Deborah Ford’s The Hotel out plus … new addition from the wonderful Karen Albright and real forced fem chastity belt for sissies





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41 thoughts on “Deborah Ford’s The Hotel out plus … new addition from the wonderful Karen Albright and real forced fem chastity belt for sissies

  1. I hope to see many great pieces of work featured here. I’m saddened to see your stories leave Fictionmania, but I’m sure we’ll see such classics as “When you Awake” and “If you Must” as the site progresses.


  2. Hey, The world is imperfect, and some things cannot be changed. By removing your stories from FM, you help those that do not care for a certain style to have their way. Be big, take a big gulp, and put your stories back. Show that you are strong enough to put up with those that you do not care for.

  3. from Deborah Ford

    Maria, you certainly will. I am posting them bit by bit here but also trying to create a new web site.

    smiles. Agree with much of what you say but sadly it is time for a change.

  4. I’m kind of hoping the experience of having a whole site just devoted to these stories prompts Deb to write some more. Because just… wow. Who else writes anything quite like The Hotel? Heck, I’m dying to see her elaborate the couple of Office based stories so elaborately. Main message… Stay happy Deb! And please consider hitting the keyboard again!

  5. I have a tremendous respect for your decision to remove your stories. I’m glad that some folks, like yourself, understand that character counts, and that integrity is something very difficult to recover once given away. Thank you. Andrea D.

    1. Thank you Andrea. I am not happy kicking up this hornet’s nest on a site that means so much to me. I was moved by your response to Talea and deeply impressed with your passionate yet thoughtful approach to this debate both on FM and on storysite.

  6. I am so sorry you had to go through all the invective. It hurts to see the commentators there care more about free speech while calling for boycotts and expulsion. And the writers such as yourself who have endured unfair criticism and accusations when the whole mess lies at the feet of the administrators of both sites, who either chose to do nothing or insisted on something they were aware was doomed to fail. Best regards, con tanto amore e ammeranzione! Andrea

    1. Andrea,
      Thank you for your concern but there is now a concentred effort by some to rid FM of those they see standing in their way. There is no point in debating with them but it is important not to abandon FM to them. Be strong.


    1. Lisa! Good to hear from you and once again congratulations on your own wonderful site. Would you mind if I added a link to it from here please? I am certain our readers have a great deal in common. DF

  7. Sounds great. And I’m just waiting on the word to cross link back. Didn’t want to push traffic over here until you’re ready. 😀 Although to be honest it’s hard not spilling the beans… I was just so tickled pink to find you still around. So just give me a nudge when you’re ready and I’ll push you some friendly traffic this way. -Lissa

  8. I’d love to see more links also. Lately I’ve been looking for fresh places to look for good stories to read. That goes for every genre; I’m getting burned out on the badly written forced domination hardcore stuff with cookie cutter T-Girls and panto-villain characters.

  9. Deborah:
    thank you very much for this new site. I was very sad to be unable
    to find your wonderful stories to re-read on FM.
    This is better!
    I will keep coming back to see what you are up to!

  10. Hi Deborah,

    I am a fan of yours since many years having read each and every story on FM. Congrats to you having your own site now which is under construction. Hope you soon have your Hotel up and running. In this blog I do miss some story series so you obviously haven´t posted all of your stories here. It would be great to see those too plus maybe some new ones.
    Actually just today I found out that your stories weren´t on FM anymore. Then I went out searching for you because it is always a pleasure to reread your stories. You have inspired me also to write some stories, but I am lacking your imagination, skills and superb style.

    wishing you luck, Greta

    1. Greta, thanks for your kind words and glad you have found my blog.

      I think all of my stories are up here at the moment. If you can think of one that isn’t please remind me, if not with the title then with the gist of what it was about.

      As for writing your own stories I very much implore you to have a go. Some pointers:
      1. Character and story are of equal importance.
      2. You must seek to finish what you start writing.
      3. It is easier to accomplish point 2 if you know how it is going to end and have some element of a road map to get you there.

      So good luck with your scribblings : )


  11. It seems to me that you had one more story posted… of course I may be confusing it with something else. It’s been known to happen.

    Not sure of the title… something about Summer maybe? Wife and husband go on vacation as girlfriends? Something like that?

    Or maybe not. Memory is always a funny thing.

    1. OMG Melissa!!!!!!

      You are absolutely right!
      It was called “Exposed In The Sun” and has been completely omitted from my site.
      I cannot thank you enough.
      I guess I pass my entry exam to the bimbo secretary class (again).

      Thank you again Melissa ….

      …. and to all who have not yet visited you are in for a treat.

      Deborah Ford

  12. Has anyone purchased goods from the ‘Maid Store’?
    Their product looks so enticing but the company is
    based in Thailand, a long way away from the west.

  13. Deborah,

    I’m also one who enjoyed your stories tremendously thanks in large part to their excellent plot
    and good writing, but also because they were carefully edited. Still, errors do slip through
    on occasion, and I’ve tried to correct those in the copy I downloaded.

    Would it help you to get those? If so, please let me know how best to do that.

  14. Deborah,

    Looking forward to your September story!

    I like to read your stuff slowly, over several days, which adds a physical element to the time factor that usually marks your fiction. Somehow, with your vivid wtiting, it makes the story come alive!

  15. Dear Deb,

    One of the finest and classy fiction writers on web today i simply love your stories.Those comments absolutely convey how a lot of us feel the same.I have read all your stories many many times so was thrilled to see a new one “Harding Part One”.Its just starting so my only request is to make it long…really long so that u can really play with character and bring out the suspense as you always do.Hope it doesnt sound too selfish but u r the best.


  16. This site has been quiet for a long time… no new messages and no updates. Is it dead? Is part 8 coming anytime soon? Don’t leave us hanging.
    sent 03/17/11

  17. I think this site is dead now may be due to some financial issues.hope Deborah sorts out s still hoping for a resurgent story writing.regards

  18. Thanks for your reply Deborah in The Hotel Vault, it should be here instead. I read this story over again, now i read chapter one once, chapter two twice, chapter three ,three times, and then hope after chapter seven who i read seven times that chapter eight was there.. LOL.. I”m so hot and see myself in Daniels place. Sissy Henriette

  19. Hello Deb,

    I have been a fan of yours for a very long time. I cannot wait for Part 2 of Property of Harding Limited. I really hope this site is not dead. The date show is July 2009 as the latest. Is this correct. Please email me to let me know that you are still there.
    Thanks for your time.

  20. Hi! I simply would like to offer you a huge thumbs
    up for your great information you’ve got right here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.

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