out until he finally said, “Please, Sir, Mistress and I wonder if you’d be kind enough to join us for lunch today.”

“Yeh, I guess. Tell her that’s fine.”

Riley leaned close to her blonde maid and said, “Tell him you have something to say to him.”

Closing his eyes, Austin said quickly, “Thank you Sir. I have something to say to you.”

Corbin laughed. “Well that sounds wild. Not sure if a maid has anything to say to her master, but I looking forward to it. See you near one. Got it?”

“Yes Sir.”

As the line went dead, Austin stared helplessly at his Mistress. Tears had now welled up, blurring his eyes.

Riley, said, “Aw,” and cuddled her poor, helpless maid tightly.

She patted his bottom through his dress, and said, “Good maid. It isn’t easy being a well behaved maid, is it?”

He tried to say no, but just blubbed.

The ordeal ahead of him was unimaginable as he knew Corbin was capable of anything to keep him in his place as a lowly maid.

So at quarter to one, you can imagine the trepidation felt by Austin as he stood in his rose pink, hotel tunic, just inside his front door, holding the silver tray with the glass of scotch for Sir.

Sir had put up a full length mirror just at the end of the hallway so that Austin would be forced to look at himself as he obediently awaited Sir’s arrival. Initially he would look away from the humbling image of himself as a maid, but his eyes would be hauled back by his sissy brain’s insistence on checking his blonde pixie hair style, his lacy maid’s cap. Then he would have to examine his make up. Mistress was a stickler for getting the eyes and the lips right.

Then he would examine the hotel tunic for wrinkles and check that the frilly white apron was perfectly aligned. Obviously, his ego took in his legs which both Mistress and Sir always complimented him on. He knew it was the strappy high heels that made them look good, and he did smile at the thought of the compliments.

Sir preferred the silver tray, saying it was befitting that he should be served with his scotch in a sturdy cut glass tumbler from a silver tray. But oh my, his arms ached so much.

Mistress would send him to his position fifteen minutes early in case Sir arrived before his allotted time. But Sir was always late, and Austin had to shift around, from one heeled foot to the other as he remained obediently in his position.

But today there was the added fear of knowing he was going to have to tell Sir, that he had used his first name. He closed his eyes, how foolish had he been? Sometimes the wait for the punishment is punishment enough for a maid. If only Sirs and Mistresses knew how the horrible ache of waiting for chastisement ground down silly, helpless maids.

The key clicking through the tumblers of the door, shook Austin to stand at full attention. The scotch washed around the glass, but thankfully nothing spilled out.

Sir was wearing his usual business suit, grey this time, that looked as if it cost a fortune, but instead of his briefcase, he carried a small polyethene shopping bag.

As customary, the bull took in the submissive maid holding his drink, with a superior grin.

“Just look at you. Don’t you look hot and cute!”

Blushing, Austin looked down and giggled. “Thank you, Sir.”

Sir was in a good mood. How he and Mistress hated it when Sir arrived back from work grumpy and ready to lash out at them.

“I’ve got a present for you!” Sir held up the small shopping bag and shook it.

Austin beamed, “Oh, thank you Sir.”

Sir laughed.

“Dumb bitch, it could be a spiked dildo!”

Austin giggled at his own foolishness and automatically said, “Yes, Sir. Sorry Sir.”

Then Sir was racing into the sitting room.

Austin clip clopped in his heels behind him, keeping the tray and drink upright.

“Hey Slut!” Sir said.

Austin arrived as his Mistress threw herself into Sir’s arms.

As she peeled back from his kiss, she said, “Oh, we’ve missed you. Haven’t we maid?”

On cue, Austin said, “Yes, Sir. We’ve missed you.”

As ever with a sissy maid, the thoughts of the ordeal ahead of telling Sir he had used his Christian name had evaporated from his empty mind. Now he was totally engrossed with the compliments from Sir and seeing the excitement of his Mistress in the arms of her powerful lover.

Wrapping his arm around the bare shoulders of the wife, to demonstrate his ownership, Corbin said, “Hey dumb cuck, fetch me your phone. I have a surprise for you.”

“Yes, Sir!”

