Club Zerø 9 Story – Serine Learns a lesson She will Never Forget

edited 30/05/16

Another free story from the Club Zerø 9

As you know the Club Zerø 9 trains many sissy husbands to learn their respectful positions in the relationship between their wives and their lovers, but we get to hear about so few.

I told you about Sabine and now learn about her sister Serine. Both joined the club at the same time and both passed the three-week training period, after which they are allowed to serve their new owners at home. Serine is about to learn a lesson she will not forget, and that must be a hell of a lesson because airhead maids often forget.

If you haven’t read either of the Club Zerø 9 books, please do not be distraught as this is a self-contained story.

The usual rules apply. Sensitive sissies should find a comfortable place to sit and have enjoyed a light lunch before attempting this tale. If you feel the vapors coming on, then wave a frilly handkerchief to demonstrate your level of distress.

Club Zerø 9 Story – Serine learns a Lesson she will NEVER forget!

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Club Zerø 9 Story – Serine learns a Lesson she will NEVER forget!

Serine carefully checked her pink maid’s uniform, flattening it down with the palms of her hands. As soon as she raised her hands so the skirt bounced back into the flared position, buoyed up by the flouncy petticoats beneath it.

The pink uniform was indeed humbling. What had seemed exciting all those weeks before she joined the Club Zero 9 was now nothing short of humiliating.

Back then, when she was allowed to call herself a ‘he’ and posessed three maid’s uniforms, one of which was pink. Of course that had become tatty over the years and his wife, Bekah, detested it. In fact, she detested him dressing back in those days.

So, he would wait until she was out and dress up. He would chat online until aroused before having a play. Once he had cum he would hurriedly undress and crush away his garments into the drawer in the spare room. Bekah would not allow him to store them in their bedroom.

Of course that collection had long since been thrown out. Bekah and her lover, Mister Logia, bought him a new wardrobe. Serine’s protests about not wanting to be a maid for the rest of his life were met with a sound thrashing from Mister Logia.

Seline rubbed her bottom at the thought of Mr. Logia’s slipper hammering his panty clad bottom, before his wife. Fortunately, he then took Bekah to the master bedroom where they had noisy sex, so she didn’t see him blubbering for an hour afterwards. While her moans and shouts echoed around the house, Serine had to stand in the corner, shaking like a leaf as the tears poured down his cheeks. His only relief was that his wife didn’t see him blubbering like a powerless three year old.

Of course Bekah had witnessed some of his lesser spankings including a dreadful caning from Miss Martinique when Serine had failed the first week’s Assessment.

How she had pleaded with Miss Martinique not to be forced to retake the exam. Ugh. Sometimes she could still taste the cum of the dreadful man she was forced to excite. It had a bitter almond taste, and she thought she would throw up there and then.

But now it was time to confront Mister Logia. She had been attired like this for 3 weeks. He had originally said he would only keep her like this for a week while, or, as he put it, he would ‘fuck his lovely slut of a wife until her pussy was too sore to sit on.’ Then he’d move on.

Worse, no matter how much he begged, Mister Logia would not allow him out of the demeaning tiny chastity device over his little cock. It was infuriating. Miss Taylor had instructed him and his four class mates into a method to make themselves cum using a vibrator, placed you know where! They had to insert it and then wiggle around on the bed until it struck a specific male G spot and then their cum would drip out. It was a wonderful feeling but he never felt sated. As soon as he came he needed to do it again. Very frustrating, but better than nothing.

Miss Richter, the psychiatrist the Club allocated to him, had explained to him this was because he was a mindless little slut and he shouldn’t trouble his little head about it. She had said all maids are like it, and indeed, when he and the other ‘girls’ got together in the café they admitted they were the same. Miss Richter was so wise and clever being able to explain matters to maids like Serine, who struggled over learning most things.

But Mr Logia only let her beg for it when she had gathered five stars for her domestic behaviour.

