Austin and Riley part 17

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There is power, and there is Power with a capital P.

Power with a capital P was the very emotion Corbin felt as he whooshed the cane behind the two girls, or rather the wife and the sissy cuck.

And what a sight they made.

They lay over the back of the dining room chairs, their hands on the seat, as instructed. The cuck’s pink, hotel maid’s uniform was raised showing his stockings and black lacy panties, and the wife’s sky blue dress was pushed up over her hips, showing her panties and stockings.

The chairs had been lined up as instructed, right in front of the large mirror so that Corbin could watch the expressions on his girls’ faces as he tormented them.

Readers may recall that Riley, the wife, in order to entertain her Bull, thought it a laugh if both she and her cuck maid dressed in a matching basque, panties and stockings,

Sadly for her, Corbin, being a masculine male, was incapable of noticing that the tight black panties, with their mesh see through panels and delicate detail about the legs, were perfectly matched. His only reaction was to have to push his enlarged cock around in his pants for comfort at the sexy sight before him.

Riley, glanced back over her shoulder, her eyebrows raised high with pleading.

“Sir. I’m really sorry. I promise I’ll keep my mouth shut in future.” She noticed that Corbin’s expression was unchanged, as if he hadn’t heard her. So she added a desperate, “Really.”

Tapping the cane against the delightful arse of another man’s wife, Corbin said, “It’s a problem with you slut wives. You get to dominate your sissy cuck hubbies and then you think the world revolves around you.”

“No, Sir! Honestly.”

“Quiet, slut. You are each going to receive six stripes on your cute arses.”

“But Sir!” Riley’s lower lip hung open. “Please. Not in front of my maid. That’s not fair.”

Continuing to tap his cane on the wife’s pert cheeks, Corbin said, as if it was an obvious fact. “It’s important for you both that you see me as fair. When I am here, I am in charge. When I am not then you are in charge.”

Austin heard his wife moan and look to him for support. He had to look away. There was nothing he could do or say that would protect his wife. Bent over in this horrible, exposed position made him feel lost and helpless.

“Right girls,” the Bull said evenly, “You will look in the mirror, not at yourselves, but at each other’s reflection. I want the maid to see what happens when his Mistress upsets the master of the house. And I want the Mistress to see that the maid, the person she married to protect and look after her, is incapable of either. This will be a harsh lesson for you both. But a necessary one.”

He stepped to one side and rapped the cane quickly on the wife’s bottom.

With careful movements, he then swiped her cheeks twice quickly. He didn’t want to harm her too much for her first caning.

Riley shot up in pain, her palms on her rear cheeks.


“Mistress!” Austin squealed with horror at his the beating his wife had received.

Corbin gave the maid a string of harsher taps with the cane. “We don’t need to hear from you.”

“Sir,” Austin said, his words tumbling out. “Please don’t hurt her. I’ll accept all her punishment.”

Riley was staggered. She stared with wide eyes at her helpless hubby, bowed over the chair back offering to take her punishment.

“No maid. You keep your mouth shut until told to say something. Clear?”

“But Sir, please,” Austin said. “Just beat me.”

Riley lolled her head to one side, feeling her blonde hair tickle her bare shoulders, “Awww.”

“Slut,” Corbin said. “Back in position, before I put you there and add on a few more stripes.”

She leaned over the chair back looking directly at her maid and smiled.

Austin mouthed, ‘I love you’.

The wife felt tears warm her eyes.

Corbin set about the maid’s posterior, which he had to confess was just as perky and sexy as that of the sissy cuck’s wife. It wasn’t as large, but it was cute, especially in those panties.

He had to remind them to watch each other in the mirror as they were punished. He alternated a couple of strokes on each of the backsides, in turn.

Annoyingly, Corbin had hoped to establish shame between the husband and wife. Shame because the hubby was relegated from protector and man of the house to helpless child being punished, while the wife had to endure the ignominy of witnessing it. Yet they both looked at each other in the mirror with adoration.

Corbin shook his head. He’d never understand women.

“Slut. Stand. Maid, remain in position.”

They both said, “Yes, Sir.”

He used his thumb to wipe away the tears on side of the sexy wife’s red face. He thought the tears were from the pain, he didn’t understand the deep affection she now shared with her maid. Men wouldn’t.

