H A P P Y N E W Y E A R 2014

corset and cb Best wishes to you all in 2014 and many thank yous for your continued support and interaction with this site.

May 2014 be rewarding and exciting for all the right reasons. X X X


Deborah Ford


New years resolutions:

1. To please master and Mistress to be allowed out of the chastity device more often

2. To ensure that Mistresses clothes are better ironed and put away in the proper drawers.

3. To ask Mistress to get the key back from Master who thinks it is hilarious I am locked away whilst he and Mistress enjoy themselves.

4. To ask that I am not left tied up outside

5. To ask for lower heels whilst performing household tasks

6. To keep my hair neater and better styled to avoid the cane.

7. To not pout when Master sends me to bed early no matter how much he laughs at me.

8. To not perform so embarrassingly sluttily when Master and Mistress make me cum.

9. To not giggling when Master and his friends feel me up. Mistress says i should feel degraded.

10. To lose a few more pounds so I can fit into that scrumptious new maid’s uniform Mistress has bought me.





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