Ugh. What a brute! Serine was certain that his wife Bekah was frightened of him, why else would they have sex just about all the time they were together?

Serine checked her hair and makeup, both Bekah and Mr Logia were sticklers for correct appearance. His wife was more affectionate, at least she only beat him with a ruler, but Mr Logia would even slap his face if so much as his mascara was smudged.

And oh! The sex he and Bekah had when Mr Logia was out. Wow. He would even cum without anything stuffed inside him, but she had taken a liking to inserting the vibrator in him. So usually they played with it filling him up.

So it was that an immaculate pink clad maid, with matching pink heels made her way down to the kitchen. She could hear the tv playing in the front room and felt her heart miss a beat. Perhaps she should put off speaking to the scary Mister Logia until tomorrow. Maybe he could chat to Miss Richter about it a little more. Aw, Miss Richter was so sweet. She always had time for his problems even though the problems of silly air headed maids were obviously nowhere near as great as the dominants at the club.

Serine jumped and gasped, throwing her hands over her pink lips as she had been instructed to react to sudden shocks.

The door had crashed open and Mr Logia appeared in shirt sleeves. He was doing up his belt so Serine knew exactly what he had been up to with Bekah. Serine was furious, though obviously she didn’t dare show it.

‘Girl!’ Thundered Mr Logia.

‘Yes Sir?’ She performed a little neat bob of a curtsey.

‘I need to do some work in the office. Fetch me a beer!’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘And girl?’

‘Yes Sir?’

‘No noise! Your Mistress is sleeping. I have fucked her stupid and she needs some rest.’

‘Yes Sir. Of course Sir.’

Both Mister Logia and Bekah were satisfied with his new voice. The club had shown him how to speak from the front of the mouth with a slight lisp to enhance his appearance as a silly, girly maid.

With that Mr Logia disappeared into his office and Serine poked her tongue out at him.

Humph! She thought. If no noise was to be made why did he go banging about the place, slamming doors?

Mr Logia liked Serine to pour his beer before him, so she collected a glass, checking it was clean and pulled a bottle of his favourite beer from the fridge. She placed them both on a silver tray along with a dish of cashew nuts, as he loved those.

Yes, she decided, tonight would not be a good time to ask for all this to stop and demand Mr Logia to leave his house. No, instead she would ask him if she could use her vibrator as she hadn’t been punished for almost two days. Moreover, her last few days in school saw a succession of high marks, including ‘A’s in ironing and housework. She also got an A star for oral sex but that was only because the men knew she despised the act so forced her to do it every night she served in the club.

Why were men such brutes? She wasn’t a brute when she was allowed to be a man.

Knocking the door gently as Mr Logia thought maids should be delicate in their actions, Serine waited.

‘Get in here!’

She entered what had once been her own office, back in the days when she was a man.

Mister Logia had altered a lot of things. He had a running machine and huge TV screen fitted to wall opposite his desk.

The brute sat with his back to the drawn curtains, his eyes fixed on the twin computer screens.

‘Your beer Sir.’

‘Pour it.’

‘Yes Sir.’

She poured the cold bubbling drink, holding the glass at angle so she could create the correct layer of froth he demanded of her.

She placed the glass on the beer mat to his right and the dish of nuts near to hand.

Serine wondered if he might say thank you or even ‘good girl.’ Like all the girls at Club Zero 9 Serine ached for those compliments, those words made her feel like she was in a delightful pink dream.

Holding the tray before her she waited to be addressed. Usually he would bark ‘dismissed bitch’ at her. All she wanted was to be able to beg for the vibrator. At the back of her mind was the thought of release. I mean, she rationalised to herself, she didn’t have to demand he left, simply ask him if he would, perhaps tomorrow.

Oh dear! If Miss Martinique or Miss Richter could see him trying to think for himself, they would be half amused and half cross with him. Oh my. They would laugh and probably hand spank him. After all maids shouldn’t even try to think for themselves, just be obedient and compliant. But heavens, it was so difficult at times not to think.