“Learnt your lesson slut?” He asked.

She smiled, “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

Jeez. She was so fucking hot. His cock couldn’t be harder in his pants. It was that sort of erection that was so big it hurt.

“So your maid used my Christian name?”

“Yes Sir,” Riley nodded, before wincing. “But she is so dumb, it is the sort of silliness you would expect from her. She has learnt her lesson, haven’t you maid?”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you Mistress,” Austin blabbed hoping he would escape further punishment.

Corbin snorted a laugh at the wife’s attempt to save the sissy from further punishment. “In future, you, as Mistress of the house will cane the maid for any short comings.”

Riley was taken aback, “Gosh. I don’t think I could hurt her.”

“Take this cane, and stand like this,” Corbin instructed.

Corbin struck a pose behind the maid’s knicker clad bum.

She complied, as she felt her dominant Bull grip her hips and guide her into position.

For the next ten minutes, Corbin coached his slut into how to punish her maid. Dictating how the stripes should fall across the bottom, and then on the back of thighs.

Riley was reluctant at first, holding back on the power of the strokes. But as she caught sight of her adorable maid in the mirror and noticed the flinching, she felt the power, with a capital P. And it was erotic power. Controlling power. The power of a deep unique love between two like minded souls.

She witnessed the cheeks of her maid shiver and jiggle as the bamboo made contact. She heard the enticing sounds, the squeals, the gasps, and knew that she was creating them. Her pussy was a mess of wetness that uncomfortably filled her tiny net panties.

“Good girl,” Corbin said to Riley, taking the cane from her hand. “Stand up maid.”

A sniffling maid rose stiffly to her heels, looking wide eyed at Sir awaiting the next instruction.

Surprisingly, the Bull leaned forward and used his massive free hand to stroke through the maid’s pixie hair style, “Good girl.”

With damp eyes, the maid smiled. She loved hearing those words, they were like a comforting warm bath.

“Thank you, Sir,” Austin said with genuine gratitude.

Proud of her maid, and indeed, proud of herself, Riley stood side by side with her hubby, both looking at Sir with expectation filling their eyes. What would happen next?

The Bull threw the cane to the floor, and said in that even confident tone of his, “Both of you, dresses off. Now.”

The mistress and maid exchanged shy smiles and immediately set about disrobing each other. Riley turned her back on her maid so that her servant could pull down the tight zipper from just below her neck.

Then Austin took off her frilly white apron and impatiently set about undoing the buttons on her rose pink hotel tunic.

Within moments both the Mistress and the maid had hung up their dresses and stood before their Master in their matching black, frilly basques, tight, see through net panties, stockings and heels.

Corbin roared with laughter.

“Tramps! Just look at you! Sex on a stick!”

As the two proud girls giggled and grinned knowingly at each other, the dominant male took in the erotic sight before him. Somehow, them both being attired like that added to the explosive nature of the sight.

Even he noticed they were dressed the same, and now he needed to the thrill of taking total control of the two of them.

“Turn around, girls. Slowly!”

With more giggling, they did as instructed, ending up facing away from the appreciative dominant male.

Riley dropped her mouth open at her maid as if to say, ‘aren’t we a sight for Sir. I told you he’d love it!’

Austin simply lowered his blushing chin and coyly smiled back. He had never before been admired in such a lascivious manner.

“And just look at the arses on you two. Fuck me! One day I’ll bring round my mates to get an eyeful of what I own!”

Riley laughed at the thought, but Austin gasped, staring with amused shock at his laughing Mistress.

“Turn back, you sluts.”

The girls spun back around on their heels.

“Panties off,” he commanded.

Both girls hesitated, but a quick rise of Sir’s eyebrows had them simultaneously reaching for their delicate lacey underwear.

Riley pulled hers off first, crossing her legs, thigh over thigh to hide her private areas.

Austin pulled his kickers down to his thighs but then saw the hated, miniature tungsten chastity cage hiding his privates. He had no cock at all! He felt abject shame shake through his body.

Peeping up at Sir, he said, “Sir, I …”

“Quickly girl!”

If he’d felt like crying during the caning, now he feared he would burst in to torrential blubbing. He slid the panties down the silky stockings until he could step out of them. Placing his hands, still holding the black underwear, over his privates, he hoped he could maintain some level of dignity.