A delighted Austin slid the tray carefully onto the coffee table so that he didn’t spill a drop of scotch and scurried out to the hallway where he had left his mobile on a small table.

When he returned, his Mistress and Sir were grappling together in a passionate embrace.

His mindless joy was chased away by the irritation of seeing his wife, his love, his life, giving herself to another man. Resentment burnt within Austin. The regrets of their current situation clouded into his mind. Jealousy and self loathing for allowing it to happen filled his being.

At that moment he hated the bull more than ever, yet loved and cherished his wife more than he had ever done.

Corbin settled on the sofa, dragging the placid Riley onto his lap. He noticed the maid standing in her neat uniform holding her phone.

“Ah,” Corbin said, as if waking up. “Get your sim out of that phone. Now.”

“Yes Sir.”

Austin used a paper clip from a drawer to force out the tiny rectangular plastic.

“Now open the bag and take out your new phone.”

A new phone? Austin was delighted. Sir had bought him a new phone? Aw, Sir  could be so thoughtful.

Then the shock. Followed by the tummy churning understanding. The parts fell into place.

Austin’s new phone was bubblegum pink. Oh God. He obviously couldn’t be seen with that!

“Sir, I …. Er …”

“Now be a good girl and put your sim into your new phone.”

Unable to argue, or even offer his own feelings on the matter, Austin did as instructed.

“Now give me your new phone.”

As soon as Austin’s hand was close to him, the bull snatched the bright pink phone from the confused maid and turned it on.

Riley curled up her black stockinged legs on the sofa, and with her hand resting on her Bull’s strong shoulders stared at the screen as the phone awoke.

“Aw,” she said, “Isn’t Sir the kindest Sir in the world?”

“Shut it,” Corbin said as he set about the settings on the phone. “I’m concentrating.”

Within seconds, a familiar tune belted out of the small phone …

“I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world …”

Riley giggled. “Oh, maid. How right is that for you?”

Austin was beside himself, “But mistress …”

Corbin, said, “Shut it, both you dumb sluts. I’m busy here.”

From behind her lover’s shoulder, Riley shared an, ‘aren’t we naughty’ smile with her cute maid. Two girls together.

Austin dared not return it in case the brute noticed him smiling.

Not that Corbin had eyes for anything other than the screen, as he hit the buttons with ever increasing speed. Occasionally pausing as he checked the screen for information.

At long last he chuckled nastily.

“There you go Sissy. That is the only phone you are permitted.”

He handed the luminous pink phone back to a shocked Austin.

The screen on the surface showed the phrase: “I need dominant men”, with a picture of a tough looking black male staring out.

Austin knew he could change everything once Corbin left, but still. It was a hell of a humbling situation to be in.

Corbin kept his eyes on the shocked maid as he said to Riley. “The phone will send you every detail the maid has on the phone. Where she is. Any messages she sends or gets, and phone numbers she calls. All her web activity. You’ll be able to keep an eye on her at all times.”

“Oh my!” Riley loved that idea. So much control over her maid! “But Sir, what if she changes the settings? I wouldn’t want her losing that Barbie song. It’s gorgeous for her.”

Corbin settled back into the sofa, squeezing her shoulders, his eyes holding on the maid.

“Well, the phone is now locked. And only I know the pass code. I’ll even be sent details if the dumb cuck tries to get around the lock. Na. She can’t do anything about it.”

The wife looked up at her dazed hubby in his hotel maid’s uniform, “Oh my God. That is amazing! I love it!”

“It gets better,” the bull said, a smug grin stretching his face. “I’m gonna do the same on her pc and laptop. Put child locks on it so she can only view sites we allow her to use. We’ll be able to watch her emails in and out, and chats. Everything we want.”

Closing her eyes, Riley growled. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“Sir, please, I ….” Austin’s face was wide with pleading.

Corbin laughed. “What’s the matter, maid, don’t you want your Mistress and Sir to know what pervy sites you go to?” He looked at the sleepy-eyed wife, “I wonder what the maid’s frightened of.”