Mr Logia shook his head at the screen and scowled. ‘Serine I swear accounts don’t have to be this difficult!’

‘No Sir.’

With his dark eyes fixed to the screen he picked up the glass and took a sip. He sighed with pleasure, savouring the chilled nectar. ‘Brilliant. Good girl Serine.’

Serine giggled. ‘Thank you Sir, you’re very kind.’

He nodded and patted at the keyboard still unhappy with the results before swearing beneath his breath. Then he looked up from his seat.

‘Dismissed girl.’

‘Yes Sir,’ she curtsied in the hated pink uniform but remained near his desk building up the strength to ask him for the vibrator.

‘Is there anything else girl?’ He asked.

She swallowed, took in a deep lung full of air and squeaked, ‘Please Sir may I beg to have my toy to play with tonight?’

Raising his eyebrows, he hummed in thought. ‘Well I guess I you have performed adequately today.’

Could it be? Serine could hardly believe her good fortune. He was actually thinking about it. This was a good sign!

She shifted into the pleading position that Zoe had helped her perfect. Zoe knew everything there was to being a sissy maid, but she was a complete airhead slut. So, hands holding the tray at her crotch, her chin down and rolling her shoulders from side to side like a naughty school girl she lowered her chin. Her eyes became big as they looked up at him. Men often get really soppy at this sight.

Mr Logia laughed. ‘Girl. You are a picture!’

‘Thank you, Sir.’

‘Maybe I should wake your Mistress, have her see you looking like that.’

Argh! Serine’s tummy turned over. How she hated the humiliation of performing in front of his wife under the direction of this nasty sadist. ‘As you wish Sir.’

‘Nah. I shagged her twice. She needed a good fuck having spent so much time with that small dicked wonder she called her husband.’

He laughed his deep, ugly laugh and Serine felt her cheeks glow red with fury and indignation.

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Ok girl, you may beg for the vibrator.’

‘Thank you Sir.’

Serine rested the tray against the desk and squatted down onto her knees before him.

She felt the bristles of the carpet on her knees and saw him swing his chair around to face her, his legs widened the way alpha males do. They seem to need twice as much space as anyone else. He wondered if he had sat like that when he was allowed to be a man.

She swallowed and then began her begging with the words Mr Logia had taught her. ‘Please kind Sir  …’

‘Wait girl.’ A dark grin surfaced on his thin lips. He pointed at the floor before his chair. ‘Scoot in closer girl!’

Bastard! ‘Yes Sir.’

Serine crawled into the gap between his legs. Mr Logia was very tall, maybe 6’ 3” so his legs always seemed massive, making Serine feel like a little girl at times.

‘is this better Sir?’ She was now right below him, having to bend her head back to look up into his black eyes.

‘Closer girl.’

She clenched her fists and felt her teeth grind together. ‘Yes Sir.’

She shuffled nearer so that her mouth was just an erection away from his groin.’

‘Like that Sir?’

‘It’ll do for a cock sucking bitch like you!’

He knew she hated, with all her heart, cock sucking. Zoe and the other girls could never understand her distaste for it.

The wonderfully silly Zoe even suggested that perhaps she wasn’t doing it right. She had confided that sometimes she couldn’t sleep properly until she had made a man happy.

Serene swallowed and gazed up at the hard face looming over her.

‘Ok bitch let’s hear how good your begging is. See if the money I have spent on your education at the Club Zero 9 has been worthwhile.’

‘Yes Sir, thank you Sir. Please kind Sir, may I have my vibrator to play with.’

He laughed. ‘Is that it?’

Serine clenched her little fists and pouted, her eyes glistening with fury at the horrid tyrant.

Mr Logia gripped the maid’s chin and twisted. ‘Got something to say precious?’

All of the indignities of the previous few weeks powered through Serine. She rose from her knees and stamped her heel, feeling her maid’s skirt flounce about her suspender tops.

