Jordan’s Diary entry 04


By the third week it became more difficult to play around with the CB6000 as Christmas was just days away, .

Blair dragged me to various works parties while Chloe was on holiday from school, often with a few friends around. It never failed to strike me how sexily these girls were allowed to dress by their parents. Did I say sexily? I mean sluttily. Chloe’s blue dress, where the hem barely tickled the bum, was positively modest compared to the skirts and tight shorts that wandered in and out of the house.

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If that wasn’t bad enough some of the women at the works parties were incredibly attractive and dressed provocatively, the knowing way women do at these events. Man hating feminists must throw their heads into their hands at the sight of their well-paid, successful sisters wriggling around like tramps at these well-heeled functions.

So I was on a permanent sexual high but with little opportunity to play with myself. A sort of chastity in itself.  I pestered Blair for sex but things had cooled between us many years ago.

But two developments to report.

First the cb6000 now felt part of me. I was able to get it on and off in seconds. I had settled on the second largest ball sac ring with the second largest spacer. Bizarre at may seem it now felt odd NOT to be wearing it. When I slipped it over my cock it somehow felt safe and snug. Like it should be there.

Secondly I had bought the Prostate massager from a huge, effeminate, gay guy in a sex shop who offered more advice than I was able to hear without colouring up. He was adamant I should use a water based lubricant to get the massager inserted. He tried to flog me a cock cage until I told him I already owned one. So then he hit on me to buy silicon based lubricant for the CB6000, as water will dry up making the device dry and sticky.

So silicon based at the front and water based at the rear.

I only tried the prostate massager once and it was all so odd and uncomfortable that it was a while before I could let my imagination wander through my fantasies.

That was before the Christmas break ruined my fun and games. Worse, the container contract was proving more complicated than I first thought. The ship would dock in middle eastern ports so I needed to check on their legal requirements.  This involved having translations of fifty year old agreements.

I felt pretty miffed.

To balance the down side there was an interesting upside as I soon discovered the parties offered more than just the sight of sexy ladies to arouse me.

Now, I have told you about my cuckold fantasies and from what I can see on the internet, sissy, chastity and cuckold fantasies are linked like train carriages for many, many subs. Blair is a stunning looking woman who loves to show hersekf off in tight short dresses at parties, though she always wears trouser suits to work – something about being taken seriously by the others. As we both near 40 she takes a lot of care of her body and guys really envy me. Especially with the new found income, the big house and car.

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But in my hottest dreams I see her cheating on me. I lock myself up in the chastity cage, put on some of my most girlish lingerie and think about what it would be like for her to be seduced by some stud. At its darkest my fantasy involves him spanking and humiliating me before Blair so she won’t see me as a guy again. Like the Deborah Ford stories! Again I know I am not alone in having these thoughts.

I had never before put a face to this alpha male and certainly do not fancy guys. It has always been a sort of blurred image of a man, more of a feeling than anything more. But I met her new boss at one of the earliest parties. A big guy, I guess good looking, with this self-assured high opinion of himself. His name was Morgan Hopkins and I got the impression he was the son of the owners. To be honest he was quite funny and had everyone including me laughing, though I think folk usually do find the bosses jokes funny. But I noticed how the girls flirted before him with their entire bodies. Even 50 year old women behaving like the teenagers Chloe invited around. Women peered up at him with half closed eyes, giggling at anything he said, shuffling in their heels, eager to please.

And major shock! Blair was doing exactly the same! At one point she gigglingly referred to him as ‘Mister Hopkins, sir!’

I wanted to grab her wrist and drag her away, tell her what a fool she was making of herself. But I would bide my time so as not to make a scene. Frankly I was livid with her, particularly as she has told me what a prick he was.

I usually drank at social events so Blair drove us home. At that moment I didn’t feel angry any more to be honest. I simply teased her. Said something along the lines of: “you said you hated him. He is an arsehole. But you were like a school girl with him!”

She just laughed. “Jealous?”

I remember how she said it, with a knowing smile and a raised, inquiring eyebrow.

I laughed with her and then, I kid ye not, she said: “just like your fantasies.”


Obviously I had told her all about my predilections. I had hoped she would play more with me in bed as her cuckolded sissy maid. I think I mentioned before we did try it a few times and I thought she was pretty hot but it was obviously not something with which she was entirely comfortable.

Yeh I know what I should have replied! You don’t need to remind me. I should have played along. But I was stupid drunk. My feelings of being powerlessly angry when she was flirting flooded back as if a dam had broken. I got all high and mighty about it. Told her they were just fantasies and she shouldn’t be playing up to a guy like that. Shouted about knowing exactly how guys like that would take it. Told her she was stupid – yeh I know which one of us was being dumb!

So then she got heavy with me about drinking and eyeing the other women.

I found myself mimicking her calling him ‘Mister Hopkins Sir’.

That got a reaction! A huge unleashing of venom from Blair. She went on about how I shouldn’t be keeping my girl clothes in the house, especially with Chloe getting older. I had never seen her so livid. The car careered over the central lines. She moved onto me spending all day wanking while she was in work. She was off on one and I couldn’t stop her.

By then I am too rattled to see sense. When she took a breath I lectured her about how I had a shed load of work with the Shanghai container contract. No time to do anything else. All lies of course but I wasn’t going to let her get one over on me.

By the time we reached the house she just tore off to the spare room leaving me pissed off.

You’d think that with the bed to myself I would simply have a good time playing, as I so often did when Blair and I weren’t on speaking terms. But I put on the chastity device when I was still fuming. I felt she had gotten one over on me. felt a fool. An idiot for allowing her to flirt with that guy and then a prick for not playing along in the car to see if we could get a scene going.

To help me get into the mood I pulled on a nightie with some panties and thought about that Morgan Hopkins prat shagging her whilst I was handcuffed to the bed. That did the trick. I hurriedly took off the chastity device and finished myself off.

But then I found it hard to get off to sleep as a troubling thought haunted me.

With more parties to come I knew I was going to face a huge divergence. On one side my male pride hated my sexy wife flirting with such an obvious womaniser, a guy girls would throw themselves at. On the other I could feel that scenario creeping into my hottest of fantasies. I would have to be careful else I might be the one giggling and simpering before him

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