If You Must coming Available …

Please note this is an adult only site containing themes of forced fem, domination, forced sissy, chastity, cross dressing and sexual themes.


Available Saturday 22nd June 2013


The classic story with 2 new chapters making it twice its original length. Available now:

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if you must cover with cuffs


Oliver loves to play his maid games with his lovely wife Marie until one day it goes terribly wrong. He is left trapped as the maid, forced to serve the bully Mister Rowlands who decides to become the ‘master of the house’. Every attempt to escape his fate leaves him more and more ensnared. Why doesn’t Marie let him have the key to his chastity belt? Why is Mister Rowland’s bed always neat and tidy in the morning where as Oliver’s former marital bed looks as though animals have been running riot?

If you read the first two chapters when they were online you will be desperate to know if Oliver can manage to escape in the third and fourth brand new parts where you will meet the aggressive Mister Thompson who takes a shine to the poor helpless sexy maid.


Two pictures inspired by If You Must:

If You must inspired the famous Timothy Reisling Betticut to create this evocative picture:



My editor, Pauline, discovered this appropriate picture which she has kindly shared with us.








And …


Coming, but not so soon …


The popular tale told of Lydia’s devilish plan to feminise, humiliate and control poor Justin. She has agonised over the plan all her life but finally has the opportunity to enact it.

You have always wanted to meet a domme as strong as Lydia, once you have read this tale you will be relived you haven’t come under her radar.


bunny trap

13 thoughts on “If You Must coming Available …

    1. Well yes I think so.

      the cover pictures are professional so have to be paid for and there are only so many pix I can choose from, especially as I am looking for a certain ‘look’. But I think you will find it does.

      What do you think?

  1. Deborah,
    This is fantastic news! I love the cover, especially the hand-cuff. Thank you in advance for the two new chapters.
    Will there be new chapters to Bunny Trap as well?

    1. Thank you for your kind words re If You Must.

      Not sure about adding to Bunny Trap as that had a very set ending. However I should be able to start work on that in a couple of weeks so i will see if it warrants more.

      Thank you again Jezebel

  2. I’ve read the story and love it!
    The extra chapters are great.

    I recall that Bunny Trap was very good, also. My main issue with it was that Justin always seemed much too nice. Not enough of that arrogance in the protagonist that I love.
    Whatever the case, good luck with the new stories!

    1. Thank Jezebel!

      If You Must was very popular way back when so it will be interesting if people who have never seen it before enjoy it.


  3. Deborah,
    I’ve been enjoying If you must again and I thought I’d drop you a line.
    I hope it’s been selling well.
    I confess I’ve been thinking of additional chapters. Once Suzie’s been to the plastic surgeon she concocts a scheme to a least get her half of her wife’s company. So she volunteers to work there as a secretary and ends up modeling the lingerie!

    1. Pleased it is a tale you can revisit, thank you.

      If you have a moment (and you feel you can do so safely!) please feel free to add a comment on the Kindle site.

      The Hotel seems to be the better seller but If you Must has proved popular.

  4. A question and a comment:

    Do you plan to offer Bunny Trap on Lulu (I’d like to avoid using amazon)?

    The new blog/site layout is putting much of the text in black on black in a firefox browser. Specifically the sidebar with the links to Clinton Crayle, Lisa Smith, etc as well as the comments, all are black on black.

    1. Appreciate how many people would like an alternative supplier. will get onto it straightaway.

      Sorry about the teething issues with the blog, have left an explanation on the front page.

      Thank you for pointing it out.


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