‘Why yes I do Sir!’

He seemed staggered at her sudden rebellion, sitting back in his chair with his hairy eyebrows forming a vee over his nose.

Serine was incensed and with so many airheaded maids, she said things she knew she shouldn’t say even as she said them:

‘I think you are a dreadful bully. And I think you get your way with menaces. And I have had enough, and Bekah has had enough. We have all had enough. I want you out of my home right now! And I want this chastity belt unlocked. The game is finished. Over.’

She watched his eyes narrow as his lips drew back over his teeth and almost fainted with fear.

‘Go and get your Mistress.’ His voice was low, even, cold.

She remained frozen before him wishing she could take back all she had said.

Leaning forward he said, ‘Now!’

Bekah was curled up on the sofa fast asleep. She was wearing just white, lacy panties, she had hurriedly pulled up before dozing off and a bra that was undone and hanging down one arm. Her face was a picture of tranquil beauty. Serine wondered if his wife ever slept so fitfully after their own love making when he had been a man and decided that it was unlikely. His teachers had explained the inadequacies of sissies pretending to be male when it came to pleasing women.

Crouching down close by her attractive face could he hear her gentle breathing. He hated disturbing her. Since she completed the third week Mistress course she had become far less patient with him. Any transgressions were punished on the spot, but oh my, their love making was amazing – not, of course, that he was allowed to have his little dickie released.

‘Mistress?’ he whispered, then a little louder, ‘Mistress.’

She fluttered her eyes and stared dreamily at him before smiling.

‘Oh, Serine. You look so cute in your pink uniform.’

‘Thank you Mistress.’

She pulled her hand around the back of his blonde curls and hauled his lips to hers. She kissed him lovingly. Her soft tongue darting around his mouth.

He groaned in ecstasy.

Pulling back, she kissed him on his nose, ‘and to think I was so hesitant about us joining the club!’

She laughed but seeing her maid’s concern her laughter fell away. ‘Serine? Is something wrong?’

Closing her eyes Serine said, ‘I’m sorry Mistress but the master of the house awaits us both in his study.’

She sat up, doing up her bra. ‘Serine? Have you been a naughty girl again?’

The maid nodded her eyes fixed on the carpet, shame and dread making his cheeks redden.

‘Oh, don’t worry little maid. I’ll have a word with him. You’ve been so good recently.’ She smiled and patted his curls. ‘Such a good little girl.’

Serine beamed at the words, why did being called a ‘good girl’ make her feel so proud?

His Mistress pulled her panties into place and squirmed. ‘Oh my God I am so wet. Well you know what that’s like these days don’t you?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Oh don’t look so serious. I’m only teasing you.’

She kissed his forehead and said, ‘Pass me my blouse and jeans girl.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

He did so, helping her squeeze her legs into the tight jeans and lifting her hair out of her shirt collar as she did up the tiny buttons.

Serine brushed his Mistress’ hair before the hall mirror as Bekah said, ‘you really should remember to behave with him. He can be such a bear with a sore head. Believe me. I’ve had my bottom spanked for no good reason too.’ She shook her head watching her blonde hair fall neatly into place. ‘Wonderful Serine. You are so clever with my hair. Those training courses at the school have worked wonders on your ability.’

‘Thank you Mistress.’

She giggled and stroked his cheek, ‘aw girl. I was praising the school not a dumb maid like you.’

‘Sorry Mistress. Yes, Mistress.’ He hung his head.

‘Aw babes! Aren’t you delicious!’ Wrapping her arms about him, she hugged him softly. ‘After we’ve seen your owner I’ll ask if you and I can go upstairs. You can show me some of the other skills you have learned at the school.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Oh dear. You do look like a frightened bunny. Come on, girls together. Let’s see if he has cooled down.’

Mr Logia had cooled down. He was sat on the edge of his desk when they entered. Bekah immediately raced to him and melted into his arms, rubbing her face over his.

