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Please note this is an adult only site containing themes of forced fem, domination, forced sissy, chastity, cross dressing and sexual themes.


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Sorry for technical difficulties with web site caused by blonde bimbo let loose with editing the website’s code.

OMG why do they have so many buttons and numbers, don’t they realise it is confusing?  I mean all I did was swop this with that and then that with this, or maybe the other way around, I mean how am I supposed to remember? And why not call Lilac just plain simple Lilac rather than E3A6EC or even 200, 162, 200. I mean heavens! Lilac is lilac, like OMG why doesn’t anyone get it? And don’t get me started on classes and wrappers!

I know they only do it to make a person feel confused.

I think it should be made so anyone can understand it. When I am finally allowed out of the corner I will rub some cool lotion onto my spanked bottom and find a cushion to go on my typist chair.

OMG now i have to tell everyone that i promise I won’t do it again. Heavens. It was only a likkle problem, so no one could read the words for a short while. I mean, like,  why does everyone have to shout.

My thanks to Drazi who was first to spot the ‘deliberate’ mistake caused by idiotic tampering with code.

Debbie will not be allowed to tamper with anything important again. She will be left to do what she does well: sitting on her chair looking cute.

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New Man of the House by Chrissy E



Check out new story, new author!!! (well new to this site, but i want to sell Chrissie E because it is a lovely long story that fits bang into the criteria of this site!)

What can possibly go wrong when a chastity belt sissy invites a real guy into his home to meet his wife?

Of course the stud should have ALL the keys to the chastity belt.

Chastity belts, maid uniforms, cuckold, stud, sexy wife, bondage …… you can see why it is a wonderfully long tale of 5 chapters?







New Deborah Ford books on sale:


bunny trap 02


Bunny Trap in the US

Bunny Trap in the UK

On Lulu Worldwide



Bunny trap now available on Kindle!

A darker take on the cuckold, chastity, sissy genre than Deborah Ford’s usual writing. This is a long way from the tales of amusing bimbo males sleep walking into their frilly fates.

What would really happen if a wife wanted to sissify her husband and control him? Why would she do so? How could she keep control and keep forcing the changes? How would the victim feel if the game suddenly took a turn into erotic hell where control of his life is snatched from him?

Lydia experiences a mind opening event as a young girl. An event so erotically tinged it will colour the rest of her life. She draws up a plan, finds her victim and sets off her strategy. Will she succeed?; Will her sissy husband escape before the final depraved humiliation after which he will be trapped forever?

Adult themes throughout, including sissification, male chastity, bondage, cuckolding, femdom and erotic humiliation.













bunny trap long





If You Must



if you must cover with cuffs

Oliver loves to play his maid games with his lovely wife Marie until one day it goes terribly wrong. He is left trapped as the maid, forced to serve the bully Mister Rowlands who decides to become the ‘master of the house’. Every attempt to escape his fate leaves him more and more ensnared. Why doesn’t Marie let him have the key to his chastity belt? Why is Mister Rowland’s bed always neat and tidy in the morning where as Oliver’s former marital bed looks as though animals have been running riot?

If you read the first two chapters when they were online you will be desperate to know if Oliver can manage to escape in the third and fourth brand new parts where you will meet the aggressive Mister Thompson who takes a shine to the poor helpless sexy maid.


The classic story with 2 new chapters making it twice its original length. Available now:

Kindle store USA

Kindle store UK

Lulu store


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Two pictures inspired by If You Must:

If You Must inspired the famous Timothy Reisling Betticut to create this evocative picture.               My editor discovered this appropriate picture and kindly shared it with us.

Image1    tumblr_mohoocsiGj1s9t2iho1_500


Also available on your Kindle site


The Hotel

office new cover complete



cover xmas specialb if you must cover with cuffs


Finally some pictures I had to share




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10 thoughts on “Bunny Trap out now!

  1. Thank you. You inspire me a lot, because of you my man is now such a bimbo when she wants to take of chastity belt for release. If she is a Good one, she will got a orgasem. 45 days since last now. She try every three days now. She is such a bimbo. Thank you Deborah

  2. Yes. She has to be convincing as a Bimbo when she think out the right answer on my MathQuistion. Total 25. She has to act like a Bimbo, pout her pink lips, chew on a pink chewing gum. She has 15 sec to answer right like 15-9, 2×3 and 15/3. Today she only got 23 of 25. That means her punishment is 25+2 days(real world) in chastety without release. In her world is 25+2 = 40 days (25/2 +2). My Poor poor little Bimbo girl

    Thank you for Your inspiration Deborah

  3. How nice to hear. Right now she is trying to accept her place in our marriage. She has now her own girly room, all in pink of course. For strangers she rent this room, she is a student. I have of course a new friend, a young man(28) who visit me. Tiina try to convince Lars that she is a Bimbo. Its difficult for her, poor Tiina, she knows that my new friend of mine, not only drink coffee. But she understand who is the man in the house when Lars is here.

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