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Jordan’s diary



There are so many blogs about chastity and the CB6000 I thought I might add a few words as an ongoing piece. A sort of diary. Obviously I have changed all the names and thank you to Deborah Ford for letting me publish it on her site.


Having been too scared to buy a CB6000  for years I bought mine in early December. It was a reward for something I had achieved in my job after a lot of blood, sweat, tears and most of all : TIME! Blair didn’t want to know of course. She regards my interests in cuckolds, chastity and being a sissy as a little too much for her. Before Brook was born Blair played with me occasionally, a few maid games after a couple of glasses of wine, that sort of thing, but they haven’t happened for years. She doesn’t really like to know about my stash of frillies in the second bedroom wardrobe and I have learned to respect that.


So the first thing to share with you is that the initial fitting took ages. I used the largest circle behind the ball sac yet it took an age to get on, and still felt tight. Pushing the small bar with the three posts through it took a while and required a bit of ingenuity. No one tells you about the painful pinching or the pubic hair getting ensnared and pulled. Ouch, big time! It soon teaches you to be more careful in putting it together. That first lesson well be learnt for ever. If you read about anyone putting on one of these for the first time and they don’t mention the pinching then, believe me, they haven’t tried it for real!


The web pages are right about one thing however. You need some sort of lubricant to help guide the penis into the cock holder, else it just sort of sticks to the plastic and you can’t get anything on!

I used the longest spacer.  I read that many use the shortest, well I haven’t managed that yet! Then the lock, which feels genuinely sturdy, just about slides through the hole so you can lock it into place.  If you are like me you will then disappear into a lovely ‘washy’ sub-space for a while. Each time I looked in the mirror I caught my breath. That’s not just the first wearing but later ones too. I have worn it about 6 times to date and each time it gets better.

just white bar for spaces

I knew it would force the cock downwards but I didn’t expect it to sort of push the dick back between the legs a little. A really exciting and pleasant surprise for any sissy. But again it makes it tougher to get the cock cage on over the posts. You have to bend back the three posts so they point straight out, then the cock cover slides home, though even then it is a tight fit.


When you pull your panties over the cb6000 it leaves a pleasant rolling curve shape, much neater than the usual ugly, bulky outline left by my genitals. More feminine.


So a few points. No way can you touch your dick. There is a tempting slit at the bottom for urination that seems to encourage you to stroke but no matter how hard you try you cannot get your fingers through it. Once locked away you cannot even contact your cock.

Now for the final part no one warns you about. S well as the painful pinching and hair tearing I mentioned there is spurting! That first day I had put on my favourite black teddy which pulls up sexily tight between the legs but is sort of full around the groin. Thus it hides everything behind a few frills.  I sat at my office pc for an hour of so going through the usual web sites with which you are probably all too familiar.  Then I thought it was time to go and ‘finish’ myself off. I stood up and I found that I was soaked between my legs. I just don’t mean a little damp, but really wet and sticky.

With my later fittings I took this as being a sort of sexy mirror feeling of what girls experience when they are excited. This made it doubly thrilling. But are they as uncomfortable as that? Not the sort of question I can easily ask Blair.


I hadn’t been aware of ‘wetting’ myself that first time but when I tried it a second time, just a couple of days later, I could feel the pumping action as my penis would dump a spurt of semen through the penis when I felt specifically aroused. Now you have to understand there is no joy with this spurting. None. Full stop. Dream on. No orgasmic joys, no feeling of excitement or satisfaction whatsoever. Yet there is a tremendous thrill of being helpless and woozily sub when you become aware of it. As if you don’t have a say over the actions of your own body.


just white bar for spaces

I am hoping to get a few more updates for this diary. I have loads of time at home for a few months, so you can guess what I will be playing with!


Jordan dec 30 2013

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