‘Sir, has my maid upset you?’ Bekah asked, giggling as if it were a joke.

Serine took her place before them and swallowed.

The master of the house put his arm around her shoulders and squeezed Bekah tighter to him until they nuzzled and kissed.

‘Well my little slut,’ he smiled, ‘it seems as if the maid here has got ideas above her station.’

Bekah giggled. ‘Oh Sir, you know Miss Hall said it would take a while for her to realise her true place.’

‘Yeh?’ He asked coldly. ‘Well this little tramp said she had enough of me as her owner. Wanted to throw me out of what she thinks is her home. Can you imagine? The maid thinking she can throw out the master of the house?’

‘Oh.’ Bekah winced. ‘Oh dear.’

‘The girl thinks she can have the key to her chastity cage whenever she wishes.’

Bekah stared at Serine and shook her head, mouthing ‘silly girl,’ but turned to look up at her Master and with a winning smile even Zoe would have been proud of.

‘Aw Sir,’ Bekah said, ‘I’m sure she was just being silly. Miss Hall said we would need to watch for foolish tantrums from the maid during the first weeks at home.’

Serine closed her eyes wishing his wife, who was now his mistress and lover, could sway the brute.

‘Yes,’ he drawled, ‘both maids and children can have tantrums. But both must be dealt with so they know they are in the wrong.’

‘Please Sir,’ Serine cut in her eyes flaming with willingness. ‘I’m so sorry. Truly I am. Please forgive a stupid maid.’

He laughed making Serine feel humiliated and said, ‘Suppose my friends had been around here for a football match. And suppose you were supposed to be serving them and you kicked off like a toddler who didn’t get her own way?’

Serine’s tummy turned over. He loathed the idea of serving her owner’s pals, fearing they would all be bullying thugs like him.

‘In fact,’ Mr Logia mused, his lips curling into a sadistic grin. ‘I was thinking of having all your friends around, and your work colleagues. Have you serve all of them. And you would have to be totally obedient. Just so they can see what you are really like. You know, in case you pretend ever to be a man again.’

Bekah giggled and playfully slapped her lover’s arm, ‘oh you are so cruel!’

Serine felt sick. ‘Please Sir, please don’t.’

‘That would just be the first party. The next one would have you serving your former girlfriends. Your Mistress tells me you had three serious girlfriends before marrying her. I think they should see what they missed out on with you. Maybe I could seduce each of them, right in front of you. Have a foursome with your Mistress in the master bedroom, while you served us.’

Bekah laughed, running her hands down his shirt front. ‘Oh, don’t be so nasty to her.’

‘The maid has to learn her new position,’ he said. ‘Fetch me the tawse from the cupboard girl.’

Bekah looked genuinely troubled. ‘Aw Sir. You know that hurts her. I’ll paddle her bottom later for you, how does that sound?’

‘You two are a right pair,’ he laughed. ‘Thick as thieves. I know what you get up to when I’m out! If you don’t want to join her over my knee, I suggest you stay out of this!’

He glared hard at Bekah until her cheeks darkened and she looked away. ‘Yes Sir.’

Moments later poor Serine lay over her owner’s lap looking into the eyes of his wife who held each of the maids hands in her own, as she had been instructed by their owner.

The maid felt her short pink skirt being ruffled out of the way of her pantied bottom, exposing her stockings fully to his master’s gaze. Serine shifted uneasily feeling the lump of Mr Logia’s erection below her own groin. Serine felt revolted.

Mr Logia tickled the tawse ends over the maid’s cute bottom. He was always surprised how attractive the male maids could be made to look, once dressed in their finery. ‘Now listen carefully girls, here is what’s going to happen.’

Serine saw his mistress chew her bottom lip as he felt total, helpless terror. If only he hadn’t said anything! Right now he could have been upstairs in his bed with his vibrator slid into his bottom, hunting, as instructed by the Club Zero 9, for his G spot. Or even better Bekah could have joined him and they could have had one of their hot love making sessions.

