Jordan’s Diary entry 02

lock      just white bar for spaces

Being alone for a few days to play with my cb2000 and my lingerie was wonderful. Blair was involved in some office move which she was kicking off about. She had liked it working with a couple of other girls the same age in the contracts division. So now she was getting home late and exhausted while finding her feet. It didn’t help that she had some arsehole of a boss.

After school Chloe would hurtle into her room, slamming the door and chasing up her music tocorset and cb 2 crazy levels while she did her homework – or rather conversed with everyone under the sun on her mobile and facebook.


So I had plenty of time to indulge my whims J.

I experimented with smaller rings from the CB6000 to go behind the ball sac and can just about manage the second largest. Anything less I just cannot get on. Even the second largest feels like someone is gripping me tightly.  Who knows what the point of the smallest is.

I tried smaller spacers too. These are the parts that go between the ring behind the ball sac and the actual plastic cock holder. The thinking is that the tighter the gap the less likely it is you can slip out and escape. But this is crazy thinking. In no way could I slip my dick out of the top even with the longest spacer. Also, if I could somehow squeeze it out then it wouldn’t help at all because if my dick became hard it would be squeezed by the small gap the spacer permits. I hope that makes sense. Once locked your dick is outside your control.

But with the smaller spacers there is a sexier, cramped feeling, sort of an increased feeling of imprisonment.


As you know an unexpected problem for me had been spurting (see my previous entry). At first I had been unaware of it until I discovered my panties and teddy were left sopping between the legs. I don’t know how girls put up with it as they must suffer the same thing when they are aroused.  I tried a couple of things like a handkerchief, which just felt bulky, and one of Blair’s ‘ladies period pads’ which was a little better and gave the nice feeling of being even more girly. But after a while it just grew uncomfortable and awkward.


Then I hit on the answer. I simply pulled a condom over my dick before inserting it into the cock holder.  This isn’t as easy as you imagine. If your dick is too soft it won’t pull on and obviously if it is too hard then it won’t go into the container! So it took some time but at least with the condom catching my spurting I could just forget about it whilst sitting at my computer sifting through sexy sites. The one downside to this was that when I needed to pee I was required to unlock the cock cage in order to remove the condom before relieving myself. Then I would have to put it all back together.cb diagram


So if anyone has a better answer to preventing me spurting over my lovely underwear then please share it!


I have managed to create a paypal profile in a girl’s name plus ordered a new credit card for Blair without her knowing. That way I can buy more sexy lingerie on the internet without using my male name. I am drooling over the gorgeous shapewear they have in the shops these days. So hot and sexy.


The following Monday I intended to get myself a prostate massager. See if it could really make me cum whilst locked up with my dick soft between my legs. That sounded very exciting.

cb diag2

Meantime I have discovered all sorts of sites where cute guys wear a chastity device beneath a maids outfit.


I thank the stars I discovered a certain trading company from Shanghai. They needed a shipping contract drawn up between them and the container fleet that would be recognized under the new EU regulations. They became my single client; I shut down my offices and now work from home – for about 4 hours a week! Blair soon got a job in a city lawyer’s office, and to be honest she is pretty hot when analysing contracts. She got a first in law whereas I only got a 2-2. But when she rubs her academic success in my face I remind her who set up the company straight out of college and why we earn so much! She seems to like that! She prefers a ‘man about the house’ to the sissy maid games I love so much. Wish she liked the two parts of me.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


So plenty of money for the finest of frillies and a pair of (I kid ye not) 5 inch high heels! May get some ankle boots when the credit card is sorted too.


I am living the dream

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