Dignity wasn’t a quality the bull was going to allow either of his subjects. “None of that maid. Both of you, hands behind heads!”

The girls obeyed both feeling vulnerable, exposed and fully on display.

“Legs apart!”

There was no exchange of smiles between the girls now. They felt the full mortification of being put on display for Sir.

Austin closed his eyes to the shivering mortification he felt.


Corbin’s single word opened Austin’s eyes in a flash.

The Bull continued, “Both of you turn and face each other. Look at what each of you has between your legs.”

They did so, both with trepidation.

The Bull grinned. “Maid. What do you see?”

“Erm, well, Mistress’ pussy, Sir.”

Corbin sneered. “You see my cunt. What do you see?”


Austin stared at the clearly damp vagina between his wife’s thighs. That was the pussy of the woman he married. It should be his!

He hates this. In the back of his mind, Riley is his wife!

“Do you need to feel the cane on your backside maid?”

With her hands behind her head, Riley dropped her head to one said and tried a brave smile. “It’s okay maid. Really.”

Why had he agreed to all this? Here he was standing helpless before this dreadful bully locked in the hated chastity cage, having to say words he despised.

Feeling a sickness in his tummy, he whispered, “I see, Sir’s cunt.”

Just calling his wife’s pussy a cunt was bad enough, but he felt that by uttering the words he was formerly giving away his wife’s body to Corbin.

“Louder maid,” Corbin said.

Swallowing, Austin said, “Sir, I see your cunt.”

A harsh pat on the maid’s bare bottom followed. “Good girl.”

For the first time, Austin was too distressed to appreciate the joy of the words, ‘good girl’. He felt too sick. Yet, his little dick was seeking to grow in its unrelenting confines and was growing wetter by the second at his predicament. His sissy self was adapting to the situation better than his old male self, which was now in retreat.

“Now slut,” Corbin continued, look between your maid’s thighs. What do you see?”

Shocked at being asked to perform the same task, Riley inhaled loudly as she took in the tiny, but neat circular metal where her hubby’s cock had once been.

She wasn’t sure what to say.

“I, er …. I don’t know Sir. Your chastity cage.”

Corbin laughed. “I hadn’t thought of that. But quite right. All you can see is your Sir’s chastity cage. And all your maid can see is my cunt. How about that. Both of you locked down and completely owned.”

Riley felt the room tumble around her.

“Sir. I need you,” she said, with half closed eyes. “Sir, please take me.”

Corbin was loving this, even though his thick dick was now painfully huge in his pants, he wanted more fun before he took his prize.

“Maid,” he said, “beg me to fuck your Mistress. Beg me to show her how a real man fucks her.”

This was too much!

“Sir, please, I …”

“Knees, bitch,” Corbin commanded the maid.

Tears filled his eyes as Austin humbly settled on his knees as directed. He felt his soft bottom rest on his heels. The basque tightened uncomfortably around his waist, and seemed to push out two small breasts at the top.

“Say it bitch else I’ll bend you out through your bedroom window and cane you until the entire neighbourhood come round to see why you’re screaming.”

The words were stated so firmly that Austin knew it was no idle threat, no empty attempt at intimidation. He had no choice but to comply to the dreadful instructions.

Aware that his wife was studying him, Austin said, “Sir, please make love to my Mistress and show her how a real man makes love to her.”

At those words, Riley threw herself into the arms of her lover, “Just fuck me please. For God’s sake!”

“Wait slut,” he said, his glinting eyes totally held on the bent head of the cute maid. “That’s not what I said maid. Try again.”

This was intolerable!

Clenching his little fists, Austin sniffed up the tears as he used the same coarse language as the horrible bully. “Please Sir fuck my Mistress and show her how a real man fucks her.”

Wincing, Corbin gritted his teeth. Having made the threat of bending the maid out of his own bedroom window and spanking him before the neighbours, he now had a deep urge to follow through with the punishment. Just to make a point.

But as the maid had complied, learnt her place, he’d have to let it go for now.

He looked down at the need in his slut’s blue eyes, desperate for a fucking and knew he had more urgent matters to attend to.

“Both of you, on the bed right now! I’ve got plans for both of you!”

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  2. Chloeanne i think that is the glitch of ‘AI’ and i think creator try to make pussy but it happened

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