Yet here he was, about to undergo a gruelling punishment. His only chance of face saving was to try not to show any pain before his wife. He needed to be brave, but he most certainly didn’t feel brave.

‘Now then Serine. You are a grateful girl aren’t you?’

‘Oh yes Sir!’ Serine said as emphatically as she could.

‘I’m afraid young lady that this will be a punishment you will not forget in a hurry,’ the alpha male said.

Bekah looked up at Serine’s owner with the sort of pleading Serine recognised from Zoe at the Club. Zoe said she could get anything from a man if she pulled the face: the head has to be bowed slightly, the eyes then are made huge and round and look up leadingly at the man.

Bekah, pouted her lips and said, ‘darling, perhaps go easy on her? I think she’s very sorry.’

‘No, babes,’ Mr Logia announced, ‘tonight one little maid is going to receive a punishment she will not forget in a hurry.’

Serine closed her eyes. Oh, why didn’t she keep her big mouth shut. Only moments before she was being allowed to play with her vibrator and now here she was in line for a serious and painful punishment.


There had been two sharp whacks with the tawse making the maid buckle and kick her high heels over his lap.

‘Keep still girl!’ bellowed Mr Logia.

Two more followed. All four had been centred on her pantied bottom and her backside already felt as if she had sat in fire.

‘Please Sir. Please, no more I promise I’ll be good,’ the maid spluttered.

Bekah looked up at her husband’s tormentor. ‘She does look remorseful, Sir. Really.’

‘Of course she is,’ Mr Logia explained. ‘She knows her punishment is going to hurt. The important part of the punishment is to ensure she never finds herself in this position again. Didn’t you cover that on the Mistress course at the Club Zero 9?’

‘Oh indeed yes. There are three types of punishments and this one is called memorable.’

Two more quick whacks, this time across the lower part of the cheeks.

Serine squealed. ‘Sir. Please no!’

‘You tell me,’ Mr Logia said to Bekah, ‘when she starts crying. When you see tears running down her cheeks then I’ll stop.’

Bekah stared at her husband’s cowed eyes. ‘Yes Sir. I will.’ She mentally urged her maid to start crying immediately.

For Serine, this was the worst aspect of it all. She wanted to look brave in front of his wife yet now the dreadful brute wasn’t going to even allow her that consolation. The bastard was going to totally defeat him before his own wife. She needed to cry as quickly as possible to stop the nightmare continuing.

Whack, whack.

Serine screamed. Her owner had returned to beating the centre of her bottom.

Bekah could see the surface of her maid’s bottom turning pink and pitied her. Mr Logia had beaten her with the tawse only once, just 6 slaps, so she knew it was more painful than a cane or a slipper.

The next two were on the backs of her thighs just below the join of the buttocks. Serine tried to slip her hands out of his wife’s grasp to protect himself but Bekah hung onto them, not wishing to be punished herself.

Two more on the thighs, just above the stocking tops. Mr Logia felt his erection fill out. What a sight. A pink uniformed maid with matching panties and stockings over his lap, helplessly accept a brutal punishment.

Serine squeezed her eyes tight in an attempt to squash out a tear. Why couldn’t he cry? His arse and the rear of his legs were on fire.

Then came the onslaught. Having demanded tears from the maid Mr Logia made a determined effort to make them happen. He set about the red bottom with determined energy.

For Serine, it was a nightmare. She just couldn’t make herself weep at all no matter that the pain resounded through her body.

The maid looked up at his wife in the hope she could rescue him. Then he saw her eyes were full of regret.

Bekah hated seeing him get hurt this bad, though she would giggle when he was getting his bottom paddled or spanked.

Serine also noted how his wife would look up at Mr Logia with awe whenever he dommed her husband.

Serine howled as the slaps continued to rain down on him, each time in pairs. Splat- splat.

