Jordan’s Diary entry 05


With Blair sleeping in my bed again and she and Chloe home just about all day, every day, I had little chance to play with the CB6000. A few small opportunities when they went shopping were the heights my indulgence and even then they could be back in less than an hour gushing about what they had seen or bought. Once I grew wary about what when they were getting back I couldn’t relax.


Be glad when the holidays were over.

The parties were fine, though I had a real paranoid feeling that Blair was playing up and flirting with guys. She would laugh it off but again hinted about ‘that’s what I wanted.’


It happened in late December. One of the last parties. I came back into the main room of a party to see her dancing very close with some grey haired charmer. I’d met him a few times, a guy from their accounts. Confident, not aggressive like Morgan Hopkins, more beguiling with a cock sure smile. Now Blair does love sexy dancing and does make a bit of a show when she is drunk. All wiggling hips and pulling faces for the guys.  But not this time.


This time the music was a slow Elton John song and she was in his arms, head on his shoulder, blonde hair on his back, eyes closed.


I felt like everyone was laughing at me. My hand shook so much that my wine  sloshed in its glass. Yet I paused. Didn’t do anything, didn’t say anything. I was a little drunk but knew what I was thinking. I wasn’t that sloshed. It was very clear. I imagined her being seduced by him. Me a cuckold in amongst people who knew us. My cock twitched and how I longed for it to be locked away in the chastity cage. If I could I would have wanked there and then.


I watched Derek’s hands, gliding over her back. Her dress sexily thin. No protection at all to his exploring fingers.  I knew what he must have been feeling through the silky dress, and knew exactluy what he was thinking. He was clearly aroused.

At that moment she was his. I am telling you, my head was set to explode. It was wicked, painful, hurtful, humiliating yet so bizarrely exciting.

So I just watched. I have no idea if anyone else even noticed. The room was full and hot. As usual there were loads of women looking drop dead gorgeous in flimsy dresses and high heels. Everyone jostling around.


The music changed to something a little more racy and I watched as she sleepily opened her eyes looked up at Derek, shared a smile and let her hands run down his shirt before stepping away.


She definitely hadn’t seen me, she walked away with one or two glances back at him and I stepped back in to the bar area feeling feint.


She drove us home in silence. I couldn’t think of a way to bring it up. I wanted to add it to a fantasy we could play out. We hadn’t had sex for almost a year. We had drifted apart on that front, but I wondered if we could latch onto this. Clearly she got a buzz from it.


We reached home and unusually for us went to bed at the sexy-corset-bonde-lace-secy-foreigner-lingeriesame time. When she turned off her bedside lamp and the room fell into a cozy darkness I snuggled up to her.


She froze for a moment, holding her breath. I guess it had been a long time since I had done that. Did you enjoy dancing with that Derek guy? The golden oldie from upstairs’.


With a sweet little laugh she replied, ‘oh, you saw all that.’


She wriggled her arse into my stiff member. ‘Bet he loved that eh?’ I wasn’t sure whether she meant Derek or my hard cock.


‘Like one of those fantasies I always mentioned.’


The room fell silent and it was my turn to hold my breath.


Finally she said ‘uh-uh.’


Really non-committal. Didn’t know whether to continue of not. Didn’t want to spoil the mood or anything.


I asked if she liked me watching, and she playfully kicked back at me, ‘we were only dancing.’ Then she giggled girlishly, really cute. Pushing her adorable bum into my groin she said, ‘but I can tell you did.’


She twisted around nuzzling into me, kissing me briefly on my chin. Wow was I feeling hot!


We were on the same page sexually again.


I asked her if she would spank me whilst she told me what she felt when dancing with him and silent ice swept through the room.

She shouted ‘spank you? I should be the one getting spanked. You are so …..’ she struggled with the words. ‘I need punishing not you. What sort of a man are you?’


I told her to keep quiet incase Chloe heard.


I might as well have demanded she bellow louder.


Apparently I was so perverted it ‘wasn’t true’. I begged her to stop being so loud but she was out of it, lost all control.


In a single movement she was out of the bed and slamming the door, shouting ‘I don’t know why I put up with it!’


At that point I knew I had better find a truly great Christmas present.

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