Jordan’s Diary entry 12


I guess you recall how we are dressed, Blair, my wife and I. Two prisoners. She in the sexy short dress, flashing thigh so high she might have been genuinely arrested. Me in the humiliating convict outfit, with the tiny clingy shorts the women at the party had found so amusing.

So we hit our house running. Hot and in need. We haven’t had sex for an age, months. Our sex life has been on a downward slide for way too long.

We both know we are bursting for sex, yet we say nothing.

All the way home in the car we catch each other’s eyes. Blair grinning with her knowing eyes. So sexy, her head slightly bowed, looking up at me through her eyelashes. My dick firm in the shorts. Obvious to all. But she doesn’t touch it so I wonder if she truly wants it.

Then running up the stairs like children.

A pause, right at my bedrooms doorway.

As if both of us want to draw breath. Ask the other if they feel same. She sees my uncertainty and grabs my hand. Within moments we are devouring each other.

butt Mia

Deep sucking kissing like we haven’t experienced since before Chloe’s birth

Stripping each other as we stagger to the bed.

My cock now would push through butter. So hard it hurts. How long since I have felt like this?

Collapse onto the bed, attacking each other. My shorts are down, my hard cock up with only one place to go. We both tug her panties down and she is groaning, eyes closed, her hips pushing up. In need. We must have each other.

I slide in as she folds her legs around me. She gasps. Grips my back, her nails hard and sharp.

I am fucking her. I can feel her insides gripping and sucking.

“Blair,” I groan, “Blair.”

She is whispering, “Yes, yes, oh my God.”

Not being able to hold on even for a few seconds I am about to cum and she says it.

I hear her words. I hear the name.

Spluttered from deep within her. “Fuck me Morgan. Fuck me.”

I pause. My body rigid as she cavorts about me, pumping her hips like a wild machine.


She said his name. I am in my own fantasy. I am now him. The alpha male stud I have so often imagined screwing my wife. He is screwing my wife and I am in chastity. I can feel it in my imagination. My CB6000s tight around my cock while Morgan slams into my wife in another room.

The motions recommence. All on their own. My entire body doing the job.

I put my mouth to her ear. “I am taking you ‘cos your husband cannot. He cannot satisfy you like me.”

With that she freezes for a moment as her body goes berserk. Clenching my penis like a machine. Is my cock going to be crushed? She comes, spurting over my groin. I can feel it. The sticky little lumps. I have never known her so hot.

Then my mind turns blank white and I cum.

And cum … and cum.

It seems as if neither of us will ever stop. Not ever.

Finally her grinding slows and she lays splayed beneath me. Exhausted, gasping fish like for air

She is still moaning.

We clamber mindlessly beneath the quilt. She might as well be on drugs. Her eyes are miles from the real world.


She hushes me, but the effort of hushing me exhausts her. Her eyes close, her breathing slows as sleep pulls on her senses.

“Blair?”  She shakes her head in her half sleep. not wanting to hear.

But I must know.

“My love, that was Morgan who just had you wasn’t it?”

She shushes me, but her lips slip into a sweet, naughty grin.

Rolling towards me, she buries her shoulderchastity 02 under my arm making me cuddle her.

I am bursting with questions. How can she sleep?


She giggles, gently pressing a finger onto my lips. “Shush,” she says and after a long pause adds, “cuckold!”

She then giggles pushing her hot, soft body hard into mine. Moments later she is snoring gently.

Me? I cannot sleep. I am thinking. My head is spinning. She called out his name. She called me a cuckold.

I tried to think through it, make sense of it, just as I have done in the weeks that followed.

That image from the party: Morgan so powerful, so in control. My wife eagerly grinning up at him.

And those handcuffs. Double locking real, genuine police handcuffs.


My Chastity belt is in the draw near the window and I do not want to move right now. I do not want to spoil what we are feeling. But how I long to feel its security around me as I imagine so much.

Exhausted I muttered a quiet ‘wow’, before I slipped into a deep sleep. I felt a door had been opened in my life. I new path had grown before me.

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