‘Ouch, oh. Please, owwww!’

Bekah had sought to protect her husband.

Serine knew it was just as Miss Richter had explained, his wife was now his Mistress and would never see him as a husband again. A husband is a man who protects his wife and cares for her. But a maid is one who is protected and cared for by the mistress.

Miss Richter described how once the paradigm had been changed it could never be reverted back. Forever and a day the wife would see her hubbie as a helpless but cute maid, who must be overseen on even the simplest of tasks.

Tears formed in his eyes as he realised that. He wondered if over a long period of time he could rebuild their old relationship. Though, he mused, at least the sex was better when his wife saw him as Serine, a dependent girl. Bekah loved hopping into bed with him now he was a girl, whereas before they joined the club she had always had a headache or needed an early night whenever he suggested sex. Now she would order him into some sexy garb, always with stockings and then they would play for hours until Mr Logia returned home.

The final straw came when Bekah, seeing the tears forming in the maid’s eyes, leaned forward and kissed her maid on the nose. She mouthed the words ‘I love you.’

At that point Serine dissolved into tears, crying and spluttering. Desperate to pull back her hands so she could wipe her face.

‘Yes Sir. Sir!’ Bekah squealed with excitement. ‘You’ve done it. Poor Serine is crying!’

Two more slaps of the tawse and Mister Logia said: ‘Maid? Are you crying?’

‘Yes Sir,’ Serine sobbed.

‘Excellent. Point made. Stand up!’

As soon as his Mistress released his hands Serine clambered to her heels, rubbing the tears from her cheeks with the backs of her hands. Her arse was in so much agony the pain seemed to cover his entire body. He knew better than to rub it until ordered to do so – that was one of the first aspects of being a maid that the club taught.

Mr Logia rose, adjusting his trousers as his erection pushed uncomfortably up at his belt. ‘Right girls. New rules!’

‘Yes Sir,’ Bekah said as she stood to attention.

‘Yes Sir,’ Serine coughed, still choking on the tears.

Mr Logia loved the respect he commanded after he had beaten or scolded a girl in the presence of the other. He felt like a king at court dealing with faithful, obedient minions, all desperate to please him.

‘Firstly, Serine here is not ever allowed to even ask when this adventure will be over.’

The two sexy women who stood before him, their eyes glued on his, both nodded their heads.

He continued, ‘Serine must not even hint at asking or mention it. It is of no concern of hers.’

‘No Sir,’ Mistress and maid said together.

‘And Bekah,’ his dark eyes fired in the direction of Bekah, like a warning, ‘I will know if he has asked you. Believe me. You cannot lie to me girl.’

‘No Sir,’ Bekah gasped.

‘Second rule,’ Mr Logia said. ‘Every week Serine is to spend at least three days at school and four evenings at the Club, as a serving maid.’

‘Yes Sir,’ Serine said immediately to demonstrate how dutiful she now was.

‘Just a sec,’ Mr Logia said, raising one finger in the air.

He walked around his desk clearly mulling over an idea. It was an idea that intrigued and amused him in equal measure.

Patting a few numbers on his computer he stared at the screens. Neither the Mistress of the house nor her maid could see the screens as they were stood facing his office desk.

Mr Logia picked up his mobile, searched for a number and called.

‘Ah, Miss Hall? It’s me. Yes.’

Serine clenched her fists in fear. After Mister Logia and Bekah, Miss Hall seemed the most powerful person in his life. She ran the Club with an iron fist and seemed to take a gleeful pleasure in making life as humiliating as possible for the maids.

Serine held her breath hanging onto every word spoken.

‘No. I am perfectly happy,’ Mr Logia said into the phone, rolling his eyes at the two girls.

The Mistress and Maid both giggled girlishly at his action, the way women do when an Alpha Male makes a joke.