Riley leaned forward on the sofa, so her soft boobs jiggled in the light blue, tight, dress, “You are not allowed a single private thought from me, maid. Oh, Jesus. This is such a turn on!” She kissed the rough, unshaven Corbin. “Oh Sir. It so fantastic owning a maid so totally.”

Corbin nodded, “And who have you got to thank for this?”

Coiling her legs up beneath her so she was kneeling, Riley put her hands on her lover’s shoulders. “It is all down to you. I owe you everything, Sir.”

Austin stood up straight. This was outrageous! How dare she look at this bully like that! How dare this mindless thug assume so much ownership over his wife.

Jealousy gave way to rage and envy.  Yet the rage was empty as he dared not even say anything. He gritted his teeth. Once Sir was gone, he would make it clear to his Mistress, that she had to make a choice. Him or that brute.

As the maid burnt with a rage he was not permitted to express, Riley was lost in complete adoration. Adoration that showed in her every moment and every wide eyed stare at her God. She placed her palm flat on his face, loving the roughness of his stubble in comparison to the smooth cheeks of her hubby.

“I love you.”

Of course, the foolish sissy didn’t understand that a woman when aroused utters those words, often to regret them later. Austin’s anger boiled over.

“Mistress! No. You can’t say that!”

The mood was broken, and Riley flashed her dark narrow eyed glare at her maid.

“What did you dare say?”

Austin swallowed. Why hadn’t he kept his mouth shut and waited until after Sir had left. He took a step back in his heels and brought his palms down to the front of his service uniform, the way maids do when caught out by their betters.

Pissed off at his slut moving away from him, Corbin said, “Just hang on a second you two dumb bitches.”

Riley had shuffled to the edge of the sofa, her own heels now back on the carpet. She leaned forward, her dress tightening around her breasts.

“Don’t you dare speak when Sir and I are together!”

Austin looked down at the carpet wishing to escape to the safety of the kitchen. “Sorry Mistress.”

Corbin leapt to his feet in that effortless manner athletes exhibit when moving quickly.

“Maid, fetch the cane!”

“Yes Sir!”

Almost grateful to leave the warzone in the sitting room, Austn raced to the cupboard under the stairs where Sir had insisted he keep one of his canes. Sir wanted a cane to hand where ever he was in the house.

As the maid returned with the terrifying instrument he saw, Riley step close to Sir, and put her hands on his shoulders.

“Aw, Sir. Leave it to me. You know she hates the cane.”

Rather than embracing her as he would normally do, Corbin pushed her backwards.

“It’s not just her getting the cane. I’ve had enough of both you!”

Riley stood straight up, so that her perky bottom, nicely pushed up against the tight blue dress. “Sir? Me? But it was the maid who …”

“Quiet slut,” Corbin said in that quiet, authoritative voice he used when he expected to be obeyed. “You Mistresses are all the same. You think you are above a good spanking.”

Riley placed her hands on her hips, as her stare became defiant. “If you even think about spanking me, especially in front of my maid, then we are finished.”

There is an expression Corbin adopts that truly irritates Austin. It is a cocky grin that pushes up one side of his face. It seems to be saying, ‘look at me, I’m master of the world’.

That was exactly the appearance he had now, as he looked down on a woman he regarded as an easy slut.

Corbin spoke evenly, “That’s up to you. But right now, you and your mouthy maid are going to get a caning you won’t forget.”

With those words, Riley lost all confidence. Her minor rebellion melted away to trepidation.

In desperation, Riley gabbled quickly: “Sir. The maid used your Christian name today!”

Austin threw her hands to her pretty mouth and gasped. Oh no!

Corbin’s attention was now full on the trembling maid. “What?”

“Yes Sir,” Riley said, her words tumbling out as she sought escape from her punishment. “And she said we shouldn’t tell you.”

Austin couldn’t believe the betrayal. “Mistress!”

Now the world’s attention was focused on Corbin. What would Sir do.

He appeared to relax, “Maid, into the dining room, and face two of the chairs to the large mirror. Then I want you both bent over them.”

Neither the Mistress nor the Sissy moved.

Riley started to say some words, but she was cut short by Sir, saying, quite evenly, “Now.”

Two slack jawed girls moved hypnotically into the dining room. Surely this wasn’t happening.


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