‘What it is, is that I am sending little Serine here back to school. Just three days a week plus four nights at the club as serving maid. For how long?’ He caught the maid’s apprehensive eyes and grinned at an inner joke. ‘Oh, let us say we’ll leave it open for now. And Serine is not allowed to discuss her course nor how long she is booked in for it.’ He shared a laugh with something Miss Hall said before glancing at his pc screen and saying, ‘I’ve just checked some of these courses. I want her to complete the enhanced wiggling walk. That will be funny. Also I want her to pass The Toy for Men Course.’

Serine felt herself grow weak at the knees. That was terrible. All men seemed to want to do was, torment her, spank her, tease her and push their hard cocks inside her two openings. Though, at the club she did prefer serving guys to girls, and many would pat her bottom and let her sit on their lap whilst telling them she is a good girl. So it wasn’t all bad. Oh and also she could dance for them, it was so good pleasing men.

Bekah coughed and when she caught Mr Logia’s eye said, ‘and The Pleasure Toy for Women Course please. Oh please Sir. I’ll do anything if Serine does that course!’

‘Oh yeh. Sure. Miss Hall. Also the Pleasure Toy for Women Course. Well time isn’t a problem anymore.’ He caught Serine’s nervous eyes and said, ‘So as long as it takes Miss Hall, as long as it takes.’

Oddly Serine’s little cock had filled out inside the tiny chastity cage. Why did it get so aroused when Mr Logia bullied her so? She felt she could sit astride the arms on the sofa and rub herself to orgasm, a trick the naughty Zoe had shown her.

‘And one more thing,’ Mr Logia waited until the maid bowed her head to avoid eye contact before saying, ‘I want all her keys returned. Yes, for her little chastity cage. I know the school keeps one for an emergency but from now on I want her to know she is truly owned, totally owned by me. Only I have a key to her little cage.’

Bekah giggled, ‘oh you are so cruel Sir!’

Serine’s eyes widened in horror. This was dreadful. Now even if a guy paid for a date with her at the club he would not be able to have a key to his cage unless Mr Logia granted permission.

Perversely, Serine’s little dickie inflated fully and painfully. Her head swooned with desire. At that moment she would do anything, absolutely anything to be allowed to cum. She gazed at the hard features of Mr Logia with respect and understanding. He really had made himself her owner and the owner of his wife Bekah. Worse there was nothing he could ever do about it until Mr Logia wanted to change the arrangement. Why did this impress him so much?

Serine fainted.

A worried Bekah loosened her maid’s collar but then realised what happened and laughed.

‘It’s ok Sir. She has only fainted.’

Mr Logia said his byes to Miss Hall, put down the phone and crouched down next Bekah.

‘You are so cruel and heartless Sir,’ she said, staring up at her alpha male lover, ‘Please can I serve you in any way you desire.’

Mr Logia laughed and pushed her back onto the floor before fucking her brains out, right next to her cute, sexy, obedient maid.

6 thoughts on “Club Zerø 9 Story – Serine Learns a lesson She will Never Forget

  1. While I tend to shy away from the harder forced fem, the entire CZ9 universe is a great setup. I like these mini-stories, very entertaining.

  2. Omg , this is so impresive , ill love to be enrolled in your school MISS HALL, so i WANDA FIFI, may become the sweetest sissy maid that she can be, to serve many ALPHA MALES ,N MISTRESSES, OUI YES. OHH PLEASE ALLOW ME ,SHE TO BE ENROLLED NOW ,INTO YOUR SISSY MAIDS ACADEMY PLEASE ,THANKYOU, WITH ALL MY HART MISS HALL, KISSES : WANDA FIFI, JOSEPHINE, BYE,

  3. I just re-read the two books (hoping for a third!) and have been riveted by Austin and Riley. It’s a shame Corbin can’t take Riley to the Club (certainly he is a member) or even invite Miss Hall over for tea.

    And Madison, sorry, MISS RICHARDS to me should definitely go for level 2

    Thanks Miss Ford!.

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